Meet Me Deep In the Forest -By the Willow Tree-

*Part of Story*

I crawl over to the relaxing stream and look at the moonlit reflexion. But the person who stares back at me, isn't me. She has the same flaming red curls, the same height, but what I see isn't who she was a year ago. Instead of the light blue eyes with speckles of gold that could light up anyone's day, is a dark blue pit. A hole, that is filled with anger, confusion, and hurt. Her face is shallow. This thing is in pain. Her bruises and scars show on her arms.

I don't know this person.

*Real Description*
Scarelott lives with her parents and her little brother, Oliver, or Ollie. They are very close, but when her parents, Neil and Molly start to have troubles with the bills, things start to go downhill. They get into drinking problems, and now they are abusing their children. When Red (Scarelott) can't take it anymore, she runs away. She is seventeen years old, and knows only one place that she can stay. Deep in the forest, by the willow tree.


7. In Town

As I walk home, I can't help but be jittery with excitement. I just gotten a job, at one on the coziest places you could work. Just my style. Walking home, I think constantly making an hour and a half to get there seem like ten minutes. When I get back to my cozy enclosure, I instantly fall onto my bed of leaves, and fall into a dreamless sleep.

Whenever I wake, I instantly shoot myself up and outside to tell what time it is by the sun. Using my hands as hour marks, I can tell it is about eight in the morning. Alison told me to be at Starbucks at four, so that's a good eight hours away. Realization hits me in the face instantly. How am I going to get there on time always? I'll have to get some type of time telling device, because I have absolutely no technology whatsoever. No phone, watch, Ipod, you name it, I don't have it. I decide to grab a watch on the way to Starbucks and quickly make a schedule of what I'm going to before I get there. I'll walk down to the stream, which takes about an hour, then clean up in there, a half hour, then walking back, and hour, walking to town, an hour and a half, another half hour to the store, getting a watch, a half hour, walking to work, another half hour. Doing the math, that means I'll have about two and a half hours to look at the flat I saw by my workplace. I'll have to see how much it is, hopefully a nice price.

I head out right after I grab some soap that I brought with me and my dirty clothes to wash and a clean shirt, pants, and undergarments as well. Walking to the little stream, I think of how my life is right now. Living in a cave by a willow tree deep in the forest, all alone, about to go to a job and look at a flat for two or maybe a couple and a child. I sigh, knowing I'll never be lucky enough or pretty enough or even worth being a companion to anyone. I single tear falls down my cheek, but I shake it off. Their loss. I laugh at the comment I made to myself. Yeah, right. I think sarcastically. 

I end up at the stream, and quickly strip off my dirty clothes and lay in the freezing water. I grab the soap and scrub my scalp, then the rest of my dirty body. I get up and start to wash my dirty clothes as I wait for my skin to be dry enough to put clothing on. After about ten minutes, I set the clothes I have been washing on the bank and pull on my underwear and t-shirt and jeans, along with pink flip-flops I brought along. I grab the damp clothes that are freshly clean and trot back to my camp. Soon enough I see the peak of my cave, and I jog swiftly back to put the clothes on the willow's branches to hang out to dry. I grab some money out of my bag, and head into town.

After a while I walk up to the busy highway. I walk until I see Starbucks, but I go behind it toward the department store. I quickly walk inside Walmart, and walk around until I find myself lost. I see an elderly woman in a navy uniform, and quickly ask for assistance.

"Hello, I am looking for a place to find some watches, do you happen to know where they are?" I ask as I tap her shoulder, making her turn my way. She smiles at me and motions for me to follow. 

After going around many turns heading deeper into the maze, she finally stops in front of a little watch stand.

"Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it," I smile at her. She smiles back, making crinkles form in the corners of her mouth and eyes.

"You are quite welcome, dear," She says simply as she walks toward another customer in need of help. I turn toward the watches once she turns away. I immediately look at the prices, and gasp at what I see. 100$, 200$, 300$... This is much too pricey for me. I dig into the piles of watches, in hope of finding a cheap one. I finally let out a sigh of relief once I finally find one only twenty dollars that has a dark emerald colour, and isn't shiny at all, which will help with camouflage whenever I'm hunting. Noticing that I brought fifty dollars, I decide to get a few necessities for living. I grab a pan, some salt, silverware (only one fork and one spoon) and some first aid supplies I seem to not have enough of. I still have fifteen dollars, so I look in the shoe section to find a pair for work. I see a nice pair that fit that are on sale for thirteen, so I grab them, and spot hairbands on the way which I grab and put in my arms. I head to the cashier and spot a very attractive boy standing behind the counter. He has dirty blond hair and light hazel eyes that seem to reflect his olive skin. He seems to be about my age of nineteen. I smile genuinely, only to have his reaction be a smirk while looking my up and down. I ignore him as I bring him my supplies. He frowns in confusion to what I buy.

"What will you be needing this to do?" He asks with question. I laugh.

"Backpacking trip," I say with a shrug. His eyebrows shoot up.

"You backpack?"

I shrug. "Yeah."

He smirks at me again while holding out a hand. "Well, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Jordan. And you are?" He asks me.

I smile at him and shake his hand with mine. "Scar. Nice to meet you," I say politely, quietly wishing I could get out of here as fast as possible.

His smirk deepens, making it more evil. "Scar. I like that name, it has a ring to it. What's your real name, though?" He asks, obviously knowing no parent would ever name their child Scar. I laugh at his question.

"It's Scarelott, but I don't like people to call me that. I used to be called Red, but that one gotten a little old," I tell him.

He nods understandingly as he hands me my bags. Right as I pay, grab my change, and am about to turn towards the entrance of the store, he quickly grabs my arm, making me turn towards him.

Before I ask, he quickly tells me,"Will I ever see you again?" He says this with a look of worry in his eye. I smirk to myself, immediately knowing what to say back.

"I don't know, do you think I'm worth looking for and finding? So you tell me," With that, I leave the store and the confusion expression on Jordan's face. That was an experience in the little town of  Burksin.


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