this girl is at school and she is getting embarrass and bullied


4. ninth period

we got out of star and went to my last class which was art and it was free day because we did all are projects and plus it was the day before the last day of school


ms.puff: hi class we are not doing anything today as you see its almost the last day of school so yall can talk or color.

nikayla: ms.puff  can I color I have no frineds

ms.puff: if I ask the class they going to raise they hand

nikayla: asked them

ms.puff: class are you'll nikayla friends if you'll are raise you'll hand

nobody raised there hand

nikayla:told you

ms.puff:awwwe sweatie im sorry

nikayla ran away

ms.puff: NIKAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!! stay seated class


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