Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


5. "we do!"

Zayn's POV

"who watches geordie shore!" I heard Sam yell which made me drop my pancakes but I stood up and me and Niall said at the exact same time

"we do!"  I love geordie shore me and Niall always watch it together every week one year for christmas we both got each other the box set, all the other boys think its stupid and immature so they refuse to watch it, they don't know how much naked-ness there is in it aha, but its really good!

"oh my god and when they went to Amsterdam, and then Gaz and Charlotte oh and with Holly" shouted Sam whilst geusturing in the air with her hand, the three of us left the others to sit in the living room and talk more about it.


Harry's POV

How can Sam, Zayn and Niall watch that shit?, meh, if it makes them happy.

"Hey Louis Liam see while we're on tour do you think you could get El and Dani to go out with Sam, I feel like she spends more time with guys than girls you know?" I asked hopefully

"mm I don't know Haz, I think I could get her bi, but not all the way I don't think I could persuade El to be gay" laughed Louis

"you know what I mean like girls like to go shopping or to the spa don't they?" I questioned them, they nodded when I got a plan.  I need to know what Sam's been doing when I've been away I mean she's confesed to sleeping with guys has'nt she?.  I will take Sam shopping with Lou and I'll ask the boys to look around her room and phone and laptop to see if they can find anything, I know its not right but its so I can protect her, yeah Im protecting her...

 I ran into the living room

"Sam go get changed me and Lou are taking you shopping" I told her

"yay, I love shopping!"

"leave your phone you wont need it" I persuaded her, shes a dumb blonde so you know, its easy for me to trick her. I sat all the guys down and told them the plan

"Ok and whatever you find put in my room, anything that she shouldn't have or is you know... bad or like erm like eh too grown up" I added hopping they would understand, they all nodded and went their seperate ways

"ok Harry Im  readyyyyyyy!" Sam sing songed making her way down the stairs, I still dont like the way she's dresses.  We got into the car and blasted One Direction of course,

"Louis turn it up I love this song!" I shouted to Louis, we drove to the shopping center and parked as close to the door as possible Sam had ran in infront of us but we caught up with her and stood

"so what shop do you want to go to first?" I asked Sam looking around I turned to look at her but realised she was already running to forever 21 with Louis, Louis loves shopping, especially for girls clothes I ran and eventually caught up with them, Sam is a fast runner, too fast.

Sam was strutting over to the "shorts" section of course, this is why I go shopping with her when I'm home, so she doesnt buy see through or too short stuff.  she picked up a pair of dark purple shorts with gold studs all over which looked too short, she looked over at me and I shook my head disaprovingly, she frowned. this is not going to be an easy day, I wonder how the guys are getting on.

"Louis how about these?"  I looked up and saw Sam with 4 pairs of short shorts

"Guuuurl these are faboo!" of course Louise goes all sass and rich white girl, he looked over at me and nodded I just raised my eyebrows and walked over to the guys section and picked up some tee's,  after paying I walked back to Louis and Sam to see them with 3 BIG baskets full of clothes and their arms were full aswell.

"To the changing room?" Sam sang, she loves to sing, she's really good aswell, we were going to audition for the x-factor together but she was too scared so I had to audition alone, we walked over to the changing rooms and went to a cut off bit with one shanging bit and three chairs so she put the baskets on the chair and me and Louis sat as she walked in and out wearing different items, inside I couldn't stop saying, ' too short, too slutty, too see through' but I had to be nice, she's grew up but If I see anything too innapropriet I will say no,  she came out the 'last one' and she was wearing the short purple studded shorts and a see through top litterally it was just black netting

"a big fucking fat no Samantha Styles THAT is too see through!" I said mabey a bit harsh I was looking at the top, I know I'm her brother but have her breasts got bigger? like they don't look the same I walked up to her and put my hands on them, she just stood there with a confused face,

"dude, thats your sister" Said Louis kind og taken back

"yeah I know"

"well Im going to get changed" and with that Sam backed into the changing room and started to get changed,

"Sam, have you had any surgery whilst I've been away?" I asked curious

"well.. you see, em um erm i suppose you could kinda say em yes"

"How, just how. and why where did you get the money?"

"well I saved all my money, got three jobs and all my birthday and christmas money and then I went to the place got it done mum grounded me for like the rest of the year but you can't un-do a boob job" she said cheerfully, how I couldn't realise before I dont know...

*back at the house*

Liam's POV

this is a disgrace we've only been looking for 7 miniutes and we've already found two packs of condoms, a vodka bottle, 18 extra slutty thongs~( Im sure Niall enjoyed that, I think he has a thing for Sam) and we've found a porn mag with pictures of her in it, and a mysterious dvd, I'm scared its another porno to be honest, but Im just going to pretend that its a 'my little pony' dvd and shes just embarresed and doesn't want anyone to know that she watches it so its blank yep thats what it is I'm smart

"found something else!" said Niall pulling a box from under her bed and putting it on the bed, he opened it up and started going through it and its a big box, it contained another bottle of vodka, a bottle of wine two cans of beer and painkillers well... wait what age is she? shes 17 UNDERAGE DRINKING shocking, I went back to looking through her laptop and started looking through her pictures of Harry amd her while I was looking at pictures Niall was looking through her wardrobe and Zayn was searching the En suite toilet and suddenly there was a scream from the toilet me and Niall walked over to see what it was

"mate whats wrong?" asked Niall, Zayn held up a big(enphasis on big) box of tampons and slowly put them back, we all awkwardly stood there

"well, lets keep on looking Zayn want me to take the bathroom you can search her phone and laptop?" I offfered he nodded and sat on the chair in the corner with the laptop, I feel like a spy this is quite fun , except from the fact that were finding out Sam has sex drinks and wear slutty underwear.  I opend up a bottom drawer

"oh god" I said out loud I saw multipal packs of condoms all different types, coloued, ribed, extra ribbed, flavored, wait.. what?! flavoured thats just weird theres even patterned ones, ok i think thats enough looking

 I walkedback through to the room, "Ok want to take this stuff into Harry's room?" I asked them, they agreed amd we made multipul journeys with the stuff we filled Harry's bed with stuff we found and that was alot to be honest, I don't know what Harry is going to even say to Sam



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