this girl is at school and she is getting embarrass and bullied


6. home

nikayla: mom can I ask you a question

danice: sure honey what is it

nikayla: during home comin did you have a date

danice: yeah why

nikayla: well because im not  popular at school I get pick on at school and I don't have a date

danice: first honey why are youll having home coming on the last day and honey that's alright dress nice tomorrow k  and what time is home coming

nikayla: 6 to 8

dancie: you know what drive my mustang to school take your phone and flat iron your hair tonight then rap it up

nikayla: thanks your the best mom ever





nikayla charged her phone flat ironed her hair  then she picked out some booty shorts with a pink see through shirt with some black chucks with some pink sun glasses and nikayla had a iphone 5

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