I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


7. Chapter 7

Black lonely world. I have nothing. I'm alone in this world. Im on my own. Nobody else by my side. I felt empty in the inside. I been avoiding this for so long.  

I open my eyes and saw that zayn was sitting in the corner of my bed. "Your awake! Finally everybody thought you wouldn't wake up anymore." he seem happy but I was confused. For how long was I out ? "What do you mean ?" he sigh "You been like that for almost 5 weeks Nebula. Harry came he hasn't leave your side at all just right now that he needed to hunt. Lucas hasn't even left his room at all since he locked himself in there. His very upset. Of course he hurt the one he loves the most. After all you did try to kill him." he explain to me "It wasnt my intention. I was never going to kill him. I wouldn't dare go that far. He was going 

to kill Michelle I had to protect her. Where Is she ?" Zayn handed Me a letter that send shivers down my body.

'Dear Nebula, 

Thanks for defending me even tho I didn't deserve it I should had die. I was disrespectful to you and Lucas. It amazed me that you stood up for me. Even more that you use your powers against him. Im  

offering myself to him. Every last drop of blood that I have I would give it to him. Your actions would be in vain I'm so sort for that. You were always a great friend. Well see you in the after life. More like hell (; see ya mate 

Bye love Michelle xx '  

I jump off my bed full with anger. When I was about to open the door zayn wrapped his arms around me. Bullshit his not going to stop me. I generate electricity from my body and electorate him. On my way to Lucas room I ran into Harry "Were you going ?" he questioned. "Pain" Harry drop to the ground. I left harry on the floor and keep running to Lucas room. I stop infront of the door and turn invisible. I walk trough the wall. When I got inside I was ready to attack when I saw Lucas in the Conor of his bed with his hands copped in his head. I can't believe I'm doing this. I use Lucy power-Also Luna another guard in the castle- And send a wave of happiness to him "Luna I told you to stop sending wave of happiness to me instead of happy I feel high" I chuckle and he look up. "You look weak" I push him and he was now laying In his bed. "Nebula..." His voice was soft And gentle. I hovered over him and turn my head slightly "Drink from me" I demanded "I can't do that" I slapped him on his face hard enough to move his head "Idiot I wasn't asking I was telling you too" he grabbed me and brought his fangs up to my neck. It hurt bad. Nobody has ever drinking from me before.

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