I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


1. chapter 1

A/N : This going to be written mostly on Nebula's POV some parts I'll change to harry's but not ofte. 

*2431* ~Harry POV~ 

It's been centuries since I last saw Nebula. Sometimes I can still feel her present in my room ,her smell in the air, but I know its all an illusion. I had keep my promise to her I have been waiting for all this time for her return. But By the 3rd century I start dying in the inside, Along with the hope that I would ever see her again.Day by day until there was nothing anymore. After a decade of pitty from Liam and the others I decide to move out. I no longer leave in new York instead I decide to move back to my home town. I don't leave my room unless is for hunting. A Vampire could only love once in there life time. I had fallen for the wrong girl. Im truly, Madly, Deeply in love with Nebula. This love isn't healthy tho, its a love that hurts like the burning flames of hell. I had pick the wrong girl to fall with because in a split second she left me. She made a promise that never came true. I still wonder what would had happen if I could had told her does words that she never let me tell her. Nebula made my life a living hell but I still couldn't hate her. No matter what I'll always love her more then my own life.

~Nebula POV~ 

I still havent forgotten my promise to harry that one day I would return.Sometimes I would go back and use my ability to go and see him again. He would never notice me. I would see him in so much pain which hurt me so bad. I stop stalking him so I won't had to see him like that again. After a while I decide to go see him when I went to the mansion Louis said he wasn't there. I have been looking a lot for him after that but I couldn't find him I went around the world yet not a sign of him. I gave up after all I think he would have forgotten about me by now. Then I found lucas his part of this powerful society. I though he was the leader but he told me the truth his actually the king. He offered me to be his queen but I couldn't betray harry. I denied it now I'm working for him going around the world checking up on vampires and if they broke some rules I had to kill them. At first it was hard but now its easy as taking a baby's lollipop. Lucas found my real ability. I always though I could just disappear but truth is I had this thing inside me that could let me adjust to any given ability to a vampire. Which means I can do anything. I'm powerful a lot more then I thought. That's mainly the reason why he wanted me as his wife. I could never forget harry tho he was the best thing ever that happen to me and he will always be and I hope that one day I would see him again.....

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