I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


4. Chapter 4

~Nebula POV~ 

"What took you so long this time darling?" Lucas annoying voice bounce around the room. "I'm sorry my lord I had complications" I bowed down to him. "What the fuck Nebula ? Why are you bowing down to me ? You know your not ordinary commoner! Stop it now stand up and tell me the truth. I hate it when you think I would treat you like the others. Your the one I love. I would like you to be mine but I always would respect your decision and would wait until your ready" His voice sounded angry at first but as he keep speaking his voice soften. I let out a sigh and stood up. Then ran -vampire speed- down to the second thrown he had by his. "I always wonder why you had two" "That's because I can see the future and I saw you on it. I saw the day I would find you and uff you made me wait a lot . I keep it because one day you would be my queen and you would be sitting I'm that thrown one day....Now back to my question why did you took longer?" I knew he wouldn't let go of the subject his just as stubborn as me. Even if I try changing the subject a million times he wouldnt let go of it. Since that was my thrown as he said I sat on it well not actually sat because my head was hanging out of the chair upside down and my feet up. "I saw an old friend and had some catching up to do And oh the reportof England everything is fine nobody is breaking the rules this time" Lucas let out a loud chuckle "Old friend? Nebula do you think km a fool ? wasnt it like an old boyfriend ? and Okk about England it seems that there all doing better now , or there all to scare to face you. You scare them more them me and I can kill them just by one look" that's right Lucas ability is if he wishes he could mutter the person with one look.That saying if death can kill they would. Well it becomes real wig Lucas. He is also a protected shill like me. "Well didnt you caught up fast ? Were you stalking me ? Well yeah it was an old boyfriend in fact his the boy that is holding me back from being your lover Lucas , and yeah I think so too. Nobody would dare to go against me they would die in one single blow" "Well I guess i'll need to wish death upon somebody now" I wouldn't let him hurt harry at all. Since I'm a protect shill he can't do anything to me. And if it means that I have to go against him I will. But he wouldn't touch a single curl of Harry." Well you most really love this guy to go against me ? You sure have some negative thoughts there Nebula" Damn it I hate it when he gets inside my head "I'm going to bed early bye " I walk out of the room I could feel he was glaring at me. Lucas would never learn that I do not love him. My heart is already taken by somebody.

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