I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


8. Chapter 8

He Sank his fangs more deep into me. I was trying to hold on to the pain but it was unbearable. Vampires had hurt me in so many ways I couldn't explain. Most of there abilities hurt me. Baldly. But I could hold on. But right now I couldnt hold on to the pain of Lucas sinking his fangs into me. It was the same pain I felt when harry sank his fangs into me to turn me into a vampire. "S-Stop" I whisper and shutter at the same time. He Obey me and started to take his fangs out. He pull away and wipe away the extra blood around his mouth. "I'm sorry is just that your blood is so sweet. Like candy. Now that I'm a vampire normal food is tasteless to me. In my entire life I never taste blood so sweet as yours" I didn't know what to say. Could that been a complement? "Thank? I guess"I was unsure of my own words. I didn't know if that was the right respond or not. "Nebula. You haven't feed either. I'm getting out every last energy of you. If you want you can get some" he stretches his neck "No I'm ok just need some rest or a deer whatever I'm going to my room. When I wake up I need to talk to you" I walked back to my room and found harry laying in my bed. "I'm sorry I had business to handle harry" I touch my forehead I felt like I was about to faint. I was stumbling around I struggle to get to my bed. "Let me help you" I usually hate people helping me I felt week but I today I need it his help. He put Me in the bed carefully. "Nebula your so weak. It's been forever since you feed." He jump into the bed next to me. He put his hands at the back of my head and pull it close it to his neck "Don't stop until your full" I nodded. Somehow I didn't feel right drinking out of Lucas but I wanted I graved for his. I sank my fangs into him. He mount damn that was sexy. Harry's blood felt so good like the first bite of chocolate. Something you want more and more of it. I couldn't stop even if I was full already I wanted more and more every secound it pass. It was delicious. Maybe because I love him so much is the reason it taste better then anything else I have ever tasted. Was this what Lucas was talking about? I heard Harry mount once again this time from pain. I pull of and start to take off the blood that was probably around my face. When my fangs were inside of harry I could feel how he felt hear his deeper thoughts. I could see how he feel about me I could see the past and when he cry or hurt himself thinking of me. I could see every single passing minute I'm the only thing In his mind. I never leave his mind. He loves me. But could I ever show me love for him? I have grown to be a cold person. Like a dark cold winter night. I was an unemotional monster. "Nebula...Nebula...Nebula?" I snap out of my thoughts and saw harry's hand waving infront of me. "Ah..Yes?" "I was saying how worry I was about you zayn call me to tell me I didn't think of nothing at that time I just needed to see how you were. I can't believe he hurt you like that" I smile at that thought he was so worry. I got on top of harry. He was surprised. "Don't worry thanks to you I'm all full up he can't do anything to me. Im way more powerful then him. I almost kill him . But I was wasting to much of my power at the same time. So I got weak. I won't make you worry like that anymore" I gave him a peak on the lips. "Good. Nebula you know you do have the Pontation to be the queen" I always knew this. It was nothing new I couldn't be destroy in any way. Nobody would dare to go against me. I could kill anybody with a snap. It was boring killing people because is so quick sometimes. "I know" was all I manage to say. "I'm tired Harry" he nodded and start getting of the bed. "Where you going?" "Uh to another room." "Don't stay please harry I need you by my side" he nodded and ran vampire speed to the bed. He grabbed my waist and pull me closer to him. "Goodnight sweetheart" I smile I like when he call me stuff like that. "Night" I close my eyes and a split second I was alright zone out.

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