Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?



Zayn's POV

Ok I ate Sam's Oreos and I'm scared.  I thought they were Liam's, I think she might actually hurt me.  Mabey if I just stay quiet she wont notice. I turned my head to focus on the movie but then I heard soft sniffles, who's crying? I looked over and saw Sam's head burried into Harry, they have the cutest brother/sister bond its heart warming.  I feel so bad now why didn't I ask oh my god I need to tell her yeah ok I'll just tell her if she tries to stab me Harry will hold her back, wont he?. yeah probably...  I stood up and walked over to the bed I sat down

"Sam?..." she sat up and wiped her eyes


"you know how your oreos?"

"yes! do you know where they are?" I nodded

"where?, ZAYN WHERE ARE MY OREOS!" She shouted at me and I just pointed to my stomach with my sad face hoping she wasn't going to kill me. she took 3 deep breaths and stood up. crap, shes gonna attack me. she walked past me silently and walked staright up to Niall

"Niall, can I have your shirt?" she asked plainly

"um yeah sure darlin' " he took off his shirt and he handed it to her she put it on quickly and walked out into the hallway, at least she's no longer topless

"dude what the fuck, never mess with Sam's oreos they are like her babies litterally" Harry said in complete suprise

"and she didn't even attack you" he added

"yeah but where is she going?" Louis asked. and as if magic the door opend and in walked Sam and paul, paul looking for me and Sam standing slighty behind paul with an evil smirk and the biggest bag of oreos I have ever personally seen, Pauls eyes landed on me

"Zayn, why steal Sammies Oreos?"  I got a big lump of throat like I always do when I'm guilty and my mouth goes dry

" I- I didn't know they were Sam's"

"right, well say sorry"

"sorry Sam" and with that Paul left and Sam lay back beside Harry and we continued the movie

Sam's POV

So Zayn took my oreos I can't beleive him, I'm going to get him back.  Ok I'm going to need shaving cream, a razor, all my make up and my phone and hope that Zayns a heavy sleeper.  during the movie I will pretend to fall asleep so in the morning he'll be like oh well it couldn't have been Sam she fell asleep.  So I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep in Nialls tee after 30 minutes of fake sleeping everyone left and Liam tucked me in awe he's like a brother to me I got to hot and took off my sweats, I knew Liam was asleep because he hadn't moved in ages, but he was breathing so it's cool.  I went and got the stuff I needed and walked through the joined door to see a sleeping Zayn and Niall, I think I'll wake up Niall for some help with Zayn.  I walked over to him and kissed him on the lips, he looked up and started to smile when he saw me

"Sammie what are you doing in here?" he whisped

"payback!" I whisperd/yelled holding up the stuff and pointing to Zayn.he nodded and climbed out of bed I gave him the shaving cream and I done his make-up rather proffesionaly i say but then to top it all off I wrote on his fore-head in eyeliner

" I suck dick " drew fake glasses a musache and a beard and cat whisker and Niall shaved his WHOLE body except from his head and eyebrows.  we took a picture then I went to leave but Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me into him we both smiled and we leaned in as he brushed his soft pink lips against mine I turned around and took Nialls top off and I crawled into his bed and fell asleep, I felt Niall slip and beside me I intertwined our legs, and we fell asleep with ,my head on his chest I could sound his heart beat and when he inhaled my head would rise with his chest and as he ex-haled my head would fall back.

*the next morning*

Niall's POV

I woke up to a thump and Zayn and Harry shouting... they were shouting at Sam? I opend  my eyes and found Sam standing with Harry and Zayn shouting different things at her and there were tears falling down her face like niagra falls I stood up and walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her she wrapped her legs around my waist and I held onto her strongly letting her know I'm here

"Calm the fuck down guys, why are you shouting at Sam?" I shouted at them

" what the fuck did you and Sam do last night Niall why is she in  her fucking underwear?" Harry screamed in my face

" we didn't do anything Sam came in here to say night to us and she fell asleep and well she takes her clothes off to sleep I guess" I said calmly

"She fucking drew on my face and shaved my whole body!" @I need to take the blame for this one

"mate, that was me she don your make-up, and anyway it was just payback for eating her oreos give her a break" they both nodded and Harry went back to his room and Zayn went to the bathroom I placed Sam on her feet and I leaned down, I wiped her tears away and kissed her passionatly I tucked her hair behind her ear and saw a tattoo of an Irish clover

"I like the tatto" I said pulling away she smiled 

"thanks, I got it in Ireland when I got the surgery"

"wait, so you went to Ireland for a boob job and a tatto, and you didn't come see me?" I laughed at how mis-chevious she was.

