My Dad Paul Higgins (Harry styles love story)

My name is Andy Higgins. My dad is the bodyguard of one direction which is really awesome.What will happen when Harry falls in love with her? Will she fall in love with him? What will Paul say? Read to find out!!!!! :)


11. I Love You?

Harry's POV

I was watching TV when I heard a faint knock, I looked through the peep hole and saw Andy. I swung the door open and looked at her. "Harry I'm sor." before she could finish I cut her off by smashing my lips to hers. "Andy theres no need to apologize you have nothing to be sorry for, its me that should be sorry. I shouldn't have come to your home and got angry with you because you were cuddled up with Niall" I said in one breath. "Harry it's okay" she said in her sweet angelic voice. "So where do we stand?"she asked. I cupped her face and looked down at her "Andy will you be my girlfriend?" I asked. She nodded her head and I kissed her passionately. "I'm so glad this is over because not talking to you was killing me" she said. "I know babe" I said. "Want to watch a movie and cuddle?" she asked. "Sure why not" I said. I got a blanket and some pillows and threw them on the couch. She stretched out on the couch and I got behind and put my arms around her. We started the movie but didn't finish because we fell asleep.

Niall's POV

After we had tea Angela wanted to watch a movie. I stuck in a movie and sat back down on the couch. "What movie did you decide on?" she asked. "The Sitter" I simply said. "I love that movie" we both said at the same time. Throughout the movie I noticed Angela staring at me so I turned to her and she looked down. "What?" i asked. "Nothing" she said. I lifted her chin again and she sat on my lap with each of her legs on the side of mine. "I don't believe that I'm here with you, and that I finally get to do this" she said. She started kissing me and I kissed back, it became intense but before it could go any further the lads walked in. "Woah looks like someone was about to get it in" Zayn said. I glared at him and told him to shut up. "I better get going" Angela said embarassed. "Before you go I want to introduce you to the guys" I said. "Zayn, Liam, Louis this is Angela she just moved in next door" I said. "Angela this is the lads" I said. "Hi" they all said at the same time. "Bye Niall see you soon" she said as she shut the door behind her. "Wow man, I long have you known her?" Zayn asked. "For like some hours maybe" I said. "And your already kissing her and was about to sleep with her if we hadn't come?" Liam asked. "Come on guys I just wanna have some fun" I said smirking. "Yeah, whatever" Louis said. They headed to the living room and began watching tv.

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