When it Happens...

Hope is different. Courage is there to help till of course some unexpected people need help. Being who they are hope and courage did to need them in their life's.


4. Authors note so far

Okay I have chosen the clothes that Courage and Hope will be wearing in chapter 2 when they changed clothes at the beginning of the chapter. Hope ,though it is not in the picture, has a really thin long sleeve undershirt on. Anyways even though I have this wrote in a notebook I still need my viewers help on some things like will they end up with someone? Or who will they end up with? Also this is not book related but what do you want me to call you? Cupcakes, baby cakes, pumpkins? What do you want me to call you? 


And Oh My God you guys are awesome. I mean this is pretty awesome that you people actually want to read my book. It makes me actually feel like I'm worth something. Thank you guys so much I can't believe it.


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