Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


9. Hello Amsterdam!

Harry's POV

Sam is drunk, I've never seen her drunk before.  Its kind of funny except from the fact she's underaged I'm just glad her and Niall kept their distance and didn't talk

"OK guys listen up sit down and buckle up the plane will be landing in 9 minutes percisley" said Paul whlst clapping his hands to get our attention I sat inbetween Zayn and Louis and Niall Liam and Harry infront o us and then Paul, James and Barry, James was Sam's security guard so if she wanted to go shopping or somthing she's safe it was Pauls idea Paul's very protective over Sammie it's cute really we sang some songs and Sammie and Niall slept , they have slept the most how could they stilll be tired, I mean yeah Sam had drink, and lots of it , but why Niall?

"hey Niall" I nudged his shoulder trying to wake him up, he opend his eyes and looked at me


"how come your so tired we all fell asleeep as soon as we got on here?"

"ohh yeah well I was--" he had a vauge smile on his face still sleepy when Sam cut him off by having a random cough attack

"oh yeah I was up watching finding nemo then that movie 'she's the man' yeah its good then I got hungry so I eat"he finished

"oh ok mate, just I hope you don't mind me asking you to keeep your distance from Sam on this trip" his face turned from happy to dissapointed in seconds

"Haz see when we get to the Hotel can we talk?"

"yeah sure Niall" the plane finnaly landed and we were in Amsterdam.  Everyone started getting off the plane and there were no girls at the airport thank god with Sam being drunk she would end up going home with one of our girls, we call our fans our girls because we dont want to sound greedy but they are ours I suppose.  we got a caar from the airport straight to the hotel we had the 11th and 12th floor so no fans could get to us the 11th floor was for our support acts and our photographer and security and tthe 12th just for us 6.  "ok even though there are 7 rooms I want you to all partner up for rooms who wants to go together?" asked Paul, then leaving us to decide,Louis jumped over to me and Liam and Zayn walked to eachother, Sam and Niall just smiled at one another

"nope, sorry Sam you sharing with Liam and Niall your sharing with Zayn!" I demanded then went to the elevator we all piled in with our suitcases in the other one and while we were going up Sam started to speak, drunken

"No, what if Danielle comes and her and Liam forget I'm in the room sleeping in the next bed and then they start having sex and I just look over and I would just be ' yo dude, so not cool ' and then they're all like 'oh yeah ohhh baby' yenno that would be weird " everyone just started looking at her, thats something about Sam she can think of something and go on and on and on, try living with her for 17 years.  Liam was going red hahaha was she being accurate.

"nope Sam your staying with Liam"

"ok, but I'm using the seventh room for a dressing room bitches!" and as if on cue the elevator doors open and sam took a kay card got her multipul suitcases and ran to that door put her suit cases in and all the rooms were joined so they Sam and Liam went in there then beside then Zayn and Niall then me and Louis.

Sam's POV


I feel so hyper after I put my suit cases in the spare room I ran into mine and Liams room and jumped onto the bed,

"Liam do we get room serice?"

"yes Sam we get room service we are the worlds biggest boyband we get everything, except from drugs never do drugs!"

"ok daddy!, can you pass me the phone"

"yeah sure" cheered Liam passing me the phone

"hello, room service?, hi, yeah can you please bring up three bottles of ice tea please, but like make sure its not too cold em one sec. Liam do you want anything?"

"nah im ok"

"oh do you have any big bags of oreos, oh yeah a daddy pack please of yes room 145, yes im here with one direction ok thank-you bye".  I cant wait I love ice tea and oreos,

"so did your turtle eat your other turtles foot?"

"you are correct sammie, I just came home and buzz was missing a foot!"

"did woody eat it?" I asked sarcastically him and toy story

"how did you know" obviously he didn't sense the sarcasm

"wild guess" I said I was about to go pee when the door went yay my food I swaggered over to the door and got my ice-tea and oreos

"thank you" I smiled at the woman

"have a good day miss" aww shes nice walked through the joined door to my 'dressing room'  and took off my clothes I put on my grey sweats, my favorite things to wear but I don't wear a top just a bra and I'm not even trying to be a slut or anything I have never wore a top inside at night or just with friends.  I walked in with my sweats hung low and picked up my ice-tea.

"Liam I'm away to see Harry" he looked up at me and realised I wasn't wearing a top

"oh sorry, I didn't know"

"Liam we are sharing a room I never wear a top unless I'm outside or like people im not comfortable with are here so I'll comme through later  I walked through thejoined doors into Niall and Zayn's room where they were just lying on their beds,

"hiya" I waved at them, Zayn turned away when he saw me but Niall just winked at me, forgetting I had Ice-tea with no lid on and it all spilt all over the carpet,

"whooops I'm sory." Niall walked over to me and put his arms aroundme and lifed me up, I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed a short but sweet kiss he then put me down.

"wait a minute" I walked back into my room grabbed another bottle of ice tea that was lying on my bed, I went back through to Nialls room, but befor I got halfway through the door I had to go bak to Liam

"Liam, don't touch my oreos!, I'm watching you" he nodded and got back to his t.v I walked through Nialls room and through to Harry and Louis' room they weren't there so I lay down on the one that I guessed was Harry's bed, since it had the toy cat I gave hime last year for christmas, I called it Molly, but he called it Dusty.  Where are they? mabey they're getting food I was right litterally two minutes after thinking that in walk Harry and Louis with amsterdamian dominoes pizza,

"yay pizza" I said taking a sip of ice-tea

"Sam, wheres your top" asked Lou, Harry turned around fast as lightening when he heard Louis sat that funny I started not wearing tops when I got my boob job ha.

"Oh I dont really wear tops anymore unless I'm staying at a friend or out side or people Im not used to are near"

"Samantha Styles, get your top on!, since when did you walk around without a top on and only a bra, and when your surronded by boys?!"

"since I got a boob job"

"a what?!"

"Harry we went over this in the changing rooms in forever 21 remember?"

"I thought you were being sarcastic!"

"nope I payed for these babies myself!" I said pushing them up and down

"does mum know?"

"yes mum knows you idiot how could she not I left the house with a double b and came back a D thats quite a change!"

"I'm phoning her" I lay back down as Louis sat down on his bed  and pulled out a bar of chocolate

"hey mum,yeah everythings fine, yeah so when did Sam get her boob job?, oh ok I didnt know if she was kidding or not, yes she is walkingaround with no top on, how do you know, ohhhh ok bye mum love you"

"told you"

" ok if you two are done having your brother and sister thingy ma gig we're going into your room Sam to watch movies!"

"ok" I ran into Niall and Zayn

"were going into mines to watch movies" we all sat down and started to watch 'Grown Ups' as soon as it started I remembered,

"THE PIZZAS!" I ran all the way though to Harry's room and picked up all five large pizza's, they went up to my chins and they all started laughing at me when I ran through.

"why are you's laughing at me?"

I out the pizza's on the floor and took a slice of cheese pizza I lay down on my double bed beside Harry Liam and zayn were on the other double bed and Niall sat on a beanbag infront of the t.v after the pizza I wanted  my oreos I put my hand on my bedside table was because thats where I left the big daddy bag with like toooons in them. I started to breath more faster and heavy and walked around the room looking for them after I looked everywhere I stood on my bed

"where are my oreos?" I whined about to cry, when I don't get my oreo's I cry with tears threatening to fall from my eyes I lay down and cuddled into Harry and let some tears fall,

"Where are my oreos?" I asked rubbing my nose

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