Good girl gone bad

I'm Samantha Styles the little sister of Harry Styles I'm seventeen have long blonde hair to my waist I have dimples Bright green eyes and I'm tanned and 5'3' so I'm way smaller than Harry, I love him I really do but I've always grew up in his shadow so when he left on his take me home tour I changed I started to drink, dress slutty, go clubbing and sleep around. when Harry and the boys come to stay for two weeks before they leave for the rest of the year for their European and American tour will someone change her back or stay her slutty ways?


8. fun on a Plane

Harry's POV

Just what why would Niall kiss her, why would Sam pull him back,why would he let her, why did they kiss for five minutes?, I am so angry, but I cant show it or else Sam will hate me forever, I can't lose  her she's the best thing in this world to me.  I need to keep them apart on this whole tour, she'll break the rules, but I am not letting her think she's in love with Niall, then getting hate on twitter.  The hate can get tough some times.  I was lost in my thoughts and I hadn't even realised Sam and Niall had fallen asleep on  me.

"Liam, take a picture and we can stcik it on twitter!" he nodded in agreement and pulled out his phone and  I smiled at the camera and the light flashed, he turned around and started typing away.  there was an airport close so we got there in no time, then we drove round the back there were lots of fans, they were so loud they woke Niall and Sam up, and they both are heavy sleepers we got out the car and walked over to the fans that were barricaded up,they're so dedicated Sam just ran past, or well galloped, she is colourfull and crazy... we should get her tested or something.  It's also quite hard to not notice a galloping cookie monster, we all ran inside and got onto the private jet.  its so amazing there beds n it and theres like bits seperating it Sam's going to love it we all lay down on our beds and I just immediatly fell asleep.

Niall's POV

We got onto the plane and got in our sepret bed things they are so cool I was about to fall asleep when I felt someone under my covers.  I started to get scared did a fan sneak on but out popped Sam's head

"well hello sam"

"hi" she giggled

"shhh Harry will hear" I whispered putting my fingers over her mouth she took my hands and placed them on her boobs,  I raised my eyebrows she came closer and I could feel her body heat against me and she whispered in my ear

"everyones asleep, like cold out" she said and smirked at me, she then went under the covers and started to slide off my sweats. fuck, whats she going to do I clenched my hands and grabbed the duvet she then took off my boxers, I started to get an erection and I got all hot, she put the tip of my dick inside her mouth and she started to suck lightly and play around, she's good she then started to go further, her mouth was all over my dick, I placed my hand over the back of her head and guided her when I started to get really horny I started to move her head faster and faster

"fu-- fuck I- I'm gonna cum Sam" she kept on going, she knew how to please a guy I then cummed in her mouth she swallowed and popped her head back up we then started to kiss she climbed ontop of me and straddled me. she then unzipped her cookie monster onsie and took of her... yes, her elmo pants I dont care I'm about to have sex... on a plane thats fucking awesome, none of the other boys have done that, she was fully naked when she pulled off my top  so we were both naked she was right in the kitchen, shes always on top, she let me put my dick inside and thats when it started we were at it like dogs it sounds weird but it was the best time of my like, we were doing every position possible we finnaly finished off with anal, it was amazing she, is brilliant.  after my dick had been everywhere on her body and in her arse after we had finished we lay back on the bed ,

"that was amazing Sam" I whispered kissing her neck

"well, I've had alot of practise" she then smirked and winked at me and she put her pants back on then her bra and finally her cookie monster onsie, even in that she is still so sexy and beautifull she put her hair back in a loose ponytail and then put her little hood up

"you thirsty?"

"nah im ok, you should go back to your bed, no one can know what we done ok?"

"its a deal you sexy irish man!" she whispered


"night darlin'", and with that she left. best. sex.ever.

Sam's POV

That was fun, really fun, it wasn't just sex it was more, I think he had a good time, we done everything.  I stepped out onto the plane floor and saw Liam standing up the lane just staring at  me, I walked right up to him

"what do you know?" I questioned him

"I know that you and Niall had sex and by the sound of it he had fun and so did you, yous did it EVERYWHERE possible and that you had anal"

"wha--, how, how the hell do you know?"

