I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


12. chapter 12

I banish out of his sight. I couldn't give him an answer not just yet. I seem like a coward running away. I didn't Care.

I Walk trough the walls. Ran vampire speed around the castle trying to find Harry.

I stop my search Something caught my attention. Blood. Human blood. What was it doing in the castle ? Since I came along is forbidden to feed on human in the castle , or anywhere else actually. If I catch you doing it your dead.

I follow the scent of it.


I slam the door open. I couldn't believe it what I saw. Harry was feeding on blonde chick. Her eyes were already dropping. She was dying. I grabbed his neck and electorate him. Push him off the bed and BAM into the wall . I bit my wrist and quickly open her mouth and feed her the blood dripping down my wrist.

Her eyes close. I touch her neck to check if she still had pulsed. Thankfully I got to her on time she was still breathing she probably just passed out of the blood lost.

"Harold Edward Styles may I speak to you?"I spoke calmly. When somebody does something wrong and I catch them it scares them more me being all mad. They literally shit there pants when I act calm in a situation like this.

I don't know if harry would be the same since he hasn't been out in a long time. Considering that he didn't even know I was more fear then Lucas himself.

But Mr. Perfect stood up calmly without any fear. "Zayn! Jordan!" I said loud not screaming but my voice was loud and determine . After 10 seconds they appear in front of us."You know what to do?" zayn mouth 'Sorry' To harry. He was confused. Zayn took Harold from one arm and Jordan from the other one he try to wiggle away. But couldn't. "What's going on ?" he keep saying over and over as we walk down the hallways but nobody would answer him.

"I'm sorry mate" Zayn whisper. "Zayn why are you obeying her?" He sounded hurt. But I was Interested on what he might respond"Because she's my queen. Everybody fears Nebula. She's in a whole different level. A level even higher then Lucas. Nobody has every seen or experience her power before. Nobody could beat her even you try to you'll be dead in seconds just by one look."


Thats what everybody would ever have for me fear. I think being Fear is better then being love. "She's not your queen mate" "She would be Lucas just have to give her the ring and propose to her. Depends on her answer tho. " So it was already plan. The proposal he was determine on marrying me and for reals. And I left him there like an idiot on his knees with a ring.


We finally got to a room. It was dark no sunlight. The air in this room was always heavy.Both zayn and Jordan let go of Harry and went to protect the door just in case he Try to scape. I sat in the stairs Crist cross like when I was a 3 year old.


"Mr. Styles here has done the most terrible thing that my eyes consider . My one and only rule he broke it ! Can you believe that ? " anger suddenly rush through me. I couldn't keep calm for so long. "I GIVE YOU ONE SIMPLE RULE AND YOU DON'T OBEY! IS ALSO YALLS FAULT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T STOP HIM ! I KNOW YOU SMELT IT YET AGAIN YOU LET IT HAPPEN THAT POOR GIRL ALMOST DIE!" I scream as hard as I could. All of them eyes widen. I stood up . So did harry I ran vampire speed that short distance and kik him in his chest. He felt backwards. His spine hitting hard into the cement .


"Don't stand up Styles" I harshly told him "I know you havent really been out a lot so you don't know how things really go around. You may have catch up a little but here's the only rule I put to all vampires." I paused "Don't. Hunt . Humans" I said slowly and clear. "If your going to do it . You better pray to the guy upstairs to not let yourself get catch by ME! " "Your Life might be spear not just cause you didn't know about it but cause . I love you I dont know why or how but I do and I wouldn't let anybody kill you ! I kill them before they even had a change! I know I hurt you physically and mentally and worst spiritual. Just know that I would always care for you" Harry's head keep down looking at the floor.


I lifted his head. I put my hands around his neck and push him in for a kiss. I could feel him smile in between our kiss.

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