Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


10. Surprise

I wake up in the bed, starving but happy with the fact Harry is next to me. I put on a happy face because today is my birthday, Harry has been waiting for this day for ages, he always gets excited on my birthdays. It's quite nice out today in London, it's freezing but at least the sun is deciding to come out of its hiding. We're meeting with Harry's godchild Lux and her mother today. He treats Lux as if she wee his own as well. 
I hop out of bed to get a shower, funny how Harry hasn't joined me this time due to the fact HE ALWAYS DOES. I'm not complaining but it's be nice to see him. I don't want this day to be all about me, and I've told him that countless times. I slowly get out of the shower and brush my teeth. I open the door to the bathroom to walk out, not paying attention to where I'm going and I collide with groggy just waking up ready to go to the bathroom. He is unstable and stumbled but holding me still in his protective arms. "Happy birthday beautiful" his lips purse and kiss me, like the sound of his accent wasn't enough to get aroused from. My hand on the back if his neck pulling him in closer to me. Harry's stubble brushes against my cheeks as he presses our lips together.  His arms roughly held my hips under the towel tied over my body. He wanted more, but I wasn't letting him get it now. I retrieve from the kiss and go on to the closet and pick out an outfit. Harry went into the bathroom and began to run a shower so I just got ready for the day. I saw in the mirror a black conservative dress with a note pinned to it. The note said "Emily" on the front. I open the note, I read:
"Happy Birthday my love, I can't live without you. Here's the first gift of the day. Wear it proudly. 
Yours truly, 
Harry xx"
I smile and pick up the dress gently, it's beautiful, who knew that just a plain black dress could be so gorgeous, it's designer, but that's not the reason. I scavenge the closet floor for my black heels, after a few minutes I find them in the back behind Harry's converse. 
I'm finally presentable, after weeks with no make-up or hair done is a consequence. Today my skin is glowing, my make-up decides to be perfect, my hair is in long, large waves. I ponder in the mirror, looking at myself and how proud i am for not looking dead. Suddenly, I hear my phone. I rush to my bag and dig it out before I lose the call. It's my mother, I pick it up. "Hello?" I answer. "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Emily, happy birthday to you." She laughs after singing. My father and sister are at her sides, I can hear them chuckle. "Happy Birthday baby sister, I love you. How is Harry?" She asks, "Shelby, thank you. He's fine, I miss you." I almost cry from hearing my sister finally speak to me after so long. She's married and moved away upstate Michigan back in the states. "Happy Birthday baby, I love you" my father speaks, he's off to work in about and hour so I'm glad I got to speak to him too. "I love you dad." I'm almost sobbing now. "Emily, we'll see you at Christmas right?" My mother buds in. "Yes, mum of course you will, the house is ready for you to stay." I smile, Harry walks out of the bathroom. His tattoos are showing through his shirt and he's forgotten to shave. Again. 
"Hello!" Harry yells from across the room and to my family. "Hi Harry" they all say. "Alright, well we should go. Call us later baby. We love you. Happy birthday." My mother ends. "I love you" after that I hang up. Harry slips a shirt on over his body, the tattoos outline under it. He throws some pants on, I walk to him taking his face and kissing him. "You forgot to shave." I smile and step back. He smiles and laughs, "I'll get to it babe."
Harry returns back into the bathroom, I grab my navy blue coat and lug it over my shoulders. I wait in the dining area for Harry to finish getting picture perfect. "He walks out with his phone and one hand and sunglasses in the other. He throws his coat on and looks at me while putting on his sunglasses. "Well aren't you just perfect" I stand crossing my arms. "You're breathtaking" he says with a smirk. 
He brushes my hair out of my eyes, "wait one moment." He goes over to the table and grabs my sunglasses and put them in my face. "There, now were matching." He chuckles. He takes my hand and we go out to the car and drive to where we are meeting Lux and Lou. 
We get out to the car and Harry drives as always. 
We arrived in the park where Lux and Lou sat on a bench with their perfect coats and Lux patiently waiting for us to get out. She is shyly a toddler. Beautiful just like her mother and father. Harry and I get out of the car and walk towards them, Lux waddles to us. Harry kneels down to her scooping her up into his arms and spinning her around as she laughs. "My Lux!" He says and smiles at me. He puts Lux down on the ground and hold himself steady on one knee holding her. He points to me, "Is that Emily?" He asks waiting for Lux to respond. She grins and nods. "Do you know what today is?" He asks her. She shakes her head no, I smile. "Today is Emily's birthday." Harry tickles her stomach. "Why don't you go give her a happy birthday hug huh?" He chuckled as Lux attaches to my legs. She looks up with gorgeous blue eyes, "Happy Birthday Emily" she says in a beautiful accent. "Thank you, Lux" I take her hand and we three walk to Lou smiling at us swinging Lux In between us. 
"Happy Birthday, darling" Lou says while giving me a nice hug. I smile and say thank you. "You two look amazing with Lux, why can't you pull a Lou and Tom and have a little one for Lux to play with?" She begs as if we were to have a child. Harry looks at me, I look at him. Lux is between us looking up at us in amazement. Her hand clutches to our coat sleeves, "Harry," she tugs his sleeve, he kneels down again. "Yes Lux?" He asks "Is Emily a princess?" Her voice rings. "Well...yes. Emily is a princess. Just like you" he tickles her nose and then returns upright. "Emily, you look...gorgeous." Lou looked like someone took the breathe out of her. "Thank you, I'm proud that I actually look like this after my hospitalization." "Defiantly" 
The day went on, Lux and Lou went with me and Harry to dinner. My birthday wasn't so terrible, it was nice. Harry and I arrive home, London was dark outside and I knew Harry wasn't being normal. I take my coat off and rest on the bed, Harry comes in and lays next to me. I look at him, Harry kisses me immediately. We get into it, he's kissing my neck and my shoulder. My hand is on his neck, he pulls the zipper on my dress. I shake it off of me, Harry undresses himself. We kiss for a while longer and the rest of that is nothing but our own. 
The sound of London awakes me, the spiking cold of the room swaying across my arms. Harry's warm body cradling me in his arms. I feel safe with him, yet I don't know what everyday brings. He was already awake but waited for me to wake up. He smiles, I kiss him good morning. "Did you like last night?" He asks holding me under the sheets with him. "Yes" I put my head on his chest listening to his heart. "I'm still so tired" I said with my face buried into him. He chuckled a bit, "Want me to sing you to sleep?" He asks, I nod in reply. I love it when he sings. 
Harry sings softly 
           "Harry's gonna buy you a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing. Harry's gonna buy you a diamond ring."
Harry opened a little black box with a gorgeous diamond ring in it. I close my eyes and reopen them to assure this is real. It is real. "Harry, I–" I said. "Emily," he pauses. "I know this is quick. I've known and loved you for two years. Will you do the amazing honor of marrying me?" 
He smiles with dimples in his cheeks and beautiful smile waiting for an answer. "Yes" I smile, almost crying. "Yes?" He asks with a huge grin. "Yes" we put our lips together and share a beautiful kiss. Harry slips the most beautiful piece of jewelry on my finger and kisses me again. Two years and I've been waiting for this moment ever since the first day we met on the train. 
"Still tired?" He asks resting his head on the pillow. "Depends, do we have something to do?" I ask with a grin on my face. "Well, it's almost December so I say we can start putting Christmas decorations up" he kindly orders. "Can I please sleep in for hour more?" I mumble and beg. He sighs playfully and kisses my head. "One hour. I'm waking you up at ten twenty-seven." I nodded and went to sleep. 

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