Meet Me Deep In the Forest -By the Willow Tree-

*Part of Story*

I crawl over to the relaxing stream and look at the moonlit reflexion. But the person who stares back at me, isn't me. She has the same flaming red curls, the same height, but what I see isn't who she was a year ago. Instead of the light blue eyes with speckles of gold that could light up anyone's day, is a dark blue pit. A hole, that is filled with anger, confusion, and hurt. Her face is shallow. This thing is in pain. Her bruises and scars show on her arms.

I don't know this person.

*Real Description*
Scarelott lives with her parents and her little brother, Oliver, or Ollie. They are very close, but when her parents, Neil and Molly start to have troubles with the bills, things start to go downhill. They get into drinking problems, and now they are abusing their children. When Red (Scarelott) can't take it anymore, she runs away. She is seventeen years old, and knows only one place that she can stay. Deep in the forest, by the willow tree.


3. Reality

I fling my body away from my reflexion, not wanting a reminder of the monster I've turned into. I sigh as memories zip through my mind of my childhood, whenever none of this happened. Whenever the Colemann's were a happy, loving family. Whenever I wasn't beaten daily from my loved ones. I let out a shallow laugh. What stress can bring people. I thought to myself.

I slowly force my body off the forest floor and grab my bag, heading toward my new home, which is still far back into the wilderness.

As I trot with my stuff, I pray for Ollie. The once smiling and happy boy now has to face a living  hell everyday, for something he has no control over. I pray he will be alright, and that my running away won't get him in trouble. I pray he will forgive me for leaving him. I pray that he is OK. I pray for him.

While I walk, I think of my parents, Molly and Neil. I think of when they actually cared for me and Oliver. Before the money problems. Before the drinking. Before the hitting. I cringe as memories flow through my body, forcing salty tears down my cheek. NO. I tell myself. I will not cry for those monsters. I wipe my wet cheeks, and continue my way toward the willow tree.


This is now my reality.


*A/N Hey guys, I just wanted to say I hope you like it and that I don't know when I'm updating next, I have school tomorrow. :( But I will try my best! Anyway, have a nice day guys!*

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