My Dad Paul Higgins (Harry styles love story)

My name is Andy Higgins. My dad is the bodyguard of one direction which is really awesome.What will happen when Harry falls in love with her? Will she fall in love with him? What will Paul say? Read to find out!!!!! :)


2. Sorry I scared you


Today i had to go to work at 6:30 and right now it was 6:12 !!!!!! I got up from my bed and went to take a quick shower. I came ut and put on my outfit which is this : I went downstairs and saw my dad in the couch sleeping and the TV was on i could see he was watching Family Guy.

I went to the kitchen and saw it was 6:23. I made myself some toast with pj and jelly with milk.When i heard someone come down the stairs i got up and got a sharp knife the last time this happened my mom got killed and i was almost killed like her luckily the police took the murderer away.I saw a shadow coming to the kitchen.i was about to peek over but saw that it was only harry "oi!!, harry what are you doing here you scared the living hell out of me for a second there"i said calming down " sorry that i scared you" he said looking sorry " its fine hey i have to go to work see you later" i said starting to walk to the door " hey Andy ill take you get in the car" he said  ' Are you sure" i asked " yeah come on" he said and got his keys and we both headed outside to his car, when we got there it was full of screaming girls. Im curios right know. I thanked harry for bringing me and went inside pushing the girls to do so. When i  got there i saw the one and only..........


Sorry i wanted to make it mysteries So tommorow i have school till 3:15 so  ill update like at 4:00 or 3:56 don't know see you tommorow.

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