Everything Is Going To Be Okay

I made a mixtape about being an average teenager and I wrote a short story based of the lyrics from the songs.

Track List:
Coming Clean by Green Day
Waste by Foster the People
The Motivation Proclamation by Good Charlotte
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong by The Wonder Years
Spark Fires by the Story So Far
You Don't Understand Me by The Raconteurs
The Last Lie I Told by Saves The Day
Fear Of Sleep by The Strokes


3. Thursday, November 15


     Today in Consumer Ed. we started some “Life Smart” project thing. It’s suppose to show us the reality of  life after college and all the money we’ll have to waste on paying back loans and other bills. The first part of the project is picking a career. I’ve always dreaded that question since we’ve been doing this stuff when we were like 13. How the fuck am I suppose to know what I want to do with my life, if I don’t even really enjoy anything in the first place. I used to just write Firefighter cause my uncle was one and I knew he didn’t have to do a lot of schooling. But I’m not the least bit strong or even brave enough for something like that.

     For the project, I wrote down that I wanted to be a teacher. I thought it was a safe choice, although I would never actually want to be a teacher. They don’t even get paid that much. I’m a pretty good student. I get A’s, a few B’s and I’m in a few honors classes but recently I haven’t been doing very much. And that’s fine with me for now. I really hate this whole thinking about the future thing but it calms my nerves that I can stand beside my friends while I have them and be able to laugh at life.

     Can’t I just have an office job or something? I mean, there’s no way I’m going to become a doctor, so at least I’m being realistic. What I would really love to do is play guitar in a band but I don’t even have enough motivation to do that and that’s something I kind of enjoy.

     I have two guitars, and I jam with my boys from time to time and I’ve even played a few shows but nothing ever serious. We usually just end up sparking fires with lighters and blazing where no one can find us, getting high from time to time. We have to put up with all of this bullshit so right now we’re just concerned with staying sane for one more day. Not whether or not our band will make it big.

    You know, maybe when I’m older, I’ll give up on all of this and shrug my shoulders and become like the rest. Get a job, a wife, a house and some kids but right now this youth is still my best bet. Even if it is just a bunch of bullshit.





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