"well I heard Niall say he was going to cum and you didnt reply so you had your mouth full and anal I can tell it by the way you stand your back isn't arched in the way its arched out the way."

"please don't say anything"

"I wont, you can trust me"

"thanks Liam"

"no bother now go to bed I'm away to sleep"

"night", he walked away and got into his bed, fuck that Im getting some drink, and becuase I'm going on tour with one direction and were on a private jet there was no airport security so I had a BIG bottle of vodka with me, I'm going to get drunk, alone. oh well.  I walked over and picked up my bag and pulled out the vodka, I'm going to drink it pure since there is no mixers, the security is asleep, well done so I started to down the vodka, It burnt my throat but as soon ad the pure alchohaul got into my blood I was drunk I started to fall around and started to dance, so as I was dancing I was downing more vodka and the more I kept dancing I got more and more thirsty and I kept drinking more and more vodka, and before I knew it, the bottle was empty and I was dancind around on a plane wearing a cookie monster onsie... I don't like dancing alone, I sat down on the plane asile and I started to think, ' who will dance with me?, I think I'm a bit drunk so Harry won't he's give me into trouble, Niall is probably tired from our wild morning, daddy payne nope Zayn needs his beauty sleep... LOUIS! LOUIS will dance with me  so I crawled over to Louis' bed and I had my vodka bottle in my hand. it still had a little bit in it so Louis could have this so it will get him dancing I got to his bed and opend the little curtain bit

"pssssst, psssst Louis!" I whispered in his ear, he turned over and started to rub his eyes


"please, come dance with me 'cause your awake and everything" I smiled at him

"are you drunk Sammie?"

"pffft no" I said raising my arm un-knowingly and reveling the bottle of vodka that only had two sips left, he grabbed the vodka, downed it and stood up

"lets dance!" I smiled at him we started to dance around obviously I was drunk beyond humanly possible louis was a bit drunk so we were dancing and falling all over the place I mean we're on a moving flying plane thats in the air eventually I just dropped and fell asleep on the floor beside Louis we slept for a good few hours before someone was carrying me to my bed but as soon as I was wrapped up in the comfy covers In was back asleep I dont know how longI've been sleeping for but everyone else is up and talking and laughing, yeah Im staying asleep ahah ya........

*some time later* I opend my eyes and my eyes started to water why is there so much light I rubbed my eyes and litterally rolled out of bed and landed on the ground with a thump, ouch. its sore someone picked me uo after I was standing i saw Harry holding my hands and looking at me

"oh shit" sometimes I think aloud it can be funny sometimes

"whats wrong?" he doesn't know I'm drunk.

"not----" I started but I didn't finish I was sick all over Harrys feet, I started to laugh uncontrolably

"aww no" I then got upset and started to pout

"whats wrong?"

"Hazzah I need to peee!"

"go to the toilet then sammie!"

"ok" my pout turned into a smile and I started to skip away to the toilet

"Sam?" I turned around to face Harry

"yesh?" my speech starting to slurr

"the toilets that way" he said pointing the other way

"ohh oh yeah" and I skipped away, afew minutes later I came out and I went and climbed into a bed I saw Zayn

"whoops sarry Zayn " I again started to laugh I love being drunk hehe, and I crawled out the bed and found Harry

"oh Harreh!, wheres my bed?" I asked scratching my head curiously, he looked in my eyes and said

"Sammie, are you drunk?" I grabbed his head and pur my mouth to his ear,

"shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell Harry but, *hiccup* Im drunk aha" he didnt say anything back, he took be to my bed amd I ut the mini t.v on

"CURIOUS GEORGE!" I absaloutly love curious geprge I have all the episoded on DVD and they arent from when I was little I got them 3 weeks ago  watched three episodes then fell asleep to the theme tune.


I'm quite proud of this chapter it didn't take me that long, two decent sized chapters in one day, any way I'm going to tell you about myself

my name is Amanda

I am a Niall Girl thats why two of my fan fic Niall horan based

I live in Scotland

and I love one direction and oreos thats why I call you all oreos because I love you all :)

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