Meet Me Deep In the Forest -By the Willow Tree-

*Part of Story*

I crawl over to the relaxing stream and look at the moonlit reflexion. But the person who stares back at me, isn't me. She has the same flaming red curls, the same height, but what I see isn't who she was a year ago. Instead of the light blue eyes with speckles of gold that could light up anyone's day, is a dark blue pit. A hole, that is filled with anger, confusion, and hurt. Her face is shallow. This thing is in pain. Her bruises and scars show on her arms.

I don't know this person.

*Real Description*
Scarelott lives with her parents and her little brother, Oliver, or Ollie. They are very close, but when her parents, Neil and Molly start to have troubles with the bills, things start to go downhill. They get into drinking problems, and now they are abusing their children. When Red (Scarelott) can't take it anymore, she runs away. She is seventeen years old, and knows only one place that she can stay. Deep in the forest, by the willow tree.


8. What a Day

*A/N Next chapter is the one with the boys, and I know I promised this one would be but I decided I wanted to tell you about her first day of work, so sorry about that ! So anyway, right when you read this, immediately comment which boy you want her to fall in love with! Come on, guys, you know you want to! Well anyway, have a great day! :) And don't get sick from eating all that candy (;*

I start to walk with confidence to the little flat a few blocks away. I grin as I have a small flashback of what just happened. Poor Jordan, but he seemed like he was just a player anyway. He could careless if he sees me again. I chuckle as I think of him, and his gigantic ego, taken down a notch from me. Pretty soon, I see the red tiled roof of the flat over the hilltops from a block away. I jog toward it, getting jittery. My bags full of supplies are wearing me down, but I continue. Soon enough, I see the little flat. I glance at the sign that states it is for sale, and to call this number. I write it on my palm with a sharpie marker that is just tossed in the street, and then just walk to work. 

Whenever I  get to work, I still have an hour left until I start. I sit myself down slowly, and just wait until its my shift. I get jittery when there's fifteen minutes left until I have to work. Will I do it right? What if I get fired? Will they like me enough? Questions shoot through my mind, but  I shut them out. It's just a job. Only a job.

Finally it is time for me to start. I immediately report to the manager to ask what to do.

"Hey Mandy. Um, I was just wondering what I'll be doing today. And I'm Scar, by the way," I tell her.

Her face is turned into a frown, but she doesn't show it with her words. "Let me show you what you'll be doing." She leads me to the cash register. 

"You will be working this, along with making bagels, three dozen, every night. And every Friday it will be your turn to make Carrot Cake. There are recipes in this folder," She says while pointing to an accordion file on the workers' desk. "Also you will make chocolate chip cookies on Mondays. You will have to make ten dozen for those. Remember that since you work at a coffee shop, you will be bound to be making some coffees once in a while. If you ever need help, ask Jenny for help. Her shift is the same as yours," She says while pointing to a waving girl, "And of course you will have to put the customers' names on the cups if they order coffee. I'm sure you know how to do that." I nod my head. "So, I guess if you don't have any questions you may start now." Mandy states while walking away smiling. I nod and take a deep breath, before turning to the next customer. I smile at her.

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?" I ask the young teenage girl.

She smiles back before replying. "Um, may I have the egg roles, a triple chocolate cookie, and a medium white chocolate frappichino, please? And that will be tabbed for Demi," 

I quickly tap the keys while adding up the total. "That will be eight sixty-three, ma'am," I say while writing her name on a cup and marking what she wanted on it. I give it to Marcus, who also works with me and Jenny on our shift, and go and grab the egg roles and cookie myself. She pays with debit, right before Marcus calls her name.

"Have a nice day!" I call to her.

"You, too!" She says behind her shoulder. This will be fun. After many hours of working, I quickly grab my bags that i stashed in the corner of the shop before continuing outside in the cold spring air.

Soon after walking in the moonlit forest, i make it to my little home. I set my stuff inside, and soon grabbing my spear for today's meal, which I haven't had until I eaten my last victim. I hide in the same spot I had last time I hunted, behind the open door of the cave. I wait for a little more that an hour, before a medium sized turkey starts waddling into view. I get myself ready for the throw, and wait until it turns toward the other side of me. Soon the clueless turkey turns toward to the trees, and I run and chuck the spear at the turkey. He squawks immediately seeing my presence, but is silenced once the tip of the weapon hits his head. I head forward to the lifeless turkey and pick it up by the feet. This will be an excellent dinner. I quickly make my way over to the willow tree, where I have my fires, and start one. Waiting for the small cackle of wood burning to get larger, I start to pluck the feathers off of the large bird. After about another hour, I have finished plucking the turkey and skinning it. I take the slab of meat and lather it with salt, then add it to the fire covered with oak wood. The fire is quite small, so I leave the turkey out for it to cook. I know there is other critters waiting for a nice meal, so I drape around the fire with piles of logs from whenever I built the door. After finishing the barrier, I take my pot and head down to the stream. I fill the pot with water, and soon head back. I place the pot on the fire as well, hoping that the heat will make it boil in the night so I will have fresh water to drink. I rub my eyes as tiredness takes over, and head off into my hut, drifting into sleep. What a day.

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