Love from the Past

Tessa Parks is your average teenager from Ireland... But she has a two year old son named James. The only one who knows who the baby daddy is, is Tessa and her best friend Lauren. The baby daddy was Tessa's true love who left before she could ever tell him that she was expecting his baby. So, two years later, Tessa is face to face with him, and so is James. Will he come back into Tessa's life and be apart of his son James's life too?


7. What have I done?

*NIALL'S POV* I sat on the porch, my head in my hands. I don't know what I've just done. I hurt her, again. Of course I have a girlfriend when I actually see Tessa. I still love her. But Ashley is sweet, nice, beautiful, and funny. But Tessa is all of that times a hundred. What have I done? I hear someone sit down by me, I look over and see my mum looking back, "How did it go Niall?" I sigh and put my head back in my hands, "I messed up mum, I really messed up. I shouldn't have left her and gone to X-Factor. I should've stayed. I would probably still be with her." My mom rubbed my back, "But you wouldn't have become who you are today. You wouldn't be in One Direction and be living the dream. Yes, Tessa is an amazing girl, but she would never hate you. She still cares about you and I bet she respects your decision." I nod and look up at her, "But I told her that I was dating Ashley and she got upset and left. I saw her crying in her car. I bet she hates me now." She looks back at me, "Niall, you didn't know that you were a father before yesterday. You didn't know that Tessa would be back in your life. It's not your fault for having a girlfriend. You didn't know. Now, lets change the topic about the whole dating thing, what did you and Tessa decide on how you guys are going to do this?" "Well, for now I get him on the weekends. But we decided that we will move in together later on. And we haven't talked about coming out to the public about all of this. I don't know how we are going to do that." My mum just nodded at me, "Well that's good, sweetie." I nod back at her, "Yeah. I think we can do this." My mum kisses me on the forehead and stands up, "I know you will. Now, I'm going in. Come in when you like. Love you sweetie." I look up at her, "Love you too mum. And thank you, for everything." She smiles down at me, "You're welcome Niall. Goodnight." She goes in and I'm left with my thoughts. This is just so much..

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