Meet Me Deep In the Forest -By the Willow Tree-

*Part of Story*

I crawl over to the relaxing stream and look at the moonlit reflexion. But the person who stares back at me, isn't me. She has the same flaming red curls, the same height, but what I see isn't who she was a year ago. Instead of the light blue eyes with speckles of gold that could light up anyone's day, is a dark blue pit. A hole, that is filled with anger, confusion, and hurt. Her face is shallow. This thing is in pain. Her bruises and scars show on her arms.

I don't know this person.

*Real Description*
Scarelott lives with her parents and her little brother, Oliver, or Ollie. They are very close, but when her parents, Neil and Molly start to have troubles with the bills, things start to go downhill. They get into drinking problems, and now they are abusing their children. When Red (Scarelott) can't take it anymore, she runs away. She is seventeen years old, and knows only one place that she can stay. Deep in the forest, by the willow tree.


5. Starbucks

My tongue is thanking me as I eat the delightfully tasting rabbit. My mouth still has the sweet taste of meat on them, even though I finished minutes before. It is starting to get dark again, so I head inside my small little home. Since I know I can't stay in these woods forever, I have decided that tomorrow I will try to go and get a job. The forest is by a small town only a few miles away named Burksin. Before the bills started rolling in, our family would always go to a little ice cream parlor in town, every Sunday. On the way there, me and Ollie would sing the songs on the radio obnoxiously, only to have my mother and father joining in cheerily. Thinking of the past, tears start to cascade down my rosy cheeks. I just sit on my little leave pile and cry myself into a dreaded sleep of nightmares. 




I run down the open street, sprinting from the devil's laugh.

"You can't run from me. I will find you, dearest Scarelott. Or should I call you, RED. After all, your red curls seem to match your blood that will run down your face just fine when I'm done with you," Neil screeches as his voice seems to be getting louder. I gasp as I run faster, until my legs are filled with raging pain. When I see his shadow from behind, I let out a scream and soon topple to the ground. He towers over me and laughs. He looks behind him and calls, 

"Dear, will you please get our little game?" He asks sweetly, yet with an evil glint in his eye. I see Molly from behind, laughing evilly.

"Of course. It is always fun to play with little Red," She cackles as she skids away. Neil turns to me.

"Would you like to play a little game? It is really quite fun," He smirks down at me, waiting for an answer. I shake me head fearfully. His dark green eyes turn even darker, into a black marsh as he scowls at me and strikes me with the back of his hand.  I whimper in pain.

"You WILL play, and you WILL have fun with us. We are your parents, after all," He yells at me. Gaining confidence, knowing I already will die, I wail back, "You are a coward! You take your pain away by hurting me! You are not parents! You are demons sent from HELL! Which is the place you will be going back to! I HATE YOU, AND I ALWAYS WILL HATE WHAT YOU DID TO ME! Come on, hit me! Take the hurt out! I DARE you!" I scream and spit in his face. He just laughs as my mother Molly hands him a chainsaw. I gasp in horror. 

"Well, since you want us to have fun, might as well," Molly says simply while shrugging. I instantly try to get up, only to be pushed back down by Neil.

"Hey, your our game. And we're going to play you," and with that, he turns on the weapon, lifts it over his head, making me scream. He blasts it toward me. 




I wake up gasping for air. I curse Neil and Molly's names as I walk toward my bag, getting my spare clothes. My trembling body soon realizes that it was only a dream, and I quickly rush to go toward the stream to wash up for town. I head out of the cave to be greeted by a cold breeze. I shudder, but shake it off and head out. 

Whenever I get to the stream about a half hour later, I wash off my face and strip my body of clothes. I lay my back on the smooth wet rocks underneath the surface and scrub the sweat and dirt off of my tired body. The cold water rushes over me,  and soon enough I'm out of the small creek. I put on my spare clothes, and head off into town while dropping my other clothes off at the small cave. 

As I exit the forest by a highway, I instantly see a small Starbucks. I jog up to the little building. It doesn't have a HELP WANTED sign, but I head in anyway.

As soon as I enter the little coffee shop, the delicious smell of coffee beans and hot cocoa hit my face. I glance around, not seeing many people, but a few in what looks like a lounging area. The place looks very cozy and calming. I head up to the cashier which seems to be young, maybe eighteen or nineteen, my age, and she looks very pretty. She has auburn hair curls to about the bottom of her rib cage, dark brown eyes,  but I can't tell much other of her face form all the makeup she's wearing. She is looking at me with a smile on her face as she speaks.

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks, I'm Alison and what would you like today?" I smile back.

"Hi, I'm.." I pause, knowing Neil and Molly might have my name up somewhere with a picture, so I quickly say something else, "...Looking for a job. Are you guys looking for anyone?" I ask politely.

She looks confused for a moment, but then speaks, "I think we are, but I will have to ask my manager. I will be right back..."she pauses, waiting for me to tell her my name. I just stand there ackwardly waiting for her to move on. Luckily after a minute with slight confusion she heads into the back and comes back with a woman in what looks like her thirties. She has many freckles on her face and her blond hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail. She smiles at me before talking in a very southern accent, which seems weird to be in Britian.

"Well, hello miss and Alison just told me you were looking for a job application, correct?" She asks me sweetly. I nod as she continues, "Well, it just so happens that one of my colleagues, Jon, just moved away last Friday so I need a new person to work as a cashier on night shifts through the weekdays, four to one thirty. I pay minimum wage, but the longer you work here the more you make. I'll let you fill an application out, just to make sure your Starbucks material. You can fill it out now, and return it later today and I'll give you the memo right after I look at it, so you can just stay here all day." She smiles at me.

I widen my eyes. "That sounds great! Here, I'll fill it out quickly." I say excitedly as I reach for the application. I can't stop smiling at the thought of me having  a job in such a friendly town.

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