Louis, I love you

The names Jessica Cowell but everyone calls me Jessie, at least that's what I like to be called. I am normal so I am never perfect I can't get everything right so as I tell my story it will have more than a lot of typos. I didn't mention but I am the Simon Cowells daughter. Courently single but looking for love. I love the color pink and have a major crush on Harry Styles. I am 17 and my birthday is january 18th! That's all I can think of wait here's more I get really easy writers block but like to write and I'm very crafty. I love baby elephants, owls, giraffes, and turtles. Well bye!


1. meeting them

Well hi there I am jessica cowell, daughter of simon cowell and today I am meeting one direction. Well I gtg my daddy says they are here. Louis pov: We are waiting for simon to answere the door but a hot brunette with bright blue eyes answers the door I notice I am drooling a quickly fix that and say "hello" she nods and says "hello I am Jessica, simons daughter. Come on in." She adds with a smile. I forgot he had a daughter he never let us meet her but she's drop dead gorgues forget that I bet she's a model she's that beutiful. I know I don't have a chance because harry and her are staring at each other and smiling. Thwy look in love! I nudge harry mumbling "stop she's mine" he stares at me then goes to sit down. I sit down next to Jessica and start a convo. (I am lazy so l is louis and j is jessica) L: so how old are you? J: 17 you? L: 20 J: oh I wish you were younger. L: why? J: you're just so funny and sweet but I kinda like Harry so I'm not that upset Then Simon walked in and the convo ended. Jessicas pov; Why did I say that I don't like him or do I? No I don't what am I saying? I am so dumb oh well no more talking daddys here. A/N I hate authors note but have to have them cause comments get dleted and all that crap. So favourite and like and also tell me if I should keep writing. This is my first movella so I would appreciate a shout out k bye :)
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