Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?



Sam's POV


somethings up with Harry, as soon as we walked in he looked us up and down then sent a death glare to Niall, shit, what if he knows he had sex.  I could play him, make him angry, i'm so devious I smirked at Harry the thing we have most in common is our smirks, I smirked at Harry and leaned into Niall and whispered in his ear

"your good,but the plane sex was better" I could feel him stiffen up, one of my very many talents I can turn people on, very easily. I could see Harry out of the corner of my eye his expression priceless. I started to walk away when a strong arm slapped my butt I turned around and saw Niall with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. I could feel all eyes on us or well 8 eyes...

I went backstage and found a kitchen are, ahh food I started to rummage through the cupboards I found an Ice pole in the freezer, a bell rang in my head, perfect I'm going to tease Niall I took out the Ice pole and walked to the side of the stage watching the boys rehearse, Harry kept on sending me and Niall glares. I started to eat my ice pole seducing Niall, whenever he looked over at me I would let the ice pole slip in and out my mouth sucking harder when he was looking I could see him getting turned on then I just started to eat it normally because I started to get hungry hah, yeah well.  they were about to go onto a break so I put on my music and danced around the stadium with my head phones on and I was singing alone to Radioactive by Imagine Drgaons.  the song came to and end and I looked over to the boys on the stage when I seen Niall and Harry walk off the stage together, well that's nothing, is it?.  I used my excellent running skills and ran upto the stage and ran to Liam, kidding on I cant run I don't run.

"Liam where are they going?" I asked trying to sound non-caring, it didn't work

"you two had sex didn't you?" how the hell does he know this shit?

"yeah, how d'you know?"

"his hair gave it away"

"ah, well you didn't tell any one about the plane did you?"

"Sam I wouldn't tell anyone about someone having sex, on a plane, when her brother was on the same lane in the next cabin thing, and her brothers best friends, and a plane with someone who is like a dad...."

"oh god, I never realised that... I said in a shocked voice

"realised what?" asked Niall standing beside me, I was still shocked and didn't realise harry was standing beside me

"when we had sex on the plane..."

"YOU DONE WHAT ON A PLANE?!" shouted Harry making me jump

"what?" I said, I tend to say that when I'm hiding something I put on my innocent face and say what? in a plain tone

"SAM!, what did you just say?" I couldn't hold it in, Harry's eyes were looking into mine with deep concern and anger, when he gets angry, its like he's grew and extra 5 inches and his hair gets darker as he towers over you, I started to stutter as I tried to explain

"I-I- I had s-s-ex w-with N-niall on the-e p-p-plan-ne" I said looking down, I was to scared to look up at Harry's reaction, he just found out his little sister had sex with one of his bestfriends.. oh I do not want to be me right now.

"you what?" he said with his scary stern voice, I took a deep shaky breath and looked him in the eyes and faced him

"your little sister had sex. on a plane. with one of your bestfriends." I shouted, our faces practically 5 centimeters apart he stopped looking at me and looked Niall in the eyes and walked right up to him

"you had sex with my sister when you knew her for a day?"


"don't fucking yeah me why the fuck did you fuck my sister?" Niall just took a short breath and shook his head

"answer my question Niall"

"you really want to know what we done?"

"yes, and why you done it?" Niall laughed and sat down on the stage, everyone just looked at him

"its a long story" we all nodded and sat down, I sat beside Niall and he pulled me onto his lap

"right well, on the plane coming here I was watching a movie while everyone was asleep and half way though the movie sam kind of crawled into my bed and she took off her clothes and gave be a bj then we had sex for a while then we ad anal and then I went to sleep she got drunk..."

"and then me and Sam started dancing together" piped up Louis smiling while Zayn was just siting there with a shocked/horrified/disbelief/ awkward look on his face Liam was just sitting there with his head down and Harry looked as if he might just kill Niall...

Harrys POV

as Niall listed the things they done my anger just raised, how could he I mean yeah he's my bestfriend wait, he's never had sex, oh my god Niall Horan lost his v-card to my LITTLE sister he's two years older than her, the only thing that would make me a bit more calm is if they are together, if they aren't and he just has sex with her, then shit will go down!.

I took afew deep breaths before asking Niall

"I'm ok with it if you two are together" I said staring Niall down, as soon as I asked the question he answered straight away

"yep, I asked Sam to be my girlfriend today infact" he said with the widest grin I had ever seen on his face

"is it true Sam?"

"yep, your little sister and your bestfriend are togetherrrr" Sam loved to roll her R's for some strange reason, I think its because she knows I cant.

"ok well then em congradulations I suppose" everyone stood up and Sam walked away, probably to get more food, you know I think they'll be good together

Zayn came up to me and whispered in my ear

"watch this" as soo as he pulled away all three of them jumped on Niall pretending to punch him and shouting things like

"wee Nialls got a girlfriend!" and "OHHHHH NIALLS IN LOVEE"

"that's enough lads!" he shouted while laughing so hard his face had went red,

"so if you had sex on the plane with Sam, does that mean she took our virginity?" Louis asked with a wide grin on his face, Nialls face then got awkward and he started to stutter

"I um erm well I um er I m uh well kind of yeah" he had went even more red,

"ok well the show starts in about an hour and we haven't rehearsed at all" piped Liam breaking the silence

"yeah, ok lets get started" I agreed, the first few songs started and we sang along rehearsing and what not we decided to take a break and I walked to the kitchen with Louis

"so what do you think about Niall and Sam?"

"I thinks its really good babe, the fans will react really good they love Sam don't they?" Louis said putting his arm around my waist, and kissing my cheek, so many people don't believe in Larry but to us its real only the boys and our families know, and Paul but he's family aswell.  I got a bottle of water for Louis and I

"thanks Lou, but I don't want her getting hate"

"well I'm not saying she wont but its very un-likely because they have loved Sammie for years, haven't they?"he asked grinning because he knew the answer

"mm, true" I said leaning in and cupping my hands over his cheek bones, I felt our lips touched as we kissed eachother passionately, we  pulled away smiling at eachother and walked back to the boys on stage, on the way we bumped into Paul

"hey paul?" I questioned

"yes Harry?"

"wheres Sam?"

"she went back to the hotel, she had a headache"

"oh ok, too bad she's going to miss out on the first concert of the European tour" as we walked on stage Niall walked up to me

"D'you know where Sammie is?"

"she went back to the Hotel she had a headache"

"oh ok I guess I'll see her after the concert then"

"yeah, we'll lets go get ready the concert starts in fifteen minutes!"

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