I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


5. Chapter 5

t's been a week since I last saw him. My mind couldn't stop thinking back to does painful eyes of his that had lossen hope to even be a life anymore. It was hurtful. He look so weak and bornable i heard somebody smacking there lips. I turn invisible and jump off my bed. I loon around and In on of the conners of my room there he was Lucas. "Why have yo been so distance with me lately ?" I didn't say anything hoping he would think I have left. "I know your still here I can smell your perfume and your original scent is pretty strong too" I turn back visible jumping back. I grabbed a pillows and put it over my head. He jump into my bed as well. I growled at him. I hated when he gets into my bed it makes Me feel uncomfortable. But instead of getting the thing I was Trying to tell him he Chuckled instead. "Nebula did you just growled at. me ? wow that's already twice since I meet you" he let out a slight laugh which I think is adorable and made me smile. I took the pillow off my face and throw it at him "Then again you never get that I'm trying to tell you the get off my bed" i laugh hard. "There you go I like seeing that smile" 'BAMP' the bedroom door slam open. My eyes widen at who it was. Harry he no longer look weak. He look full recover to his normal self. Then I saw his eyes they were dark red. He has been drinking bloood. Human blood. And to see him recover in such a short time only means he has been drinking blood non-stop. His face was blank. "Ah Harold..You came back why is that?" harry didn't respond he just keep glaring at me. "Oh is it Nebula ? So you most be the guy that has been holding her back from being mine!" Lucas got out of the bed And star walking towards harry slowly "Harry I don't like when people take things that are I want. I WANT HER AS MY QUEEN!" he said with authority. Before he could speak again I yell at him "A THING? REALLY SO THAT'S ALL I AM TO YOU A THING YOU SON OF A BITCH!" harry mouth dropped open.Nobody ever dared to stand against Lucas and even worst call him off/Curse at him. But I wasn't scare of him. I have adapted to his ability I can also kill people with just one look. I just dont choose to use it because I think is not fair. People who disobeyed deserved more pain then being kill so easily. I like making then suffer.Lucas sight "Nebula love stay out of this" "Oh hell no I'm not staying out of this because this involves me to!! Plus you call me an object like Im nothing Lucas!" I cried out. Hearing this Lucas came towards me. Harry had a worry expression on him. It look like he was ready to attack at any moment if Lucas hurt me. But instead what he saw made him more surprised. When Lucas reached me he bowed down at me "I'm so sorry my lady could you ever forgive me from referring you as a 'Thing' I didn't mean it. I'm sorry Nebula" his head look up at me slightly waiting for my respond. My anger went down "Is Okk don't do it again tho" he nodded and stood up. "Very well" he paused and turn to look at harry who was still impressed of what he saw. Of course he would be like that Lucas never does that no matter who it is except for me. "You look surprised harry ? I have to show respect to the future queen and my future wife" I saw Lucas made a devilish smile. While Harry's eyes turn back to hurt and disbelief. "Talking about my love you has been sad , and depress in a level have never seen before. It all start since she saw you once again could I ask what did you do ?" Lucas voice turn from being calm to anger. I thought all this year's he was teasing me but I guess he really does like me. wow. "Nothing I came because I couldn't resist being away from her one more day! I would even take the risk to go against you if I had to I just needed to see her" "Harry..." I said softly. "Lucas can you please leave us alone ?" Lucas look at me with eyes undesirable. I never seen him look like that before. Even tho he didn't look sure he still left us alone. "Nebula escape with me love " I sight "Is not that I can't escape if I wanted to I would had already done it. It would have been a piece of cake for me" Harry was in silence for a moment. "Nebula ?" he paused "Since you can adapt to others people ability and make it your own does that mean you can kill people with just staring at him like Lucas?" I nodded. Using the water in the air I made a Crystal rose. "You like it ?" I handed it to harry showing me his Dimples. Oh how I miss does dimples. "Lucas brought niall here and he show me how to do all sort of things" he kept gazing at the rose. Then I set it on fire. Once he saw the fire he let go of the rose as quickly as he could and before it could fully melt or dropped to the floor breaking into pieces. I turn it into a real rose and set out the fire. Now there was a a dark red rose laying in the floor. "I also learn how to do that pretty neat right ?" I said proudly. "How?" "Oh well I got zayn's help with that ! and mmm one of the guards Michelle can appear any object she wants using the manner around her cool right ? and I got now I can do it yay!" I like some of the power I got from people some no so much. Like reading minds at first was a pain because it seem like the whole world was inside of me but Lucas was besides me every night to help me out and consult me. "Wow I can see why he wants you. Your probably the most powerful vampire that has EVER been Nebula. Your strong. I can see why they all fear you to" I didn't like that last part well I didn't like that whole sentence. "Yeah" was the only thing that came out of my mouth. "As you can see I can protect myself pretty well" Harry gave me a smirk wow I haven't seen him do that since that day he took me to school. "So that means theres' not holding back right babe ? I can go rought on you ?" he wink. It made me smile that there's still a part of himself still in there. "Yeah I guess" he grabbed my waist and close the gap between us. His eyes meet mines then dropped to my mouth. Our heads slowly going toward each others. I was about to kiss him. After so long. Our lips finally meet. My Lips still feel perfect on him. I was on heaven. Then I felt my body wasn't as cold as it always was and hardy wasn't either. This kiss was like flooding in the clouds, Or eating the first piece of cotton candy. It was a sweat kiss. I slowly made my way up to hid neck, While his hands were going to my waist. After 5 minutes of the sweet kiss it became deeper and desperate. Harrys toung touch my bottom lip asking for an entrance. So I gave it to him. After he explore every spot I try to get domaince over him, but he fought back. I lost. His hands were slowly going down to my bum. Once he got there he squeeze it. It hurt just a little but I didn't care. After 15 minutes harry still didn't want to pull of but I push him off me. "I'm sorry Harold my heart has turn dark. I'm not the same. I have kill before;without any mercy. I'm pure evil now I'm something to be fear of I'm not somebody could love. I don't deserve you at all now your to good for me Harry . Just remember this I would always love you. I promise you. You would always be my soul mate but we can't be together" I was hurt by own words but they were all true and some part of me always knew that, That I fear finding harry or seeing him again because I wasn't the same anymore my heart was fully dark. "Nebula I don't care" he pause and walk towards me and grabbed my hand. "I would follow you into the dark" I couldn't do that to him, and I won't do it to him. I shocked my head I didn't want that. "Nebula I don't care about your pass you could change your future you decide what path you take next. Plus I never seen Lucas bowing down to anybody that means something Nebula He just doesn't respect you becay he wants you but he also fears you Nebula and that means something from him. Well you could use that power of yours for good instead of evil for now on" he was right but that would be hard I have leave a ton of centuries this way. It would be hard to not do as I pleased. "LUCAS!" I yelled I couldn't continue this anymore. Lucas came to the room In less this 10 seconds after I yell. He touch Harry's shoulder "You better leave now without any harm or I will take you out personally and it won't be pretty" Harry look at Me on the eyes and I mouthed him 'Go' he only nodded and started walking out. It was his time to leave me instead of me leaving him just that I could watch clearly him leave. His face was full of disappointed. "Michelle lead Mr.Styles out to the door" I heard Lucas order Michelle. He closed the door and ran vampire speed towards me. "Are you hurt ?" his face show that he was truly worry "No" I paused "At least not physically"

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