I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


6. Chapter 6

It has only pass 6 nights 7 days since Harry came here. For my sake and his he better not come back. Well to be honest some part of me wanted him back so badly. I Lucas wouldn't leave my side unless I went inside the restroom,but honestly somehow I felt like I needed him. The 2 night's that has pass I would cry myself to sleep.

Like right now his in my bed hugging me and my head sink in his chest. I wanted somebody to comfort me. "Is Okk Nebula don't cry please it hurts me to see such a strong woman like this" he pleaded me to stop. I nodded and tool my head of his chest-He still hugging me- "You better now?" I shock my head to tell him no "What would you like that would make you feel better ? I would do anything ! I promise" he said desperately i knew I would do anything for me. I let out of our long lasting hug, "Ice cream?" he chuckled "Wow your still acting like a human huh? Eating ice cream when your depressed like mortals." I nodded with a smile that quickly faded away "Then is done" he clapped his hands and Michelle came in the room vampire speed. "Bring Nebula ice cream" he order "What flavor my lord ?" Lucas look at me "Chocolate?" I sounded more like a question more then a request.

Michelle nodded and left the room. Since Lucas has been by my side all this time Zayn and Paola has been doing Lucas work , and Michelle well she has become like my personal assistant. -Yup I know since when did zayn start working for Lucas not long ago maybe a decade or less.-

My mind was out of place right now I didn't know what to do or what I wanted at all. So I'm about to do something not in a billion years I would had imagine I would have done. I slide it down to my bed and Lucas follow me. We face each other staring into each other eyes. "Lucas?" I ask unsure "What is it?" "Can I ask for something else? besides ice cream?" he nodded "I told you anything you would like is yours now what would you like?" I though about it for a long time unsure if I should do this.

Lucas have been such a gentleman lately. Always left me to cry and let it all out, carefully choosing his words, not mentioning a word about me being the queen or calling me babe or love anything like that, he has been very understanding and stay by my side. "Kiss me" I requested him instead of ask. His expression was blank. Then after a while it was full of love , joy , pleasure to finally hear does words from me.

He start Coming towards me. I didn't move is like my body is frozen. I close my eyes ready for his lips to smach into mines. Seconds pass and I felt his soft lips on mine. He grabbed my waist and pull me closer to him. His legs wrapped around mines. I was feeling butterflies on my stomach, and I liked the kiss but I wasn't like the one I had with Harry it was still gentle as it could be. Lucas was being ad gentle as he could be with me. Like he was holding a tiny valuable Crystal in his hands.

Wait go back did I just said I felt butterflies? That I actually like this kiss? Does that mean I'm staring to develop feelings for lucas? I would always love harry he was the first men I felt in love with, but I think I'm staring to like Lucas.

I heard the door go open and heard a loud gasp. I knew it was Michelle. I broke the kiss and Lucas growled. "Michelle why didn't you knock? You know better then to come in like that" he sounded angry and cold. She put the ice cream on my dresser and then went down her knees. "I'm Sorry my lord I should had knock it was my falt" Then I saw her dropped to the floor and scream from pain. Lucas was going to kill her but he was makings sure it was slow so she could feel every single drop of pain. I couldnt let her die not like this. I had two options either make Lucas feel pain or use my protect shill so she won't get hurt. I though about it I don't really use my protect shill so it most be weak enough for Lucas to break through it. Michelle has been really good friend to me. She has even deal with all my crap this week. She can even call her my nest friend.

"Pain" he drop to the floor. As he did I use my protected shill on Michelle just in case he was still hurting her. Michelle was on the floor she slowly stood up in horror. She has been in the edge of her true death. Of courses I wouldn't let her die infront of my eyes. "Michelle run!!!" I scream at her she stand there like and idiot. "Damn it Michelle ran for your fucking life!" She slowly was backing away.

Lucas was standing up I couldn't hold him of for long he has been a vampire much longer then I have. Plus he also had a protracted shill. Just that it took a while to kik off because he hasn't use his either so it was weak. Plus I was using more then one ability at the same time. Causing pain and slowly killing him from the inside, using my protracted shill on me and Michelle took lots of energy out of me. Not that I had much either.

Once I couldnt smell Michelle's scent anymore I stop. Lucas ran vampire speed the short distance that was between us. He grabbed Me by the neck and push me against the wall. I Could have defeat him if I was in normal conditions but I was all drain out. Plus I haven't been hunting at all. "YOU BITCH" his hands got tighter around my neck. My vision was becoming blurry. "L-u-c-a-s...." I bearly got the word out before I close my eyes and everything went dark. My whole world was completly this was something that hasn't happen to me since I was still mortal.

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