My Dad Paul Higgins (Harry styles love story)

My name is Andy Higgins. My dad is the bodyguard of one direction which is really awesome.What will happen when Harry falls in love with her? Will she fall in love with him? What will Paul say? Read to find out!!!!! :)


5. Embracing

Harry's POV

We went in to check on Andy to make sure she was okay. When we walked in the room she was sitting by the bed in a chair hokding his hand in both of hers as the tears flowed freely. "Dad don't leave me I love you. Your all I have left stay strong for me" she kept repeating. "Andy babe" Liam said. "Oh hey guys, I didn't hear you guys enter" she said. I looked at her tear stained face and was thinking to myself a beautiful girl like this should never cry, she doesn't deserve to cry, I thought to myself. Zayn walked up to her and said "hey doll your dad is going to be ok, we all know he is strong and will over come this you just have to be strong with him" he said. "Thanks Zayn" she replied while hugging him. He nodded and went back now it was my turn. I walked up to her and asked the boys if we could have some privacy. They left out of the room and i walked up to Andy, pulled her into an embrace and said go on babe do what you need to do with that being said she clung on to my shirt and cried and cried until she couldn't anymore.

Andy's POV

The boys came in embraced me and gave me comforting words. Zayn's words got me the most because I know my dad is strong and I know I'm strong she we both can get through this I thought i was done with crying but I guess not because Harry came up to me and said "Go on babe, do what you have to" after he said that i clung on to his shirt and cried til there was no more tears. I loved all the boys because they were so nice and caring. "Hey what do you say we get you home?" he asked. Yeah I'll just come back in the morning i said he nodded grabbed my hand and we walked out the door heading home. But who I saw walking out of the hospital and up to Harry I would never believe...


A/N:This is a short chapter due to the follow up right after The Emergency. Check out the other books, comment, like, and fav thank you guys.

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