Love from the Past

Tessa Parks is your average teenager from Ireland... But she has a two year old son named James. The only one who knows who the baby daddy is, is Tessa and her best friend Lauren. The baby daddy was Tessa's true love who left before she could ever tell him that she was expecting his baby. So, two years later, Tessa is face to face with him, and so is James. Will he come back into Tessa's life and be apart of his son James's life too?


2. He's here?

*TESSA'S POV* I got up from my spot when I heard the crying stop. I wiped away the tears off my face and continued on. I cleaned the house, since it was a filthy mess from today. I did the dishes and did another load of laundry. Since I had to wait for the laundry to be done, I decided to sit down for the first time today and watch tv. When I turned it on, it was on a celebrity news channel. I was about to change it when I saw Niall. I dropped the remote and watched the segment. A video of Niall getting off the plane at the airport was playing, while the news reporter said, "Teenage heart throb, Niall Horan, was spotted in an Ireland airport and is reportedly visiting his family for awhile." My heart stopped, he's here? I turned off the tv quickly when I heard the buzzer for the dryer go off. The whole time I was folding the clean clothes, all I could think about was Niall being in town. I want to see him but at the same time I don't. It's complicated. When I finished, it was midnight and I was tired. Good thing I'm not going to work tomorrow. I went to bed but was unsuccessful on falling asleep, cause the thought of him kept me up. *NEXT DAY* When I woke up it was nine o'clock. I got up and made James a bowl of cereal for when he wakes up. Soon after he comes running in the kitchen, "Mommy!" He ran and wrapped his arms around my thighs. I lifted him up and kissed him on the cheek, "Good morning booger bear!" He giggled and I set him down in his buster chair to eat. I still had him on my mind and I couldn't get him out of my head. Last night I decided to go to his mum's house and visit her. We still talked but she doesn't know James is Niall's son but she still helps me. I sat down by James, "You wanna go see Mrs. Maura today?" He nodded his head with a smile on his face. I smiled back at his cute little face, "Okay then lets go get ready." He stood up and took my hand as we went into our room. I put him in a blue, yellow, and white plaid shirt with shorts. I slipped on his tennis shoes before I got ready. I put on a pink v-neck shirt with ripped up jeans and converse. I put my hair in a ponytail and put on light makeup. I gelled James's hair in little spikes before we left the house. We walked out to the car and I strapped him in his car seat. I got in and backed out and started to Maura's house. I'm just hoping Niall isn't there. Cause then he would see James and I would have to tell him. When we got there, I walked James to the door and rang the doorbell. Maura answered with a smile on her face, "What a pleasant surprise! Come in!" We followed her into the living room and James ran over to Maura, "Mrs. Maura! Do you have any cookies?" She chuckled and led him in the kitchen, "Actually I do!" I sat down while they were gone and was on my phone. I heard footsteps and a familiar voice, "Tessa?" I looked up to see a blonde headed boy that I loved. The same boy who is the father of my son, secretly. The same boy who I cried for but never showed up. Niall James Horan. I was shocked. I don't know why I would be cause I'm sitting on his couch. I was a deer in headlights just sitting there not saying anything. He smiled, "Well are you going to say anything?" I smiled and stood up, "Hey Niall." I went over and hugged him. I've missed these hugs. We pulled away and he was the next to speak, "So how have you been I haven't seen you in forever?" Before I could answer, James ran in and wrapped his arms around my thighs. Niall looked down, "Who's this?" I took a deep breath, "Niall, this is my son, James. James say hi to Niall." James waved to him but never let go of my legs. Niall never looked up, "How old is he?" I cleared my throat, "Two." He clenched his fists, "Two? Two! We were dating two years ago! Are you saying you cheated on me?" Maura came in soon after, "Whats the matter?" Niall stormed outside and slammed the door. I followed after and left James inside. Niall was pacing in the yard, "What the hell! Did you cheat on me?" I walked up to him, "No, I-" He interrupted me, "Then why do you have a two year old?" I stood my ground, "He has ocean blue eyes, just like you. He has blonde hair, just like you. He even has the cutest smile, just like you. Don't you get it, Niall? He's your son." He stopped in his tracks, "What? Wait. Why didn't you tell me when you were pregnant?" I took a deep breath, "The day you left for XFactor was the day I was going to tell you. I didn't want to tell you cause I knew how much being a singer meant to you. Then I didn't tell you while you were famous so you could live a perfect life and not be forced to be tied down." He sat down, "Wow. I'm a dad."

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