Love from the Past

Tessa Parks is your average teenager from Ireland... But she has a two year old son named James. The only one who knows who the baby daddy is, is Tessa and her best friend Lauren. The baby daddy was Tessa's true love who left before she could ever tell him that she was expecting his baby. So, two years later, Tessa is face to face with him, and so is James. Will he come back into Tessa's life and be apart of his son James's life too?


3. Not everything's okay

*TESSA'S POV* I sat down by Niall who was in shock. It was quiet, I know this is a lot to take in at once. After a while, he looks at me, "So what are we supposed to do?" I sigh and shrug my shoulders, "I don't know." He sighs and rubs his eyes, "Lets talk about this tomorrow, I can't handle this. Come here at lunch, and bring James." He gets up and walks in. I sit there for awhile, not knowing what to do. I'm glad that I finally told him, but sad at the same time. I feel like now I'm holding him down and that I'm ruining his life. I finally get up and walk in. Niall went upstairs and in his room. I hug his mum goodbye and take James to the car. I'm strapping him in the car seat, James looks up at me, "I like your friend, Niall." I smile, "Me too." I get in the car and we drive home. When we get there, James runs in our room to play. I text Lauren, my best friend, : "I told Niall that he's James's dad... Don't think he's taking it well. We're supposed to talk about it tomorrow." Soon after she texts me back, "Wow. Hope everything's okay." But that's the problem, not everything's okay. I'm a single mum who can barely pay rent and put food in my sons mouth. I didn't get my high school diploma cause I had to drop out. I have a crappy job that has horrible pay. My ex boyfriend isn't handling the fact that he's my sons dad. My life is fucking shit right now and I can't help but cry myself to sleep every night. I want James to have a good life. I wanted him to have a daddy who loved him, I wanted him to have everything he could ever imagine. I want James to be able to say that he has a mommy and a daddy, not just a mommy. I want everything for him, but I can't seem to get everything right. I want the world to slow down. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear James crying. He comes walking out, tears streaming down his face. He reaches up for me and I pick him up, "Whats wrong?" He sniffles, "I fell and hurt my finger." I grab it and kiss his finger, "All better! It's okay." He nuzzles his head into the crook of my neck. I rock him in my arms like that until he falls asleep. I lay him on his little bed in our room and kiss his head. I whisper into his ear, "Don't worry, mommy's gonna make everything all better." 

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