Love from the Past

Tessa Parks is your average teenager from Ireland... But she has a two year old son named James. The only one who knows who the baby daddy is, is Tessa and her best friend Lauren. The baby daddy was Tessa's true love who left before she could ever tell him that she was expecting his baby. So, two years later, Tessa is face to face with him, and so is James. Will he come back into Tessa's life and be apart of his son James's life too?



Hey guys! Hope you're liking the movella so far! Got big plans for it! But before I update, I WANT 30 FAVORITES AND 30 LIKES?! AND GET YOUR FRIENDS TO READ IT!!! If you haven't read my other stories, you really should! They are really coming along and I have HUGE plans for them! So go read them! Like and favorite them! And like and favorite the others too! OH AND GO BECOME A FAN OF ME?!:) Love ya guys!<3 Get those 30 likes and favorites!!

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