When it Happens...

Hope is different. Courage is there to help till of course some unexpected people need help. Being who they are hope and courage did to need them in their life's.


2. Alone: chapter 2

^^^^Hope's P.O.V^^^^
"Welcome home!" Courage yelled really excited. "Thanks" I said. "Hurry up we got to go!!" "Okay okay don't rush me." We both went upstairs to get dressed in some better clothes since she was still in sweats herself. We found our outfits they aren't dressy, but they also aren't sweats. It was good clothes to us though because we were going to the park to play our new songs that we have wrote. Courage always gets excited to go to the park cause she loves playing the songs so much. We have to put so much emotion in these songs more than others cause they describe our life better then anything else. Anyways we have been playing and planning this for a couple of days. We walked out the door with everything we needed and headed to the park. On the way, we stopped and got two frappes at Starbucks and walked the rest of the way to the park. It was surprisingly packed so that was good. We set up and started playing it seemed like everyone heard us cause they all gathered around and watched. They must have liked it since they were clapping and whistling. We played the rest of our songs and when we finished the last of them. There were so many people around us it was amazing that this many people like our songs. Some little girls even came up to ask for an autograph. We, of course, said yes so after we told them goodnight and thank you. I was so excited that it showed a little bit too much. People wanted our autographs that is something right there in itself. My phone goes off, "Meet us at Starbucks in ten minutes. From: Harry :)" "Okay, but you have to buy us whatever we want." I sent him back laughing. Courage got the same message, but from Louis. We started walking to Starbucks just a few blocks away from the park. When we got there it wasn't crowded at all just a couple of people. We waited a minute before going to a window seat and messing around with our instruments. We played some of the craziest  stuff. It was fast then slow, up beat then kill yourself slow, and they had the weirdest notes in the wrong places. We were busting out laughing when we saw the guys walk in. We shut up right when they noticed us and were walking to us. The music sheets were full of the crazy stuff we just played so we wouldn't forget this moment. "What was that about, love?" Harry asked. "Oh nothing." We said together and burst out into laughter again. Niall looked down at the sheet music and started laughing too. Apparently he can read sheet music cause he plays the guitar. Who knew? Apparently everyone, but us. We learn something new everyday. "Awkward!" Louis yelled in a funny voice. "Anyways, what do you guys want?" I asked. "Oh yeah. What do you want first before we go?" Asked Harry. "Okay. I don't want to get up so will you get me a caramel frappe and 3 cake pops, please?" Courage said looking at them. "I will buy it come on Louis it's getting a little to awkward between those people." Louis and I walk away from the awkwardness of the love birds. "Hey, Louis can I... Uh never mind." I started to get water in my eyes from thinking about my past and all of the cuts and bruises from it. I want to tell someone, but I can't put it into words and when I finally know what to say I can't get it out and I start crying. I think about what other people would think if I opened up and let someone in. The fear and worried side of me says no one will understand. Fully and truly understand how it is for me. I got knocked out of my thoughts when Louis started talking to me. "Hope, what is it love? If something is bothering you tell me. I promise not to tell anyone without your permission." "I can't" I answered him. "What do you mean you can't? There is something wrong and I want to help you, but I can't if you don't tell me. Is it something from your past? I know you haven't talked about your past like Courage has hers." His voice was getting louder. But just a little bit. "I can't! I can't take it anymore. No one understands they never will! I can't!" I yelled while tears began to roll down my face and I ran out the door of the Starbucks. I ran as fast as I could and as far as I could which was pretty far since I ran away all the time. I found myself at a beautiful park. I knew exactly where I was and I knew so many hiding places that no one could find me. I decided on one place that was the best out of them all and I could hide in there till I decide to come out. I walked over to where there was a lot of trees and I started to climb. At the top of the trees there was a small tree house that was so covered with leaves you could not see it if you tried. When I got to it I opened the door and walked inside. I sat down against the wall and started crying. I couldn't stand it anymore I had to get away  for just a little bit. I pulled my phone out and made sure it was on vibrate, so no one would hear it go off and try to find out what or where it is coming from. When I looked at it I had like 20 messages from the guys and Courage. I ignored them cause I didn't want to talk to anyone right now especially them. I stayed there for about an hour or two crying so hard I got a headache. I reached into my pocket cause I always keep headache medicine with me. It is just a habit. I pulled out some and took them. After awhile I laid my head down and fell asleep. One last tear came down as I drifted away. Alone.
~~~~Louis's P.O.V~~~~
'I'm so sorry, Hope. I didn't mean to do it. It just came out. I really do want to help her, but she won't let me know what is bothering her. I have to know.' I thought. I messaged Courage from the counter, "We need to talk. Alone." "Okay, where?" "Anywhere just away from the guys." "Okay follow me, I guess." She told the guys she was going outside to take a walk they just shook their heads and went back to what they were doing. We got outside and so much stuff filled my head. "We have to find Hope!" I told her. "Wait, what? Where is she? What happened?" "We were getting the coffee and she was going to ask me something. I raised my voice a little and she burst into tears and ran out the door." "What did you want to know about her?" She asked me seriously, straight face and all. "I wanted to know what was wrong with here and why she was acting like she was." "So basically you asked about her past?" "Yeah, sort of." "You little, fucking, bastard. Who the hell do you think you are asking Hope about her past? No one asks about her past she told me cause she wanted to and cause I am her only friend around here. No wonder she ran away. God why did we trust you guys out of everyone in the world it had to be you. Whatever I am going to look for Hope and you can go back to your damn friends and you guys can forget you ever met us!" She yelled at me. "Courage I'm sor-" she cut me off, "I don't care what or who you are. I don't need an explanation. I have to go find my friend!" And she was gone in the blink of an eye. I felt really bad. I had to find her and apologize, but I can't cause I have no idea where she is.
****Courage's P.O.V****
God can you believe that son of a bitch. He asked about Hope's past. Hope has had a really really rough time that's all I am going to say. I took off running to I don't know where. I just needed to find Hope. I finally slowed down and sat on a bench on the sidewalk. It was really late and I was really tired. I hope Hope is okay. I headed back to my house figuring she would come back when she wanted to. With her knowledge of this place and everything I bet she could handle one night. I got home fairly quickly. I walked to my room, put on a plain t-shirt and shorts, and fell asleep almost instantly with my mind on Hope and the good moments we had had right before this all.

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