Evil Dead

After finishing their long tour, One Direction, they're girlfriends, and a close friend decide to celebrate by going on a camping trip to the woods. In a game of truth or dare, Louis and Harry were forced to walk around at night alone for ten minutes, after Harry and Lou don't return for some time the rest of the gang decides to go look for them when they find an abandoned house that was so tempting to enter...
A one direction horror story/fanfiction, and if you're asking, no the book is not like the movie 'Evil Dead'.


2. Chapter 2.

Harry's POV

"Harry how many times do I have to tell you, we are not lost!" Louis shouted; kicking over a thick branch.

"Really then where are we, hmm?" I asked coldy.

"Were in the woods, duh." He argued; thumping me on the head.

"I swear.." I whispered to myself,hugging my elbows because it started to get cold.




Colleen's POV

"Guys I think we should go look for them." Eleanor whined; tapping her foot as she got impatient.

"Nah, I'm sure they're fine." Zayn said; but not in a reassuring way. But in a 'I really don't feel like getting up and stop being such a pussy' way. That guy really doesn't not give two fucks about anything.

"No El is right, they could be lost." Dani reasoned.

"What ever." Zayn huffed. Getting up from his log and starting to walk in the direction Harry and Louis went. "Well are ya'll coming or what?" He asked as he realized no one was following. Every one nodded their head or muttered a yes as we all were now entering the unmarked areas of the woods. And by unmarked I mean there were no trails in this part of the woods so if you got lost then you're screwed.




After walking around in the creepy ass woods for what seemed like forever we found Louis and Harry sitting by a tree. I kind of feel bad that I made them come out here.

"Louis!" Eleanor squealed as she ran over to hug him.

"Great we found them can we get out of here now?" Niall asked sounding a bit frazzled. Yeah he's 'too Irish' to be scared.

"Yeah." Liam sighed in relief that we found our friends and that we could finally get out of here; and we all started to walk back.

"But wait wasn't it that way?" Dani asked pointing to the opposite direction of Liam's.

"No it was this way." Niall said pointing in the opposite direction of Liam and Dani. Shit.

"Zayn what do you think?" I asked, since Zayn's very intelligent and I bet he would pay attention to this sort of thing.

"Uhhh.." He pulled away from the tree that he had just carved a 'Z' into with his knife. "I think it was that way." He pointed in the same direction Niall had.

"Okay great lets go." I made a 'let's move' motion with my hand.

"But how do we know-"

"Zip!" I put my finger up to Dani's lips. I really just want to get out of here.




"Were looooosssttt!" Niall moaned after we had been walking around for twenty-minutes.

"We are not lost!" Liam grunted. He had been leading the way the whole time.

"Yeah we are." Louis sighed; pointing to a tree that had the letter 'Z'carved into it. We had literally just gone in a circle.

"Zayn you said this was the right way." Niall scoffed.

"Don't believe everything people tell you." He shrugged in reply. I know this is a serious situation but sometimes that boy just makes e laugh.

"Okay let's go this way." Liam said; going in the direction he had originally pointed out.




"Whoah..." Harry gasped. "well this is new, we haven't been here before right?"

I shook my head; still staring at the rotting building before us. It shutters were broken and mold was growing up and down it's walls that were on the verge of crumbling to ashes any minute now.

"At least we know we haven't been going in a circle." Harry added; but it really didn't make anybody feel better, probably worse.

I studied the building a bit more, on the side of the house there was a light on. Maybe some body lives here....yikes.

"Look there's a light on in the window, some body might live here-" 

"Are you kidding me this place is a dump!" Louis said cutting me off. 

I glared at him before continuing. "we should see if they know the way back."

"Haha nope, no way in hell I'm doing that see ya later." Liam started walking away.

"Where are you going?" I asked, you could here the worried tone in my voice. I had a really bad feeling about this and I don't think any body should split up.

"Back to camp." He called over his shoulder.

"Which is exactly where?" I swear; he's supposed to be the sensible one. At least that's how he is in all the fanfics I read...

Dani sighed and gave us a worried looked before catching up with him and both of them disappearing behind the trees. I hope they'll be okay.

"Well what now?"Eleanor asked; clutching on to Louis arm.

"Let's see if any ones home." Zayn suggested. I'm surprised he actually seems genuine about this and not acting like he could care less. "Any takers?" He asked. Every one stepped back, leaving him closer to the house than any of us. "Guess not." he mumbled under his breath. 

He made his way to the house; walking up the creaky wood stairs and stopping just in front of the rather unattractive door.

"Be careful." I warned. I don't know what I would do if he....got hurt. It's not like I like him in that way but...

Harry's POV

"Be careful." Colleen warned; trying to hide the emotion in her voice, which she failed at miserably. I knew she had a crush on Zayn and to be honest it kind of hurt, for once I wasn't the one a girl liked among us, and it's not that I'm only sad because a girl likes Zayn and not me. But because I have feelings for her but she doesn't seem to notice.

"Gee thanks." Zayn mumbled as he prepared himself to knock on the door. "I honestly don't know why your all scared." He shook his head, but I bet he was just as worried as us. Even if he wasn't that spooked about the house he should be at least about the fact that were out in the woods in the middle of the night and lost.

Zayn took one last breath before making contact on the door with his knuckles. We all held our breath waiting for something to happen. But after a few moments passed when nothing did, we were all relieved.

Zayn turned around with a smirk on his face. "See I told you there was nothing to be scared of." 

"Z-Z-Z" Colleen started; lifting up her shaking finger to point, but her arm was moving so much it didn't really do any use.

"What?" Zayn urged. Seeing the expression on our faces. The door had slowly opened without a sound, going unnoticed by Zayn. Inside the house was nothing but darkness I couldn't see anything. But doors just don't open like that. My mouth started to quiver as I attempted to speak but nothing came off. I had this sickening feeling in my stomach and that my knees would give out any moment. By the time I managed to get so much as a squel out it was too late. A blade had been thrusted through his abdomen, he feel to his knees as blood dripped from the blade that was sticking out of him. It looked like he was trying to speak but all that came out was constricted groans and more blood. Oh dear god.

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