My Dad Paul Higgins (Harry styles love story)

My name is Andy Higgins. My dad is the bodyguard of one direction which is really awesome.What will happen when Harry falls in love with her? Will she fall in love with him? What will Paul say? Read to find out!!!!! :)


6. Feelings

Andy's POV

When we walked out of the hospital a girl ran up to Harry and threw her arms around her neck. "Harry!" the girl yelled. "I missed you so much" she said. Her voice sounds so familiar. "I waited for you, like you asked me to" she said. When she said that it hit me. The girl was Taylor Swift. "Really?" Harry asked while picking her up and spinning her. He sat her down and she kissed him. He wasted no time kissing her back. When they pulled apart she looked over at me and said I don't believe we've met before. I'm Taylor" she said. I'm Andy, Paul's daughter and I was just leaving I said as I walked away. I pulled a taxi over and told him where to go leaving the boys standing there with Taylor. When I got home the boys were already there sitting on the porch except for Harry. "Hey guys whats up?" I asked. "We're just checking on you" Zayn said. "Are you ok?" Liam asked. "I'm fine why wouldn't I be" I asked. "We saw the look on your face when Taylor kissed Harry and he kissed her back" Louis said. I dropped my head and walked up to the door. I took my keys out of my bag and unlocked the door.  I headed inside with the boys on my heels. "Do you like Harry?" Niall asked. "Yeah thats why I left, because I've caught feelings for him within 24 hours. You guys can stay if you want but I'm going to bed. "Goodnight" the said in unison. "Goodnight" I replied. 

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