Evil Dead

After finishing their long tour, One Direction, they're girlfriends, and a close friend decide to celebrate by going on a camping trip to the woods. In a game of truth or dare, Louis and Harry were forced to walk around at night alone for ten minutes, after Harry and Lou don't return for some time the rest of the gang decides to go look for them when they find an abandoned house that was so tempting to enter...
A one direction horror story/fanfiction, and if you're asking, no the book is not like the movie 'Evil Dead'.


3. Chapter 3.

                                   **Author's Note: Kind of Important** (I bolded the most important part.)

Okay so the last time I updated was months ago and so a massive apology for that. But the next chapter I wrote in a rush so I'm sorry if there were some mistakes. It took me a lot longer to write Chapter 4 than I expected so I didn't really have time to edit it like I normally would. But some advice, since it was such a long time ago that I updated, you might want to skim over the previous chapters or else Chapter 4 might not make sense if you don't remember what happened previously. So I highly recommend that. That's all, and I promise I will be better about updating. But if this book doesn't get much more favorites or likes then I will most likely not continue because I don't want to waste my time writing something nobody likes when I could be writing a book that hopefully people do like so yeah... byyee and sorry. (but even if this doesn't get much more favs/likes but people still comment telling me to update then I will. So if you want me to continue, say so and I will. Otherwise I will stop.)

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