Everything Is Going To Be Okay

I made a mixtape about being an average teenager and I wrote a short story based of the lyrics from the songs.

Track List:
Coming Clean by Green Day
Waste by Foster the People
The Motivation Proclamation by Good Charlotte
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong by The Wonder Years
Spark Fires by the Story So Far
You Don't Understand Me by The Raconteurs
The Last Lie I Told by Saves The Day
Fear Of Sleep by The Strokes


5. Saturday, August 1


   So I was cleaning my room and I found this notebook between the wall and the side of my bed along with a few pairs of socks, a condom wrapper and some tissues.

   I just reread everything, well the three journal entries I wrote and it was pretty weird. I wish I hadn’t lost it or forgotten or whatever caused me to stop writing. I know I’ve changed since that last entry, I’ve graduated high school and am preparing to move into my new college dorm but it would have been interesting to see how I changed throughout this past year.

   I could talk about everything that has happened since then but there isn’t really much. In between the sleeping and complaining I guess some pretty cool things happened. Christmas, the new year, meeting a nice girl at a Man Overboard show, turning eighteen, getting into a fist fight with one of my friends, prom, a road trip with my best friend. It all happened like you would expect it to. And now it’s all over. I’ve got a real girlfriend now, a few close friends who hate their fucking lives and a future ahead of me. I stay busy day and night so I don’t have time to complain and I’m still just trying to make it through each week.

   I’ve got Kerouac in my backpack, a glass of sweat tea, New Found Glory playing and I know everything is going to be okay.

Well I hope so.


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