I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


13. chapter 13

I dismissed Jordan and Zayn.

Harry's eyes were so beautiful. Of course Everything about a vampire is attractive is supposed to be. To attract our 'Food' "Escape With me" I whisper to his ear. His head went back a little. He was looking me in the eyes. I guess he was trying to see if I was serious. "Butttt Lucas. How ? Are you seriiiious?" he stuttered trying to say it. I nodded. "How about you be my King ?"

"We need a plan love" I nodded. "I know" as long as I'm protecting Harry with my shill he won't be able to kill him. But Lucas also has a shield so We won't be able to hurt him. The only way is to fight him off fairly and take off his head and burn his body.

Its going to be hard tho lucas have live way longer then us. He had many great battle skills . "Will think about it im just glad your back into my life Harry" i put my forehead onto his and gave him one more kiss. He cup my cheeks and i put my hand behind his neck playing with his beautiful curls . Which makes him moan. Damn was that sound sexy coming from him. He gives me a feeling that oh my god is just overwhelming.

Harry is my only weakness .


He is my soul mate.

My everything .

I'll do anything for this men he is perfect in my eyes. And cant do nothing wrong i would i give him my everything and show him my weak side .Only that men can get me emotional and i feel weak like im just not the strong and powerful me when im with him i feel like my old self.

I dont even know if thats a good thing or what. But i like it cause he doesnt really fear me he has love for me, and its not the same love as lucas no his is real. ❤

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