I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


2. chapter 2

~Nebula POV~  

My mission this time is to go to England and report how everything is going. If anybody is breaking the rules or any vampires have shown themself to humans. If our secret is danger, anything that would ruin the live us vampires have had for centuries. I got there late at night probably midnight. Usually vampires like hunting at night so It wasn't necessary to find a hotel until the morning. I was running from the top of a building to the next one. When I saw a vampire ready to bite a girl. I couldn't stand it. I couldnt watch it. The only time I have ever prey on a human was that night with Harry. After that I would feed on animals. I couldn't take the life a human that still has much to live."Pain" I whisper softly.

The Unknown man dropped to the floor. I use my original power and turn invisible. Then I went Down from the building without looking at the men I went directly to the girl.-I'm pretty sure the men was confused- I Close my eyes and put my hand on her forehead.- Lucas had teach me how to erase memories and control people's mind- I reappear making the girl jump. My eyes turn from golden to red "Once you reopen your eyes you would forget what happen here" after I said that she dropped to the floor. I sigh

"You Know vampires like you are the ones who disgust me" I paused "HOW CAN YOU TAKE SOMEBODY'S LIFE AWAY" I yell and turn to face him. No it couldnt be. The men..... After so long why now why in this condition. "Harry...." tears run down my face. I finally found him. Harry all my emotions are mix up. Anger , happiness, sadness. Everything.

"Nebula?" he ask in disbelief. I stop making feel pain. At this moment I'm the one in pain. Harry stood up and came in for a hug but before he could touch me I use my vampire speed to get away from him. "Nebula?" his voice hold pain in them. "Why now harry? why? Where did you go ? Why are you here ? why did you made look for so long?" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ? Im the one you keep waiting you keep me in the darkness for so long ? Now you show up asking me why ? Your the one who made the promise" anger..pain both mix up emotions that where in his voice. "Harry I'm sorry to make you wait but you should had move on I-" "I get it while I was suffering you were living happily with someone else" he interrupted me. "Dont you dare interrupt me harry I'm not the same as before" he didn't Answer back we stay quite for a couple of minute

He spoke again but he didn't seem to be speaking at me at fort but a loud thought "Wait why was I in pain ? only one person that I know can do that is impossible that nebula can do it. that's not her ability" he paused and look at me "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO ME ?" I gave him a devilish smile before staring speaking. "Oh yeah I found my tire ability you were wrong Im not just a protects shill or become invisible I can adjust to any given ability to a vampire. I could make you feel pain because..." I start walking towards him. "I went back and look for you Harold at the mansion but you weren't there. But guess who was there ? Danielle I adjusted to her ability.... Harold I adjusted to her ability and took it as my own" harry look shocked I guess I need farther explanation. "Come with me" he grabbed my hand and intertwine our fingers. He didn't know how good that felt to me. His hands were bigger then mines but still it felt as they fit perfectly into mines. This was a feeling that Lucas never gave me. I took him into a park near by. Once we sat down at the bench he stared at me with confusion yet lost eyes pain was written all over his face. I let out a big sigh breaking the silence. "Harry I havent been seeing another men. After I found myself I went to the mansion to look for you but you weren't there. At that time I didn't know I could adapted to other people's ability. I went searching for you all over the world but I couldnt find you. I thought you forgot about me tho. That you move on but I keep searching I at least needed to see you one last time. That's when I found lucas-" "Wait Lucas ? Our lord Lucas ? You know he has the words danger all over him Nebula what are you doing with him?" "Well let me finish harry now silence until I finished and that's an order" "An order? Nebula you made me laugh you can't order me around" he chuckle. This made me angry nobody has disobeyed me or insulated me like that before. I guess harry haven't got out much he hasn't been in told that I'm technically like Lucas now everybody most obey me. once I calm down. I stood up to clear things out "You most obey me or else ill make you obey me! I'm very powerful now Harold Lucas offered me to be his queen ... My ability are far more powerful then yours or any vampire ever existed!" Harry's move dropped open. "You didn't ? Did you ? So now your my queen Nebula?" I chucked "No harry didn't I tell you I wasn't with a men I rejected Lucas and you would have known that of you had let me finish the story Harold. Okk so ill continue now" I sat back down in the bench this time closer to Harry. "So I meet him and he took care of me because I was becoming weak. I bearly had time to hunt cause I would spend all my time looking for you. Well Lucas discover my true power and help me control it and show me how to use or propertly plus he show me how to erase and control minds whether it was vampire or human it didn't matter. He offered me to be his queen because I was to powerful to become somebody elses what he didn't know is that I belong to somebody already you harry." I pause for him to say something but he keep quite I knew he wasn't going to say anything so I start speaking once again. "He understood I told him I could work for him if he wanted and he agree since then I been treated with the same respect, Honored, and well fear I guess as Lucas. After all he and only him Is at the top of the chain and then come the pure bloods after that the ones made and last the ones that lose there sanity and go lost for blood right?" his only respond was a nodd. "Well my job is to kill does at the bottom of the chain and does who disobey Lucas or break the rules or show some them to not doing it anymore by making them suffer...Oh and I didn't knew it but when I got to the mansion my body adapt to everybodies ability on the mansion so now I can do everything they could. Lucas show me all the great power that was hidden inside me and I don't know if I'm grateful or would I had preferred just to stay wig my original ability"

Harry's eyes were full of horror of courses they would I wasn't that innocent girl he meet long ago."How could you do such things Nebula?" I didn't want to answer cause not even me knew why was I doing that for "Sometimes I think that I'm just a weapon to Lucas" 

"Well Bye harry I most go now and finish my work then return to Italy"  

before I could run off harry came from behind me and hold me tight

"Don't go I won't And I can't watch you leave me again I don't care how many of your own kind you kill I only want you I don't even care if your not longer the pure kind soul I meet that day I want you and only you stay please don't go"

Does words hit me more then he thought and the fact that I can't stay made me feel more pain that I could ever bring to another person. The worst of all things I made a vow to Lucas to stay wig him no matter what. I can't break it. But it pains me to see harry like this. It takes me back to does days I will sneak into his room to see him but all I would see is a broken harry. I didn't want to see this side off him. "Bye Love" a tear rub down my face before he knew it I use my ability to turn invisible and the ability I got from Paola to walk trough things to escape from harry without him following me.

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