Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


7. the "talk"

Sam's POV


I quite like these guys, they aren't that bad.  I thought they would be all stuck up but their just like normal well I knew Harry was, obviously.  I decided got into bed and looked around the room, I wont be here for ages, what about mum?,  I'll miss her so much tomorrow I'm going on tour for the rest of the year. holy shit.  well, one tour five boys and one girl well it might be four girl sometimes.  I  went to the toilet and saw Harry and Niall talking, fuck. I quietly turned away and tried to walk but Harry called me back...

"so whats going on with you two?" asked Harry sternly

"mate we just kissed..."

"yeah we just kissed" I carried on, thats all it was a kiss, it was just a kiss right?, no feeling , sam doesn't do bottom or love...

 Niall's POV

that was an amazing kiss, she's good, reaaaal good but there was no feelings behind it was there?, nah nope no feelings... mabey a weee bit, or a chrush, yeah I'm falling for Sam.  We all then shortly went to bed there was a guest room and me and the other boys slept in it sam was in her room Harry was in his and Harry's gran was sick so his mum was looking after her but she said shell be back in the morning.  We all got into the bed, yes four of us slept in one double bed.  its saefer that way but it gets really hot so we all end up sleeping in our boxers.  we all said our good nights and shut off the lights and we went to sleep but 3 minutes later I got woken up because someone had threw a pillow at me,

"what the fuck was that for?"

"you need to stop farting in your sleep, queen Lou needs her beauty sleep"  I don't know where he gets queen from but, hey ho.  Finally we all got to sleep

*2 Hours later*

"NO!< GET AWAY! STOP IT! HELP ME SOMEONE AHHHH!" I jumped up recognizing that voice/ scream from anywhere It's Sam I jumpped off the bed and woke up the boys

"guys sams screaming I think she needs help!" I woke them upeven more with those word their eyes widend and they reacted immediatly

"I'll go get Harry" said Liam running out the door we all ran through to her room and I went over to her bed and held her in my arms

"Sam wake up whats wrong?" I whispered shaking her , I looked up and saw Harry he glared and me and took Sam from my arms I don't think he likes me and Sam getting close, I really like her but I don't know how she feels about me, this is so har I've waited so long, I think she could be my princess honestly I got distracted from my thoughts hearing snifles and quiet sobs I looked up andSam was crying, this is killing me she's in pain and I can't help her

"right guys its ok I've got her you can go back to bed" Harry said still holding her everyone walked out and I was behind them all, even though I know Harry hates the idea of us I went up to her and kissed her fore headand whispered in her ear

"night beautiful" Harry just stared at me with pure hatred, well I don't care I love this girl.  I would do anything for her I got back to bed and fell asleep thinking of her.

Sam's POV

I woke up and looked at the clock 4:00 am, I realised I was in Harry's room I must'ave had another one of my re-ocurring nightmares its horrible

"SHIT!, Harry wake up its four O'clock want to do our special wake up call?" I asked wiggiling my eyebrows

" I thought you'd never ask" he smirked pulling out the big box, we got up and I pulled out my big nerf gun that shoots 5 at a time and my water gun its so powerful it soaks you with one hit.  Harry got out his nerf gun that  shoots nerf balls and they are sore the amount of times balls have hit me aha they are the worst, he then got his water gun that shots like billions pits of water at a time its funny we do it to our cousins all the time. we put on the sungllasses and we walked into the room and turned on the lights

"MOVE YO ASSES BITCHES ITS TIME TO GET UP!" I screamed, no reply they just groaned and rolled over

"FINE THEN YOUR GONNA REGRET ITTTTTT!" sang Harry I put my hand up so he could hold fire and I got to the edge where Niall was and whispered as slutty as I could

"Niall I'm naked..." his eyes shot open then Harry coughed he looked and realised I wasn't naked and went back to sleep, I stood back beside Harry we looked eachother in the eyes and nodded

"three, two, one" we whispered then we jumped on the bed and started firing

"ITS TIME TO WAKE UPPP TIME TO WAKE UP ITS 4 IN THE MORNING WE CAN GET A MACDONALDS BREAKFAST!" we kept on singing, and started soaking them all, we pulled the covers off and hit them with nerf bullets Louis jumped on Harry and well they were having their moments in the corner I ran out of water and nerf bullets Liam Niall and Zayn looked at me with pure evil in their eyes... and nerf bullets all over their body and their boxers soaking.  I was only in Harry's ramones tee. they all just ran at me

"NOOOOO! LEAVE ME ALONE" I was running around the house and they all followed after me, except from Harry and Louis they're probably getting dressed. I was running and ran face first into the kitchen door,

"OWWW!" when I stopped to rub my head they had cornerd me, I just crawled under their legs and ran to the front door and they were hot on my tail I ran right out the front door and saw Paul, he had been over to the house many times before with Harry me and him got along really well he is like a dad to me I ran out

"PAUL! HELP ME!" I yelled and jumped into his arms, he caught me and stopped the guys

"whoa, Sam whats wrong and put your shirt down" he said putting me down

"they scared me and started to chase me" I said pretending to start to cry he hugged and patted my head

"I'll deal with them, you just go get changed we leave in ten minutes" I nodded and ran upstairs, I was going to be on a plane so I decided on my cookie monster onsie that had feet and a hood Harry gave me it one year for my christmas its tight round the boobies since I had my surgery but it was so warm and comfy I put my hair up in a ponytail and my blonde hair fell past my bra buckle since it was up.  I put on some conceler under my eyes and some powder, there will be camra's there so I don't want to look hideous.

I walked down to the front door and all the guys were there,

"where's mum I can't leave without saying goodbye to her?!" I explained,

"I'm here honey!, don't worry!"

"mum!" me and Harry both ran to her and embraced her in a big hug

"I'll see you soon, and don't forget your only a little girl Sam no drinking or... adult, fun" she said indicating sex I rolled my eyes

"no promises!" I kissed her cheek bye mum we ran out to the car

"SHOTGUN!"  I yelled but Liam was alreadt there I got in the back and saw Harry and mum talking and it looked quite serious, probably about not letting me have sex or drink etc. Niall sat beside me and Liam and paul in the front Luis and Zayn behind us and Harry was going to sit beside Niall but he saw me beside him and he just gave Niall that 'move or I'll fucking blow your brains if you even think about touching my little sister' look that big brothers give si Niall rolled his eyes and whispered in my ear

"I need to talk to you on the plane" he winked then kissed me on the lips, he went to pull away but I placed my hands on each side of his face and pulled him closer to me we kissed and now I know I'm in love, the kiss was so heavy and rough, yet sweet and passionet we kissed for 5 minutes before Harry pulled him off me and sat inbetween us, Zayn and Louis whistled but Harry as the annoying protective big brother he is and shot them a death glare ... this is going to be an eventful, passionet, long tour.


well well well, how do you feel about Sani (sam and niall) and how about over protective Harry I think its hot and he's like the Harry in Dark, but Sams his sister and one direction are in it..... anyway you know what I mean I havent had a proper sleep for two nights and I'm going to put another chapter up tonight or I will start it tonight,any way favorie and comment what you think little OREOS!


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