Sam's POV

"well yes. but I didn't know you, I had no idea I would feel like this to a sexy Irish boy from Mullingar." wait did I just confess I love Niall?. well,wey hey Yolo and shit. 

"and how do you fell?" ok well I'm gonna run but leave him hanging you know lead him on, make him chase me.

"well I fell like I---" and I ran through to my room only in my underwear I leant against the door and heard him whisper

"I love you Samantha styles"  hehehe he loves me, thank god. I opened the door

" I love you too Niall Horan " he spined around and smiled the widest grin I had ever seen an Irish boy smile he picked me up and swirled me around how much I love this boy is unbeleivable... and the sex is wicked aha kissed me and just then Harry walked in and I could sense the angry coming off him 

"Niall put her down."

"no Harry"

"Niall put her down"

"Harry I love her"  his head just dropped and sighed 

"Sam?" he asked

"I love Niall, Harry"

"ok, I knew this was going. well mate hurt her and I will kill you" he turned to leave but then turned back around

"twice, I'll kill you twice!." me and Niall just smilled at eachother he tachnically has Harry's blessing.  

"well I'm away to get changed"

"wear something nice" said Niall as he winked at me

"Niall you've seen my closet its all slutty stuff!"

"well thats the stuff I like babe" I smirked at him.

"I'm still in my underwear?, thought I had something on haha well byee".  I walked through to mine and Liams room and saw him lying on his bed in his boxers I thing he was watching t.v but there was clothes on him hmm thats weird. but who am I to judge.  I just walked straight through into my 'changing room I decided on a  pair of short denim shorts and a white crop top coming just under my boobs with a black mustache necklace and black vans.  I curled my hair and put on a loose black beanie.  I walked through to the room and saw LIAM AND A GIRL WHO I'M GUESSING IS DANNIEL AND THEY ARE BOTH NAKED AND MOVING AND WHISOERING AND THERE IS SEX HAPPENING AHHHHH NO IT CAME TRUE!

"OH GOD MY EYES!, MY EYES!. OH GOD HELP ITS COMING TRUE!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, and thats really loud because I'm loud. Liam and Danniel just looked over and saw me and well it was awkward I just stood there shaking my head in fear. I then ran into Nialls room and collapsed onto Nialls bed shaking 

"oh my god!" I whispered Zayn walked over to me

"whats wrong Sam your like shaking?"

"L-l-l-l- a-an-a-and da-a-n-e b-e- na-e-d "

"what?" I stood up and walked to the door and I pointed to it

"what in here?" 

"yeah" he opend the door and looked in and I suppose he saw them because he looked over and looked for 2 seconds thenn retreated and closed the door

"oh god!"

"I know, what I said in the elevator came true!"

"sit down, I think we need a cup of tea..."

"yeah"he walked over to the mini kettle and started to make us some tea

"so where's Niall?" ( i know its ironic how Sam is talking to Zayn about where Niall is because usually Zayns the one missing)

"em Harry wanted to talk to him so their in his room. so whats the deal with you and Niall?"

"well I don't know if we go out or what but we both love eachother, but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. I'm a sucker for the whole romantic stuff. like if someone I really like, like Niall and he took me so it was just the two of us and he gave me like flowers or chocolate, shit that girls like and he was to hold both my hands and look me in the eyes and ask me to be his girlfriend that would be perfect to be honest because its more special to say will you be my girlfriend than saying will you go out with me?"

"yeah, want sugar?" 

"yeah two please" he plopped two sugar cubes in and stirred them around

"here you go"

"thanks Zayn, so when do you think they'll be done?" 

"Liam and Danielle god knows, it depends really.  if their doing it just because they're bored a while but If they reeeealy need to have sex then two hours at the most so you can hang here."

"ok thanks, I'm going to go see Harry first though"

"I wouldn't if I were you he looked pretty pissed off at Niall when he came through"

"ok want to just watch a movie then?" 

"yeah sure".


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