Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


15. Wedding Bells

  Danielle, Eleanor and I are dress shopping today, I don't want to have a huge dress. Just something simple and that will make my bump look more. . . less of a bump. I have tried on at least 6 dresses, Danielle likes the ball gown one, and Eleanor wants to make me look like Princess Katherine. Which is perfect, but I need to find the dress I feel pretty in. I finally find this dress, no ball gown or dress like a princess. It was simple but gorgeous. It was long sleeved but it was perfect. The most beautiful dress, it's suits me and my personality. I tried it on and it fit like a glove, my baby bump was hidden when I put it on. Eleanor and Danielle stared in wonder, "Emily, this is beautiful." They get out of their seats swiftly to look at me. "This is it." I say with enthusiasm. The most enthusiasm in a long time. I hope this makes Harry happy because we've been fighting on and off for the past two days. Today has been good, so far but I shouldn't count it as over just yet. 
I decided to buy the gorgeous dress, Eleanor and Danielle went home and so did I. Harry was sitting on the sofa on his laptop listening to some new recordings just like the past two days. I quickly put the dress in safe keeping until the wedding day so he won't see. I walk back out to him, he smiles and kisses me with his warm lips as I contain a smile between them. "Can I see it?" He asks. "No, not until wedding day." I nudge him, "Ugh, just a peek? Okay, strapless or sleeves?" He's getting excited OVER A DRESS. 
I smirk, I decide to tell him "Sleeves, I want to look conservative, but I think you'll like it." Harry nods and smiles, "You would look beautiful in a plastic bag." He leans in and kisses me again. "Thank you" I kiss back surprised we didn't start screaming at each other as soon as I walked in. I'm nervous when he's mad, he's got a temper like a bomb. Time ticks and them BAM were all screwed. But other than that he's sweet. "Reminder, we have to go to the doctor today babe" his hand grasping my back as my sweater fell off of my shoulders again like they do everyday. "For what?" I pull my sweater up over my shoulders again. "A check-up, how the baby is doing." He kisses my small bump as I lay on the couch to catch a steady breath. Harry lays after my holding the bump in his left hand and his head on my chest. I play with his tousled hair as he listens to me. "I love you too much to fight." He speaks tiredly. "I love you more than my own life. Losing you would be the end of my amazing journey." I speak softly just enough for him to hear. "More than my own life" he takes my hand. "For our baby." He kisses my stomach again. "How long until we find out if its Darcy or Edward?" I ask. "Two weeks. The week after our wedding" 
"What about our honeymoon? Were not going anywhere." I ask again. "Lets just stay shacked up in our house, plus you don't need a special place to go other than a bed."
He kisses me once again his sweet taste in my mouth. "Yeah, honeymoons and baby's don't work." "Who says we have to have sex? There's a thing called kissing, being with the person you love." He's right, honeymoons are always based on sec but Harry just wants to be with me. No phones, no television, well television for movies not news. And him and I. 
"Alright, I know you're pretty knackered but we've got to go to the doctor baby" he helps me up, I don't let go of his hand the entire time of leaving the house. "I'm nervous, what if I become huge?"  "Don't be nervous Emily, the worst thing he'll do is put you on medication for your body to get better. I'll still love you even if your bump is huge." 
"I love you." I smile as we arrived at the hospital for my check up. Harry and I get out and walk towards the entrance hand in hand. His gorgeous eyes gleamed as we walk. I squeeze his hand nervously, he squeezes back letting me know he's here. 
We sat in the waiting room. Mothers with multiple children, single teenagers younger than me, single older women and then there's Harry and I. The only ones who aren't mind-blowing at the moment. "Mr. And Mrs. Styles" the nurse called. "Why is my last name Styles, were not married for a week." I chuckle. "It makes more sense now that it's your name. Get used to it babe." He walks with me with his hand on my waist. We get into the room, the nurse takes my blood pressure and weight, at first she seemed okay with it but when it was time for my weigh in. I'm ten pounds underweight. At this point, this is already not going so well. A state of shock flushed across her face. "M'am, what is the problem?" I ask in the room away from Harry. "M'am?" I ask again. "Y-your weight and blood sugar are completely off, but I'm sure at your next check up you'll be fine." She leads me back to the room where Harry was, we wait for the doctor now. "She was concerned." I say shocked. "Why?" "My weight and my blood pressure aren't normal. Guess who's going to be the new lab rat?" I sludge down in my seat, "Sit up" he slowly says in my ear. I groan and push myself back up straight. "Good girl" he said with one hand on my leg in comfort. I look up at him to see his gorgeous green eyes, he has a smirk on his face.
The doctor knocks as he walks in, "Hello, how are you?" He asks shaking our hands. "How is the little one holding up, first few months are slow aren't they?" He asks me. "Yes, only two months along." "Two months huh?" He sits in his chair folding his fingers to a crown. "We'll the problem is...your losing weight more than you should be gaining. Your blood pressure is above normal. I'll have to put you on medication to boost your need to eat, and your blood pressure to return normal. Some things aren't always good and beautiful during pregnancy." He shrugs and signs a slip for medication. I wanted to roll my eyes so badly, he's saying "don't do this, don't do that," okay, well I don't drink not smoke so I think I'm fine.
Harry asks the most embarrassing question of all questions. Are we allowed to have sex during pregnancy. I slouch in my chair as he asks, the doctor smiles at my red face. "Yes, of course." I turn even more red now. I look up at Harry, he's laughing at himself. "Wow, okay..are we done?" I ask. "Not quite yet, we'll need to do an ultrasound to check the baby's heart and growth development because of your weight and blood pressure. Follow me?" He stands, we follow him into the room from his office. I lay on the uncomfortable bed with a strip on paper that sensors my every move and makes a loud crackling noise. 
He turns off the lights as Harry comes to my side. The sticky blue stuff he puts on my stomach is cold, he moves the camera thing around my small bump. I can hear the baby's heart thud normal speed, baby Styles shows up on the screen in a black and white filter. I swear Harry is sobbing. 
My eyes well up with tears, I guess I get emotionally about seeing out baby. Healthy, just fine and gorgeous. Little thing, but beautiful. "Looks like you're fine." "Thank you doctor." I stand up and wipe the gel off of my abdomen. I pull my shirt carefully down and put my coat back on. "I'll see you in two weeks to determine if its a baby girl or baby boy. See you Lad." He shakes Harry's hand and mine after. Harry and I walk out of there so quick were almost leaving skid marks, not even lying about that one.

