Meet Me Deep In the Forest -By the Willow Tree-

*Part of Story*

I crawl over to the relaxing stream and look at the moonlit reflexion. But the person who stares back at me, isn't me. She has the same flaming red curls, the same height, but what I see isn't who she was a year ago. Instead of the light blue eyes with speckles of gold that could light up anyone's day, is a dark blue pit. A hole, that is filled with anger, confusion, and hurt. Her face is shallow. This thing is in pain. Her bruises and scars show on her arms.

I don't know this person.

*Real Description*
Scarelott lives with her parents and her little brother, Oliver, or Ollie. They are very close, but when her parents, Neil and Molly start to have troubles with the bills, things start to go downhill. They get into drinking problems, and now they are abusing their children. When Red (Scarelott) can't take it anymore, she runs away. She is seventeen years old, and knows only one place that she can stay. Deep in the forest, by the willow tree.


9. Take Cover

I wake, and instantly remember that I don't have work today. I smile, but head to the creek anyway to freshen up. I don't like to feel very dirty. I grab clean clothes, soap, and head out to the creek, while glancing at the fire. I gasp in amazement. The barrier is still up, and inside the fire seems to have gotten bigger, while the water is boiling as we speak. I take a peak at the turkey, which is cooked to perfection. I quickly take it out and place it in the cave on top of a Walmart bag to keep it from getting dirty. I also place the water inside the cave to cool down and be cool enough to drink whenever I get back. I now head out, and I decide to jog over there. I have a lot to do today. I have to add more to my cave, get firewood together, make a fire pit inside of the cave for  the winter, and I don't have much time. 

In just over fifteen minutes I qet to the stream, and I quickly strip and do my normal routine. Pretty soon I'm done, and jogging back. When I get back, I quickly eat my delightful breakfast of turkey and a pot of delightfully pure water. I wipe my hands on my jeans, then start sawing wood from the nearest tree. I don't want a tree to end up falling on me in the middle of a storm. Soon enough, after a few hours, I finish with the wood and go to grab my drying clothes from the drying tree. I put them back in my bag to keep them from getting wet or dirty from the damp ground of the forest floor. I then put the rest of the water in the canteen, and by the time I am finally finished with everything I had planned for today I check my watch. Four o'clock. I smile as I head back outside and just wander around.

After awhile, I decide to head back. But before I do, I take one last look at the scenery. I sigh, because I know I have to go home. I solemnly turn around around to head back, but right before I do, I get hit by something on my leg. There is a flash of pain, but it doesn't hurt anymore. I glance down, to see a red blob on my thigh.

"What the heck is this?" I say aloud. I soon enough get hit again, only this time by a blue blob. Pretty soon, I am being ambushed by colourful blobs. 

"I think I got Liam, mate!" I hear from a distance.

"Surrender, Liam!" I hear a thick irish voice yell. I am confused. Who are these people?

"Niall, lets get him!" The first voice says.

"Alright mate, lets get him!" I hear the irish voice, Niall, say.

After a few moments, I am attacked by the colourful blobs once again. I am now completely covered. I quickly jump behind a log to stop the little colourful balls of pain.

"Where'd he go?" the voice of Niall asks.

A new voice appears. "I have no idea. Harry, did you see him?" 

"Nope," he sighs, "I guess we'll have to keep looking for him, Zayn," the first voice, Harry, answers.

I hear footsteps coming this way. I decide to look, just to see who was shooting at me. As soon as I pop my head up, I see five teenagers walking this way. I can't see them clearly, though. All I can tell is that four are in a group, and then another one lurking behind trees slowly coming this way. I laugh quietly. That one must be the one who they were looking for, Liam. They all have guns, which as soon as I see them, I realize they are paintball guns. They were shooting me with paint balls. I laugh again, only this time not quiet enough. The group sees me and comes running over.

I now see what they all look like. One of them has curly hair, with beautiful green eyes. Another one of the boys standing next to him has blonde hair, with brunette roots, and ocean blue eyes. On who is wearing stripes who seems to look older than the rest, has brown hair and blue eyes. The last one at the back of the group has dark, almost black hair, in a quiff, with dark eyes that match his dark skin. Liam hasn't come yet, but I can still see him behind a tree, curious. I glance back at the group of boys who look at me confused.

"What are you doing here?" Curly asks, which I recognize as the voice of Harry. I stand up.

"Um, I was just walking through the woods and then you guys ambushed me with these little colourful globs, thank you very much," I say with sass. The one with stripes laughs.

"Well, we are very sorry about that, but I guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Louis," He holds out a hand. I shake it gently.

The blonde one is the next to speak, which I instantly remember the voice of Niall. "Sorry, we thought you were Liam. I'm Niall," he says. I laugh and point behind them as Liam gets closer, holding up his gun.

"Him?" I ask them. They twirl around and gun Liam down. I start laughing and laughing. 

"Sorry, Liam, but now you know how I feel!" I yell at the boy on the ground. We all run over.

"It's ok, love, I guess I deserve it for not speaking up,"He says while getting off the ground without his gun. "I surrender."

"Good, now we can finish introducing ourselves," snaps Louis. Liam holds up his hands in defeat.

"Well, I'm Zayn. Nice to meet you," says the one with the quiff. 

"Nice to meet you, too," I say while holding out my hand. 

"I'm L-" I cut the one that was on the ground off.

"Liam. I heard everyone else talking about you," I finish.

"Well," starts Harry, "Since we kind of shot at you, would you like to join us on dinner? We could drop you off at home if you would like to change." I stiffen.

"Oh, um, that's ok. Thanks for the offer, though," I say. I can't tell them I live in these woods. They will think I'm crazy, and they might end up telling the police, and my parents will think of a punishment unthinkable to anyone else. I shudder.

"Are you sure? We feel really bad. Come on, you know you want to," Niall says cheekily. I quickly rack my brain for reasons.

"Um, no thank you," I say again.

"Please?" begs all the boys with puppy dog looks on their faces. I laugh, and decide to just tell them that I live in the woods for a few months for a backing packing trip. Only half-lying.

 "Well, I'm kind of on a back-packing trip, so I live in a cave over there," I point in the direction of the cave,"and I'm going to be living there for the rest of the month. Nature stuff," I say with a shrug.

The boys all huddle and whisper among themselves.When they turn around, all of them are smiling ear to ear.

"Well," starts Harry, "you can live with us instead if you want to? We just bought a flat today in Burksin.Not that far away from here, actually."

I laugh. "I think I was looking at that exact flat. BY the way, I'd love to live with you guys. Let me just go and gather my stuff. And, since it's a few miles away, I'll just meet you at the flat I think it is. Deal?" I ask them. They all nod like bobble heads. I chuckle.

"Sounds good. And, by the way," I say ,"next time you all decide to shoot at me, at least tell me when I need to take cover."

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