Evil Dead

After finishing their long tour, One Direction, they're girlfriends, and a close friend decide to celebrate by going on a camping trip to the woods. In a game of truth or dare, Louis and Harry were forced to walk around at night alone for ten minutes, after Harry and Lou don't return for some time the rest of the gang decides to go look for them when they find an abandoned house that was so tempting to enter...
A one direction horror story/fanfiction, and if you're asking, no the book is not like the movie 'Evil Dead'.


4. Chapter 4.

Colleen's POV

My throat became dry as I stood their motionless; unable to move my body that stood paralyzed. A mixture of adrenaline and fear was bubbling up inside me, urging me to run but I couldn't. I was stuck staring at Zayn's lifeless body that now rested in a pool of blood with tears streaming freely down my face.

"Come on!" I heard Louis' voice screech, but it sounded a million miles away. I flicked my eyes up to the open door that Zayn had previously stood in. Among the darkness I could have sworn that I saw a pair of eyes that were a luminous red and I felt the goose bumps surface on my skin.


"Colleen!" Harry cried but it was barely audible over my beating heart, it wasn't until he tugged on my arm, desperate to get me to move that my senses had finally kicked in. We all took off in the opposite direction of the dreaded house. Pushing past branches and bushes, venturing further and further into the woods that show no sign of ending. I can't tell one wooded area from another, they all look the same.  


I stopped running. Hunched over with my lungs stinging as I tried to catch my breath."Colleen, we have to keep moving." Harry shouted frantically, he was just as scared as I was. 

"What's the point?! We've been going in circles for the past fifteen minutes!" I cried. This was all pointless. "We need to figure out what were going to do." I whimpered in between breaths.


Harry turned around to look at the others who had stopped running too and took a deep breath, his palms shaking and his eyes blinking rapidly. "Okay." He finally said.


Every one came to an abrupt stop when we entered a small circular clearing with a single tree in the middle. It's trunk was thick and withering away from the termites that kept nibbling at it and most of the branches were snapped and hanging on a limb. I felt Harry's arm move in front of my abdomen as if to protect me but I was too busy gawking at the girl huddled up at the base of the tree trunk.

"Guys?" The girl whispered as she looked up to meet our eyes and a big wave of relief washed over us all. It was Danielle.

"Dani, what happened to you?!" Eleanor asked as she ran over to hug her. "And Liam, where is he?" She started looking around as if he would pop up from behind a bush.

Danielle looked at Eleanor, then at all of us with tears brimming her eyes. "I don't know." Was all she said.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Niall asked stepping forward. "What happened?"

Danielle looked at the ground as tears slowly slipped over and she took a deep breath.

                                                      **Flash Back**

Daniell's POV

"I think we should go back with the others, it would be safer." I suggested as I stepped over a large branch that had fallen.

"Look, they were saying we should go in that chainsaw massacre house. I'd rather take my chances with the trees than what ever was in there." Liam said, obviously annoyed.

"But, how do you even know if anything was in there. It could be abandoned." I reasoned as I swatted a fly out of my face. The temperature did not cool down as I expected, it's hot and humid, the air is heavy, the crickets are constantly chirping, and the flies are just adding to the cons of the forest. I cant wait to get out of here, if I get out of here.

Liam ignored me and continued walking, I didn't need to see his face to know that he was angry. I could see it in the way he walked and how his shoulders were stiff. 

I myself felt a little frustrated also. Frustrated that we are lost in the woods in the middle of the night and our friends are who knows where. Frustrated that we are far from civilization and the chances of us getting home any time soon are slim. Frustrated because Liam's mood has shifted, and his feels that he needs to be the leader of everything when he doesn't. But mostly, I'm terrified.

Liam paused and turned so he was facing me with a confused look on his face. "Did you hear that?" He asked, his eye brow cocked and his eyes glancing over the cluster of trees.

I strained my ears but couldn't hear anything besides the orchestra of insects chirping. "No?"

But Liam just stood there, looking out into the distance waiting for the noise to come again.

"Liam I don't-"

"Shh!" He hissed harshly. "Listen."

I sighed and did what he said, trying to block out all of natures sounds and listen to what ever he was taking about.

I stared down at the ground and concentrated, there was a moment of pause before I finally heard something.

At first it was just a muffled noise, but then it got louder.

"Come on!" The voice shouted from far away. Even from a distance you could tell how frighten the person was from the way it cracked. It was so intense it made both Liam and I shiver.

My eyes went wide and I look up to meet Liam's. "That sounded like..." I began. 

"Louis." Liam finished for me. 

"Colleen!" A different voice shouted. This time it was a mixture of fear and desperation.

"Harry." I breathed. "That was Harry!" Before Liam and I had a chance to say anything a rustle came from the bushes. It can't be any of the others, they sounded so far away, they wouldn't have been able to get here that quickly.


The bushes shook again and Liam and I took off running as fast as we could. One might argue that it was just the wind that made the bushes stir, and that there was nothing to get freaked out about. But when your in the woods in the middle of the night, lost, and you hear your friend's screams from far away when you have no idea what they're even screaming for, it's a bit unsettling.


"Whoah!" Liam struggled to get the word out as watched I him trip over his own feet and stumble into a murky swamp.


"Liam!" I screamed as I ran to the swamp's edge, I was heaving from all the running as I stared into the clouded water, trying to see a silhouette of him but the water was too dark. "Liam." I whispered as I plunged my hand into the swamp, thrashing my hands around in hopes to get a grip of him. He should have come up by now, it's not like he can't swim and the swamp can only be so deep. 


By now my stomach was doing flips and my breathing hadn't slowed down at all, I took a moment of pause before taking a deep breath and diving in myself. The water was cold and it felt weird against my skin. But I was wrong, it was much deeper than I expected, I looked down and all I could see was pitch black, it looked like an abyss and this made me want to just leap out and bury  myself deep into solid ground. But I had to be brave, I turned my head every direction in search for Liam but all I saw was the same brown water. I started whimpering silently and my tears dissolved into the swamp, water seeping in the crevice of my mouth and forcing me to come up for air.


My lungs felt heavy as I swam up to the surface which was farther away then I thought and was afraid I wouldn't make it without drowning first. But I felt the cool air brush past my finger tips as it reached air and heaved my upper body up onto the river bank while Liam was still some where down there. My legs were still dangling in the swamp but I didn't have the energy to pull them out right now, as I laid my head down on a patch of damp moss and just let the tears spring out. I'm scared, lost, and alone, and the thought of Liam lurking right beneath my feet, his heart no longer beating and his lungs filled with the contaminated water just stabbed at my chest.


I brought my fist down on the ground angrily and grunted through my clenched teeth before I found the strength to pull myself up. But as I tried to bring my leg up something grabbed a hold of it. At first I thought it got caught in a vine or something so I reached my hand into the water to unravel it. Once I felt the strands around my fingers I pulled and it came out a lot easier than I thought, but that's because it wasn't a vine. It was a chunk of hair. I let out a little squeal before I tossed it. I shot my eyes to the swamp that contained the chunk of hair I just previously held and I could scarcely see the top of a head wafting in the water with hair the same shade of dark brown as the murky swamp 


I felt my heart leap out of my chest and I withered my way out of it's grip, barely managing to stand on my feet as I took off away from the swamp. Running as fast as I could with recent events burned into my brain I went under bushes and over large branches until I couldn't go anymore. I limped into a small clearing and huddled against the base of a tree.


"I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today." I whispered to myself as I closed my eyes and laid my head on my arms.

                                                  ***End of Flashback****

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