Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


5. Sanity

My phone was ringing off of the hook, I was too tired to reach to get it. So I ignored it, the first time. The second time it rang, I pulled my pillow over my head and groaned because I have yet not been snake to sleep due to my head. Harry on the other hand, he was knocked out. 
I took in a deep sigh and reached out to grab the iPhone. My clumsy ass feeling for it, the phone flew right off of the table and onto the wooden floor. I groaned a but louder in frustration. I rolled out of bed and answered the phone. "Hello?" My groggy voice choked. "Hi sweetie, how are you?" My mothers voice rang through my ear. "I'm fine mum" I said escaping to the bathroom not to disrupt Harry's sleep. Apparently he needs more beauty sleep than I do. Not surprise. 
"Yeah, I'm fine." I yawned. 
"Okay sweetie, I love you" "I love you too mum" I said and hung up desperate to get back to bed. I turned off my phone and climbed back into bed. 
I looked over at Harry buried under the pile of sheets, he was out. My Harry was so perfect. This all sounds like its out of a movie but this is so right. Some things in life really are like a movie, you just have to let them know. 
Lets face it, I'm not strong, in not powerful. I'm just a normal girl who is very lucky. Sometimes I'd like to think I'm strong but really I'm just trying to protect Harry. 
He was still naked believe it or not, is he trying to make me love him even more? 
I curled up next to him, he was awake enough to notice me and wrapped his arm around my waist. I stayed awake knowing I wouldn't catch any sleep, I nestled my head into his chest. 
It's about 9 o'clock at night in London, Harry is just waking up. He slept all day, fine with me. I was in and off all day too. London's night was beautiful, my flat had a beautiful view. Big Ben lit up and the London eye showed behind it. I got lost in its beauty but I needed to snap back to reality. Harry looked up at me sitting on the bed scamming through my phone on social networking sites. "What day is it?" He asked utterly confused on what day it was. "Harry, it's Thursday night." I said smiling up from my contact with the phone. "Wow, I slept all day." He sat up shuffling his shaggy hair a few times to get it perfect. "I'm starving" I chuckled looking at him, the only one who can cook. "Your not making anything, you burn water." He laughed at my ways of cooking. Obviously, I'm terrible at it. 
Harry rolled out of bed, he slid on his jeans and pulled the belt and buckled it. "What would you like?" He asked searching for an extra shirt, he didn't have one so I just took the one he put me in off and handed it to him. No surprise he was staring at my body, I sighed and got my own clothes out. "We'll..?" He was still waiting for an answer. "Whatever you think I'd like." I stood on my tip toes to kiss kid head, he still smelled like Armani. Yes, I repeat, he still smells like my favorite scent on him. I put my clothes on, not much just a pair of jeans and a shirt so I would be decent. I don't do my make up unless I have to, But I'm staying inside so that's a no. I decided to look on my phone and browse the networks again occasionally snickering at comments and posts. Then I came across a picture of Taylor with one of Harry's great friends who is also in the music business. Really? What a slag. She went from her ex boyfriend of a month, to Harry two months an is now onto this guy. I'm sorry, but if you date thirteen guys in like a shirt period of time people are going to stop seeing you as sweet and innocent. If she ever, I mean if she EVER. tries to get Harry back there will be prices to pay. He's been drug around by her and her little ways for two months I'm not going to let him fall and break again. 
Harry is like glass, or window glass. Hard as a rock but if its pushed over it breaks. Nope, not again, I sat there for years waiting for him to realize what love it. I'm not throwing it away for this one girl who slurs boys in and then uses them for her own benefits. I'll give you something. How about a hell no. 
I'm angry now, my phone fell on the bed and I walk out of the room ready to just hit something. But I don't because Harry can't know. I don't want him to know, but he will find out about her. He will see. My stomach growled, I saw Harry in the kitchen cooking. It smells so good I can't stop thinking about this food. Harry turned to see me standing in the entrance, he smiled and went back to cooking. I don't know what it was but I trust him more than I trust myself with cooking. I can only cook a few things, maybe without burning them. Harry motioned me to sit down at the table, he handed me a plate. I immediately ate it, of course sparing my time and not scarfing it down. I was hungry, but so was he so I didn't care. We both finished eating the food, I looked at him. "Thank you" I smiled. "No problem Em" he took my plate as I went to the couch. I powered the television and flipped through the channels. "Hey, it's Thursday, were bored." He chuckled. "What to do?" I asked playing with my hair. "Our favorite movie" he sat down next to me. "Titanic" we both said in unison. 
"Yep," he cuffed my chin. 
I looked at him, "aren't you going to play the movie?" I asked moving away a bit. "Oh..." He flipped on the film and we watched, sometimes getting lost in each others eyes. He gave me a gentle kiss her and there but I just wanted to be with him. Maybe Jack and Rose were the people who brought us together. Oh, it's the movie we first watched. I remember things a lot more than people. Before long I was getting even more tired than I've been, I rested on Harry's shoulder ad fell asleep. 


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