Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


11. I don't trust them...



Harry's POV

I pulled Niall into mine and Louis room and sat him down on the armchair Louis had agreed to talk to Niall with me, since he was like another brother to Sam

"Niall, I gave you all one rule and that was to NOT do anything with Sam including Dating,Kissing, flirting  or anything like that, BUT CLEARLY YOU DIDNT LISTEN!" I felt my blood heat up and my heart pace picking up, I couldn't help it I know Niall is a good guy but ever since him and Sam have been hanging out he's changed he's more rebelious and cheeky and sarcastic etc. I really dont like it and if he changes too much gils might want him more and he could break Sam's heart and if he does I will break his face. Niall just stood up and went to walk by us to leave but I pushed him back down onto the chair

"Harry, I dont know wy you're making such a big deal I mean they're in love aren't they?" Louis whispered in my ear

"Niall, do you really love Samantha?"

"yes Harry I really do, I've never felt this way about anyone else, ever." Niall said truthfully I could see it in his eyes

" Ok Niall but I swear if you hurt her in any way I will," I paused for afew seconds thinking about what I would do,

"I will eh... Louis?"

"we will hurt you, and bite you, and paint your face!"

"you'll paint my face?" he questioned in his deep Irish voice

"yes! we will paint your face!" I said jumping up and clicking my fingers at the idea. Niall just looked at me,

"yeah well I'm away to get ready, remember we have rehearsals in.." I checked my phone

"in twentyfive minutes" I walked through to my room and found Zayn and Sam watching angus,thongs and perfect snogging, Zayn was actually paying attention to the movie and Sam was on the floor mouthing the words while stuffing her face with popcorn they didn't even notice me so I walked through to Liam to tell him we have rehearsals, I opend the connecting doors and I seeen something I will never un-see I saw Danielle and Liam having sex oh god I cant move I don't want to look suddenly I just felt someone push me into the next room and slam the door closed behind us I was sitting on the floor with my arms wrapped around me, my knees up at my chin and my back against the door I looked up and saw Sam standing looking down at me she then sazt beside me in the same position we both laughed at ourselfs

"oh Liam!" we heard Dani whine oh my god, I looked at Sam with a scared look on my face, she was already looking at me with the same expression, we're so alike she suddenly coughed which gave me a fright and took my hand and stood up, me standing with her.

"I have an idea" she whispered smiling like mad

"what you thinking?" I asked curious, she took my phone out my pocket and threw our phones onto the bed and she ran out the hotel with my hand in hers we ran in silence, the only sound we could hear was the bikes and car horns we ran over afew bridges and we ran to a park , there was no one else around just us two it was completely silent with the soothing sound of birds tweeting calmly in the towering trees acting like solid gates blocking out the rest of the world so it was just me and Sammie, the one I love.  Even though we haven't knowen eaachother for long, I dont know I suppose we just sort of clicked


Sam's POV


I remember driving past this park driving to the hotel it looked so secluded I wanted to come here I lead Niall to a near by bench he sat down and I put my head on his legs and swung my legs round onto the bench and I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes

"Samantha Styles,will you be my girlfriend?" He asked his eyes full of hope I was lost for words, for the first time in a year I am speechless

"Niall, no ones ever asked me to be their girl friend before, I've always been the quiet one or the slut"

"well Sammie to me your beautiful, inteligent, sexy and amazing I love you, so what do you say?"

"of course Niall I would love to be your girlfriend" I replied sitting up and sitting on Nialls knees we got lost in a passionate kiss, lost in our own world nothing in my head just that I love this boy he's someone I can be myself with, someone who can be crazy with me someone who accepts me.  we pulled away

"babe, I'm hungry" I said looking around

"me too, want to go get ice-cream?" I nodded and we took eachothers hand and walked to find ice-cream while walking we just started to talk about our childhood when I heard a high pitch noise, I ignored it whilst Niall told me about going to the X Factor then it multiplyed

"Niall whats that noise?" we booth looked behind us and saw easy 200 fans running towards us

"SHIT!" we both screamed and ran we kept on running and running my feet getting sore, we had made our wey hey(see what i did there?) down a dodgy looking street

"fuck, Niall I dont think this is the nicest area in Amsterdam" I whispered making sure only Niall had heard me.  He looked down into my eyes

"its ok, I'll protect you" he held my hand tighter reassuring me, I suppose he doesn't know I'm not scared and that I have been taking kick boxing since I was 7 and self defence since I was 12 if anything happens I suppose you could say I've got it coverd.  we walked in silence until we neared the end of the long street when a dark figure walked out infront of us, he took my arm and my re-flexes automatically responded, I took his arm and twisted it behind his back and pushed his up against the wall and kicked behind his knees he fell to his knees still against the wall.  He took a deep breath and tackled me to the ground, I kicked him off me and he slammed against the wall I then started to kick him he fell to the floor and I took Nialls hand and we ran out the street and into the main street

"want to go into starbucks?"

"oh hell no, I'm not some white girl who loves startbucks and uggs"( i just had to I hate the fan fics and theyre like I walked into starbucks and someone stepped on meh brand new uggs)

"you've read the fan fictions eh?"

"yeah, oh the joys of reading stories by fans about them having sex with my brother, ah how wonderful" he snickered at me

"well what we done on the plane could be a fan fiction" he smirked and winked at me, I returned the smirk and pulled him into the nearest shop and pulled him into the bathroom stalls and he lifted me up and placed me against the wall and gave me a love bite on my neck, his fingers  lowerd to my short buttons and he pulled them off me  he then got right to it and off we went, we spent half an hour in the one mens bathroom stall, once wwe had finished he pulled away I leaned against him, both of us out of breath and he whispered in my ear

"I love you sam"

" I love you too Niall" we kissed moving in sync and embrassed each other

"Niall" I said realising about the rehearsal

"yeah?" he asked slipping on his shoes

"rehearsals?" I questioned him

"Oh shit, hurry up Sam put on your shoes we need to go!"

"well no shit" we both ran out and ran to rehearsals


Harry's POV


" I don't trust them" I said pacing up and down waiting for Niall and Sam to walk in.  Liam Louis and Zayn were sitting on the edge of the stage whilst I was still pacing on the ground floor the three of them watching me

"what do you think they could be doing?" Louis asked

"well its not like they're having sex" Zayn piped up jokingly

"well with what my mum was saying what she got upto when I was gone I wouldn't be surprised if they were but well I would because Niall wouldn't do that they don't even go out with eachother" I said, well mabey shouted  I started to get more angry I swear to god if he had sex with her I might just punch him. As if on cue the door slammed closed I looked up and saw Niall and Sam, their hair was all messy, was it sex hair...

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