Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


6. Trouble

Harry's POV


I got a text from Liam saying that they had found everything they could and that we could come back, god I wonder how much stuff they have found?, well only time can tell I suppose. 

"Ok guys want to go back home now we leave for Amsterdam tomorow and you little miss Sam need to pack!" I told/asked them

"Awww Harry can't we get a milkshake, you know that you cant come here and leave without a milkshake! Louis they are amazing the best things you will EVER have!"

"yeah HAz these sound quite nice"

"aww ok I haven't had one in ages anyway!" 

"yehaaaaaa" Sam cheered and then started to Run to the milkshake bar, Sam got her usual, skittle and oreos, she's a freak when it comes to food she will try anything, unless its vegetables we don't like vegetables that much, I got a bounty and flake and Louis got a double twix with cream.  We got into the car and drove home singing to Katy Perry, the thing is that was Louis' CD...


We got home and I told Sam to go pack, when I heard Sam go into her room I waved at Liam and he fake-swaggered up to me, sometimes he is so random

"Hey Liam, mate could you come up with me and tell me where you found the stuff?" 

"yeah sure man" 

We got up to the room and I saw all the things I have never wanted to see, well I've never wanted to find in my sisters room, my LITTLE sister.  Infront of me I saw like 10 different packs of condoms 4/5 bottles of alchohaul, slutty underwear and and a dvd with nothing on it and a porn mag,

"whats with the porn mag?" I questioned Liam picking it up

"well, em if you um.. look on the first three pages you'll erm well you'll see" Stuttered Liam oh god is she in it?, I opend the magazine un-certainly and saw Sam naked over three pages oh my god how could she, I started to clench my fist and started to sweat a little I threw the magazine down onto the floor and stomped it and punched the wall, yeah that made a hole in the wall oops but never mind I can't beleive she would fucking do that, she needs to learn to have some self respect, 

"mate, calm down I know this must be hard on you but stay calm you can't let Sam know he said  we've found this stuff ok so we'll get her out her room put it back and we'll just pretend it never even happened, ok?" he said hitting my back reasuringly.  I nodded and we walked out and got downstairs to watch a movie we were halfway through ' white chicks ' when I heard a loud bang from the stairs and lots of smaller bangs after it, if that makes sense. we all walked to the stairs to see what it was and we saw Sam and her 4 suitcases on the floor, Zayn went to help her up but before he could reach out his hand she jumped up and dusted herself off, thats one of the many things I love about her she wont let anything get her down or hurt her, seriously I can't remembered the last time she cried, well when I left to go on tour, but that doesn't count does it? 

"well Im packed I just need to get my carry ons together but I'll do that in the morning"

"four suitcases, really Sam"

"Yes Liam I need four suitcases because I am a girl and one of my suitcases is full of make-up, hair products, beauty products, body products and em well downstairs products if you get me" she explained and with that we all rushed away due to her talking about her 'downstairs area' so we carried on watching ' white chicks '.  thats when I realised I should probably put the stuff back so I got Liam and we put it back exactly where he found it, once again good thing she's blonde and didn't notice aha.  we quickly put them back and we ran back downstairs

"well where did yous two go?" questioned Samantha, me and Liam started to panick its hard when your put on the spot

" I was helping Harry with something on his laptop "

" I asked Liam to help me fix my drawers" we both said at the EXACT same time just like in the t.v 

"um he was helping me with the drawer my laptop was in we mean haha" I awkwardly laughed hoping she would beleive me

"oh ok" she can be so blonde.  Afew minutes passed when Niall and Sam stood up at the exact same time,and said at the exact same time "HARRY IM HUNGRYYY!" they both looked at eachother in silence then sprinted to the kitchen door because they both eat alot so whoever was second in wouldn't get the best food, the jokes on them mum hasn't been food shopping, wait. Sam can drive and  Niall has money 

"one, two, three" I counted aloud and  on the three they ran straight out the kitchen and to the front door. we heard the car doors open, the engine roar and them drive away.  There's a Tesco two minutes away they'll be half an hour the most.

* 1 Hour and a half Later * ( yeah read thatin the spongebob voice thing when the voice/ man over person goes one hour later, know what I mean)

They still aren't back we've tried phoning them... nothing.

* 2  hours later *

we were watching insideous and Liam,Louis, Zayn and I were all huddled up on the couch in fear ,

" WE HAVE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" screamed Niall and Sam screamed slamming the door, we all screamed in pure terror because we got a fright, I picked up the movie and we all stood up and turned around to see Niall and sam with 7 bags of food and 3 extra large dominoes pizza, oh god but they both had the biggest smiles onn their faces, aww.  They emptied all the bags and layed out the pizzas on the table and we all sat down on the couch but Sam walked infront of the t.v

"Fuck no bitches sit yo asses down and shut the fuck up, we're about to watch some serious shit!"

"but were sit--"

"shut yo mouth Tomlinson"

"well what are we watching"

"I'll tell you what were watching Liam, we are watching the second best movie EVERRR!, we are watching FINDING NEMO BITCHES!"

"Sam I think you swear too much"

" and I think you spend to much time infront of the mirror Malik!" well then thats him told we all laughed and Sam looked for somewhere to sit but she couldn't find anywhere so as the Sam she is she just lay across us all her feet on my lap her knees on Lou her waist on Zayn her sides on Liam and her head on Niall......wait what?, no I don't want his face that close to hers so I decided I would keeep watching them during the movie, every now and then I would watch the film Sam stood up and got some strawberry laces but when she went to lye back down on us Niall pulled her onto his lap fuck no his dick is there!, I went to stand up but Louis pushed me back down and stuffed some marshmallows inn my mouth.  I got distracted watching the movie and I looked over and saw Niall and Sam had a straberrylace in their mouths and they were gettting closer and BAM they started kissing full frontal snogging or making out, whatever you want to call it!, ahh how, no she can't fall for one of the boys Im not scared that he will hurt her but its just weird their like my brothers and she's my sister so its weird and all of a sudden my fists started to clench and I started to heat up god sake how long can they kiss?  finally after like 3 minutes they pulled apart and Sam just smirked then winked at him and then stood up 

"night guys I'm going to bed",

we then just ran up to her and tackled her to the floor and started to hug her and then Niall pecked her on the lips, she walked up stairs and while she was walking away she shoted to us,


"LOVE YOU TOO SAM!" we all shouted back five minutes later Niall went to the toilet, I followed him and decided we needed to talk. since Sam wasn't close with our dad at all I acted like her dad so I need to talk to Niall about Sam

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