My Dad Paul Higgins (Harry styles love story)

My name is Andy Higgins. My dad is the bodyguard of one direction which is really awesome.What will happen when Harry falls in love with her? Will she fall in love with him? What will Paul say? Read to find out!!!!! :)


8. Apologies or Not

Harry's POV

Yesterday was pretty weird, Taylor came up to me when we were leaving the hospital. She hugged me and kissed me I didn't waste no time to kiss back because I didn't want her to know that I didn't miss her. Taylor broke the kiss and looked back at Andy and said "I don't believe we've met before I'm Taylor" she said. Andy looked at her and said  "I'm Andy, Paul's daughter and I was just leaving" she said and walked away. I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of the doorbell. I ran down to answer the door. When I opened the door I saw a pissed Taylor. "Hey babe" I said trying to sound happy. "Don't you hey babe me" she said mimicking my voice. "Someones' highly pissed" I said trying to lighten the mood. "Your damn right I'm pissed. You told me to wait for you but your out running running around with that Andy girl" she said raising her voice. I pulled her in and told her to sit on the couch opposite of me. "Taylor I know I told you to wait but I can't do it anymore" I said. "Are you trying to break up with me Harry?" she asked. "Yeah, thats what I'm doing I'm trying to break up with you. I love Andy more than I love you, your nothing but a snob who dates guys to find inspiration for a new song" I said yelling at her. "Well then I guess its over. Oh and expect to be hearing a new song from me about you" I said. With that she got up and walked away towards the door. "Hey Taylor" I said. "What do you want loser?" she said. "This" I said as I pushed her out the door and slammed it in her face. Now I have to go make things right with Andy.

Andy's POV

I was laying in my bed when I heard a knock at the door. "Come in!" I yelled. "Hey Andy how are you feeling?" Niall asked walking over towards the bed. "Yeah I'm okay" I said while patting the spot next to me. He came over and laid on the bed next to me while putting his arm around me, I laid my head on his chest and swung my arm around his waist. "Thank you" i said. "What for" he asked. "For being here for me and showing me that you care. All of you boys, you guys are a blessing." I said. "Andy no matter what happens I'm always going to be here for you" he said. "Thanks Niall you guys are the best" I said while squeezing him. When we were laughing my bedroom door flew open. "Andy I'm so sor... what are you two doing?" Harry asked. "We're talking" Niall said. "Why are you two cuddling if your just talking?" Harry asked. "He came to check on how I was doing this morning and if I want to cuddle and talk to Niall then I can Harry" I said a bit annoyed. "By the way what are you doing here?" I asked. "Well I came to apologize but I see that it isn't necessary" he said with an attitude and walked away. "Well that was weird" Niall said. "Yeah it was" I said. "Well I think I should get going anyways" Niall said while getting up and walking towards the door. "Hey Andy, call or text me if you need anything' he said. "Alright babe"I said. With that he was gone.

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