 It's been a week, today is our wedding. I am pulled out of bed by my mother and sister. Danielle and Eleanor do my make up and hair. I'm
Being toyed around so much I ant even get a steady breathe in. After two full hours of make up and hair. 
"You look beautiful" my mother holds back her tears. I shrug and am ready to put on my dress. I'm helped in by all of the girls, I stand forever to get the buttons fastened in the back. I smile and then turn to my side. "Do I look pregnant?" "Not much," "what if I turn this way." I turn "Yeah, a little." Danielle says. "You can't hide it forever sweetie." My mother says. 
She's right, I am beautiful today. I don't have to worry about anything. Just Harry and I. 
My father came in, that signals for me to walk down this aisle whether I'm ready or not. I took his arm and we started walking. God, I was nervous, I was really nervous. But why should I be? Harry is standing right there. I made it to him, finally. He took my hands and smiled, he was nervous too. The priest went on and on speaking his ritual, it was time to say our I do's and vows. I went first, catching the tears in everyone, Harry as well. He went after me, I couldn't stop crying, "do you Harry, take this woman as you're lawful wedded wife?" He asks Harry. "I do." "And do you Emily, take this man as your lawful wedded husband?" "I do" I say as my heart pounds. He says the other usual things and and then FINALLY he says "You may kiss your lovely bride" Harry doesn't hesitate to kiss, the kiss being shared by the two of us seemed like it was hours but it was seconds. Everyone claps and smiles at us, we look at each other. "I'm proud to announce, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Styles" 
Harry and I both walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. Our family picture is coming along quite well so far. And I'm happy. My new family and my old one met in the private room where it was just Harry's parents and close relatives and my parents and close relatives. Gemma immediately hugged me being the cheeky girl she is. "Finally, it's about damn time I have a sister." Everyone laughs at her addition to our marriage. "It's about damn time I have a brother!" My sister adds nudging Harry. He smiles and hugs her. We take a family picture out in the garden of the reserved venue we had. We took a picture with Lux aka our flower girl and Logan my cousin the ring barrier. He's older but we he didn't mind it. Harry and I took the classic bride and groom photo that you always keep in a frame for centuries. 
This beautiful spring day we were married on March 15. The date my grandmother passed away. She's want us to celebrate her passing, so I know she wanted us to have it today. Harry and I finally made our entrance inside the reception. We didn't dance so we were pretty awkward stepping on each others feet the entire time. After that we sat at our table surrounded by the four of his best mates and their loves. Harry and I are the youngest to marry out of all of them. My sister gave a speech, she says "You are the most wonderful sister a person can have. You are strong, beautiful and brave. Don't let yourself bring you down. I love you and Harry. Harry, please protect her, love her. For me." Her shirt speech made me put my head in my hands and cry until I stood up and have her a hug. Harry wiped my tears as I sat back down. Everyone was still in awe from what my sister said. Gemma being her funny self rambled on about the most embarrassing moments in Harry's life. He spent that time buried in my shoulder laughing. 
By the time the reception was over Harry and I had already gotten back to our house. Rest in wake we make of it. 

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