Love from the Past

Tessa Parks is your average teenager from Ireland... But she has a two year old son named James. The only one who knows who the baby daddy is, is Tessa and her best friend Lauren. The baby daddy was Tessa's true love who left before she could ever tell him that she was expecting his baby. So, two years later, Tessa is face to face with him, and so is James. Will he come back into Tessa's life and be apart of his son James's life too?


1. The life I live now

*TESS'S POV* I'm not your average teenager. I'm a teen mom, who's baby daddy doesn't even know about his son. He probably doesn't even remember me. He was my true love, I thought we would be together forever. It's sad to say that he doesn't know about his son or that I was even pregnant. He left the day I was going to tell him. But now he's famous and is living the life while I'm back here in Ireland changing dirty diapers. The life I lived before was amazing. I was with the love of my life and the wasn't a care in the world. My world, got turned flipped upside down... When Niall left for XFactor. My thought were interrupted when James came running in the room, "Mommy! Come play with me!" I got up from my chair and James grabbed me by the hand and dragged me in our room. Yes, OUR room. I don't have enough money to have nice things so we live in a one bedroom apartment. When we got in there, the room was a mess. Toys everywhere, all my clothes knocked out of the hamper, and marker on the walls. I sighed and tried to tidy up but James kept bugging me to play. I turned around, "James. I have to go to work in a minute. Let me clean the room." He faked a little pouty face and stomped over to his little bed and sat on it facing the other way with his arms crossed. I continued cleaning the filthy room, too stressed to mess with James right now. I heard the front door open and a voice call, "Hello? Tessa?" James recognized the familiar voice and started running to see her, "Grandma!" I finished cleaning and walked out to see her, "Hi mum. I'll talk to you when I get back from work or I'm gonna be late." I grabbed my stuff and kissed James goodbye. When I was leaving I could hear James ask my mum, "Grandma, will you play with me?" I chuckled to myself. That kid reminds me so much of Niall that it kills me. I walked out to my small car and started off to work. I work as a receptionist for a recording studio downtown. It might sound like a nice job that pays a lot but it doesn't. I walked into the building and quickly got to working. It was stressful. People calling all the time, my boss making me do stupid little jobs, and clients getting mad. By the time I got home, I was stressed out. I greeted my mum with a hug and kissed James on the cheek, "How was your day?" James answered first, "Mommy! We played with play dough!" I felt something drop from the ceiling and land on my shoe. I looked up and saw the play dough stuck to the ceiling, I muttered to myself, "Great..." My mum chimed in, "He got a little out of hand. Sorry." I sighed, "Oh well. Guess I'll stay up late cleaning that and the marker on the walls." My mum pulled me in a hug, "I'm sorry baby. Everything will get better." She soon left, leaving me with a hyper James. He was running all over the place and making a bigger mess. I picked him up and put him in his little bed, "James. It's bed time. Go to sleep." He stuck out his tongue at me, "No!" I sighed and left the room. Only a few seconds later, he had his clothes off and was running naked across the apartment. I grabbed him again and put him back in his bed, "James! I've had enough. No more. Now go to sleep." I left the room and started a load of laundry in the laundry room. When I came out, he was casually sitting on the coach watching tv. I stormed over there and dragged him to the bedroom, "That's it! Your getting a spanking!" He started yelling even before I swatted his bum. But after I swatted him, he was screaming and yelling and crying. I put him on the bed, "Now go to sleep!" I left the room again. I went back into the laundry room and finished the load. He was still screaming, but I had had enough. I slid my back down the wall and started crying into my hands. Why is life so complicated?

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