When it Happens...

Hope is different. Courage is there to help till of course some unexpected people need help. Being who they are hope and courage did to need them in their life's.


3. Chapter 3

----The next day----
^^^^Hope's P.O.V^^^^
I woke up with the sun in my face. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them and looked at the time on my phone. There were even more messages than last time. "Why?" I thought out loud. Soon after finally waking up all the way I walked out of the tree house and climbed down the tree. It was about 8:00 a.m. so I decided to go back to Starbucks since I wanted some coffee and I didn't get any yesterday. I started walking and decided to check all the messages. I had some from all of them. It made me feel really bad for running away, but I had to. Louis- "I'm really, really sorry." "I didn't mean to." "It is all my fault. I shouldn't have asked." "Please come back." Courage- "Where are you?" "I know what happened." "It's okay." "You don't have to be by yourself." Harry- "Hope, where did you go?" "We miss you." "I want to help if I can." "Don't cry, you don't want to ruin that beautiful face of yours." "It's not worth it." "If you want to talk you know how to get ahold of me, I still owe you your coffee." Niall- "Hey, Hope um just remember I am here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on, okay?" Zayn- "It's okay to cry just don't be alone when you do. That's not right." "It sucks to be alone. You need to come back to us or at least one of us it doesn't matter which one of us just one." "Don't be alone." Liam- "Hope, come back." "I'm not going to force you to, but please." I started crying again, because they actually cared. I finally messaged Niall, "Did you or anyone else get my stuff?" "Oh Hope, no I don't think so. Do you know me to go get it for you? From: Niall" "No, I can get it. Just will you walk with me. I'm going to the Starbucks we were at last night. Don't bring anyone else and please don't tell anyone about this or where you are going. Please." "Okay be there in a minute." I got to the Starbucks and got me a frappe. I sat in the window seat where we were sitting yesterday and put on my beanie. I got my piano out from in front of me and playing until I realized Niall walking through the door. "Hey, Niall get your coffee or whatever you want and come on. I got to tell or show you why I left. I can't hold it in anymore I just can't." I told him right when he got to me. "Okay then lets go. I don't want anything." "Okay, can you climb?" "A little why?" "Nothing, lets go." I said getting my stuff and walking out the door. He caught up with me fairly quickly since I wasn't going that fast. "So what did you want to talk to me about?" "We'll you and the guys told me not to be alone and all that other stuff so I picked you to talk to about it right now." "Why me?" "I don't know. Everyone else has other stuff to worry about more than you. Cause Liam, Louis, and Zayn have girlfriends so I don't want to get involved I that and I don't really know what Harry might do if he heard this right now. I don't know how you will react either, but you seem like the right person to talk to right at this moment." "Okay that seems simple, I guess, but what do you need to talk about?" "My past." "So where are we going?" "My treehouse." We were quiet the rest of the way to the park. When we got there I spotted the tree that had the treehouse in it so I took off running. "Woah, wait." He yelled after me. "Can't got to get to my treehouse!" I shouted back. I stopped at the tree and put my stuff down. He finally got there, "Why did you stop?" "My treehouse." I said pointing up. "What?" "Come on." I said as I started climbing. "You can't climb on park property." "It's not park property I planted this tree. It's mine, look." I said pointing at the plaque on the tree. "Quit asking questions and come on, please." I told him. He started to climb after me taking him a little bit longer than me to get up to the treehouse. When he was in I closed the door and opened a window. "So what did you want to tell me?" "I have to show you something first though." I said before I pulled my sleeves up and the bottom of my shirt to show my stomach and back. I had more then that but I wasn't going to show them. Niall just looked away when I started to do this. "Niall, it's okay nothing personal is showing." He finally looked at me and when he did his eyes started to look at me with tears in them. "What happened?" He asked sounding really concerned. "My dad and depression from him. He would abuse me and I could not do anything about it. He sometimes beat me so hard that I could not even walk so I would have to stay home from school." "Why are you showing and telling me this stuff?" "I have to tell someone or I am going to burst." "Okay, but come here." He said. I walked over to him to show him the scars better. When I got to him he pulled me into a really big hug and made me let go of my shirt. While in the hug he pulled my sleeves down to cover my scars back up. I hugged him back and started crying on his shoulder while he whispered in my ear telling me it will be fine, he was here for me, and that I was so brave for putting up with what my father did. Soon he was sitting on the ground, while I was laying in his lap, rubbing my hair as I told him about my past. Once in awhile a tear fell from my eyes and he would catch and wipe it away. After 3 maybe 4 hours of telling him about my past and the scars I was finished telling him everything. While I was explaining some stuff that was really hard for me to explain without crying he would lean down and kiss my forehead. I was afraid at first because no one except my mum and Courage had ever been this nice to me like that, but I think it was kind of sweet once I got use to it. "We should probably go." I told him after I finished talking. "You sure you can handle it out there?" "Yeah I do, cause I want some food." I said laughing then my belly rumbled making it even more funnier. We got up and started to climb down the tree. I got down right after him and bent down to pick up my stuff when I noticed his phone was on the ground. I picked it up with my stuff and gave it to him. "Did you leave that down here?" "Yeah, I didn't want to get bothered while I was talking to you." He said as he turned and looked at the ground, blushing. 

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