Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


1. I'm back

Samantha's POV

I woke up to my alarm clock buzzing away I rolled over onto my stomach and groaned. wait its Saturday, thank god I think I'll go out tonight get some drink go to a club go home with a random guy, the usual saturday night routine, I rolled backk over and grabbed my phone,

-text to Shannon and Tegan-

 me- Hey coming out tongiht need to party

S-yeah sure can't wait

T- yep we'll all meet at Sam's?


I can't wait, I walked downstairs into the kitchen and found a note on the counter,

honey theres £10 on the counter buy yourself lunch but don't go out tonight I have a suprise

ha nope I'm going out tonight and no one can stop me. I decided to go upstairs and get ready since it was 13:30 I thought I should get ready and get some lunch so I ran upstairs got a shower and got changed into this .


I got into my black range rover same as Harry's and drove to McDonalds I got myself a chicken mcsandwich meal and a diet coke I got home and sat down and put on the music channel and started eating, I love food too much like really too much.  I was singing along to Bruno Mars and walked into the kitchen to bin my McDonalds and get some tea when I heard a sammiliar voice I ran into the living room and on the t.v there was One Direction singing one way or another I run into the living room and start jumping about on the couch singing along I sang until the very end when I collapsed onto the couch my top fell down low but hey ho Im in my self I might as well walk around in my underwear, I stood up to go pee and when I turned around I saw my curly haired brother it was Harry!

"OH MY GOD HARRY YOUR BACK!" I shouted in pure excitment forgetting my top was past my boobs,

"HEEEEEEEY SAMMY!" shouted Harry wrapping me into a bear hug, I immediatly hugged back and looked over his shoulder and seen Louis Niall Liam and Zayn I got out of Harry's grip and ran upto them and they all wrapped me into a group hug I saw them all look away oh yeah my top aha I pulled it up and we all went into the living room and watched the t.v

" Samantha, can I talk to you please?" whispered Harry

"um yeah sure" I always get nervous when he uses my full name I guess its because of how much Ive changed I wear slutty clothes now and he can probably notices the five new peircings in my ear and ,my very noticable boob job yes I saved up for two years got three jobs and ran away from School one day to get it done we walked up to Harry's room and he sat e down on his bed


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