MY BEAUTIFUL HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))))

Harry and a girl named Natalie


1. Upset

i oh my beautiful Harry!! he makes me smile & laugh every day when im sick or sad or hurt he'll take me sit me in lap pull me back me back wrap his confirtable arms round me and say in soothing voice "shhhh shhhh its ok baby is ok im here i will never leave u or let u go ull b mine 4ever" then he starts singing monents to me he kisses my hair im just laying there in his arms listening to his beautful voice then he pulls me up closer to him rubs his soft hand againest my cheek and says "i love uNatalie" he wipes a tear off my face i say "i love u too baby" we both smile then we kiss 4 bout 10 min or more then he hums moments and kiss my hair im just steadly falling asleep into his beautiful arms while he strooks me and then he carrys me in his arms to our bed tucks me in he gets under the covers he says "good night love u" i say "i love u more" then i curl up to mis lay my head on his soft smooth body while he wraps his arms around me and go to sleep

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