Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


14. Restlessness

Winter is going by faster than I expected, faster than I expected London to have pass. I've gotten worse, physically. I'm in an out of the hospital going to appointments and meeting with the doctors. I have no sleep, I'm never hungry. I've lost more weight than gaining it like normal women do. I'm two months along and I still won't know what the sex of our baby is until next month in March. I pull myself out of bed and pull a sweater over my aching shoulders. Today is February first, Harry's birthday. Well, he won't get the birthday sex he's always dreamed of but at least he'll get his friends. I've invited everyone over for a get together. Harry knows but I know he's excited about seeing all of his friends tonight. I stand I front of the mirror on the stand. I pull my shirt up to look at my growing baby bump. 
The bump stood out from my thin body, it looks as if someone stuffed it with clay. Harry groans in his sleep of being a year older than he was yesterday. He's still beautiful, gorgeous, and love. My hands fled up to the bump, it was warmer than the rest of my body. Hard and warm, that's what my stomach is now. My collarbones stick out, my cheeks are all bones and my eyes are sunken in. I look sick, but I'm not. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. When I put make up on I look normal. But other than that in grey and tired, and knackered. 
I decided to take a shower to bring up my mood. I ran my fingers through my hair, letting the warmth make me even more warm. I turned off the water and stepped out. Putting on my clothes and making sure I'm presentable. I only put on foundation, the rest I forgot. Yet I didn't want to be pretty I just wanted to look okay. I look better, in happy with myself now making myself look and feel better. I walk out with my structure upright and like I wasn't carrying a child or tired. Harry pops  up out of the sheets and tugs my sleeve on my sweater. "Happy birthday Harry, I love you."  I smile and kiss him. "Thank you, I love you." He kisses back taking me down with him in the comfortable bed. 
He lifts up my shirt to my stomach and kisses the bump where the baby forms. His large cool hand rests on it feeling my shallow breathes. It's Harry's birthday, How can I not let him have something a little intimate? I'll think of something because I know in not getting out of this because of my two months of misery. And it's only the beginning. 
We lay in bed and share kisses the entire day until Harry is forced to get up and get dressed for when the boys visit. I stay in my jeans and sweater because that's what I'm feeling. 
I go and sit and watch television in the main room of the upstairs. Harry accompanies me, kissing me until I almost had an urge. Soon enough Louis and Eleanor burst into the room with Louis holding a bottle of Harry's favorite alcoholic beverage. "Happy Birthday!" Louis yells, his voice rings through one of my ears and pushes out the other. He's loud, he's nice but I know there's something about me he hates. Harry and Louis hugged like brothers, Eleanor came immediately to me. "Hi babe" she says, "Hi El," I smile, I need a friend right now. She's perfect for it. Eleanor is very supportive, and I respect that. "How's the baby?" She asks perking up as she sees my bump crown around the baggy sweater. I shrug, "Fine, he or she is giving a little anxiety" I say looking down at my throbbing bump. Eleanor looks up at Louis, she stands and latches on to her prince. "Hi Emily, how are you?" Louis holds out his arm, at first Im confused. Maybe he's trying to reach out now. I stand and greet him, "Hello Louis, I'm fine. You?" I ask politely. "Fine, thank you." He smiles. Okay, so maybe he has thought it over and is deciding to be nice to me. He pays my shoulder and sits down with Eleanor. 
I steadily take Harry's arm resting my cheek on his bicep. "What's wrong baby?" He asks concerned rubbing my baby bump with his freed hand. "Tired" I say. "Do you need to lie down?" His accent rings through my ears, I shiver and shake my head no. "I'm fine, I'll make it." 
Later that night everyone arrives and talks, Harry has a cake and he blows out his candles. I smile as he pulls me to him giving me a kiss. Like always, us girls sit around the table and talk. "Danielle, how are you and Liam?" Eleanor asks "We're perfect, I mean we disagree but it's never gotten serious. We grow stronger everyday." She smiles in perfection thinking of her Liam. I smile slightly, Liam is such a good guy and Danielle deserves him. "You and Lou?" Perrie asks El. "You know how we are, good as good can get." She chuckles a little. "Perrie, you and Zayn are amazing" I add drinking my water. "Yeah, you know how that goes. We're both pretty laid back." Perrie smiles and fixes her light blonde hair. 
Danielle looks at me, she looks a little concerned. I rest my elbows on the table and cuff my head into them. "Emily, are you alright? You've gotten so skinny, your so boney now." She puts her warming hand on my shoulder. "I don't know what's going on, I'm constantly tired." I sit up. I over hear Harry and the boys talking about my pregnancy. "I mean, she's lost at least twenty pounds and she's not a big girl. She went from curvy to thin as paper in two months." Harry explains. "I noticed her eye sockets are caving in a bit like she hasn't slept in days, or the life is being sucked out of her." Liam says even more concerned than Danielle because she's calm now. I give the girls a look and hike my sweater onto my small body as it falls off of my shoulders. See two months ago this wouldn't have been happening. The sweater fit perfectly on my shoulders but now it doesn't exactly fit. I'm guessing pregnancy complications run in my family, my mother experienced the same problems I did. But unfortunately every generation gets worse. The technology gets better but humans get worse. 
I stand up making a noise with my chair scooting it out then pushing it in. The boys snap their heads to me, I put my hands up like I were being attacked or arrested. I walk to the hallway and go to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. It's my fault I'm not eating like a pregnant women should, I need to look healthy, and be healthy. Harry ad I are married next month, and I don't even have a dress yet. I haven't even thought about the wedding for days. I need to just vent, but how? With who? When? 
I hear a knock on the door, it was Danielle. "Em, may I come in?" She asks. "I'm alone, it's just Dani." She soothes. I open the door, she comes in quickly. "Tell me, tell me anything you need." She sits on the side of the tub. "I need a friend, someone to call when I'm like this. I don't know why I'm this thin, I used to have a good body but now I'm sickening. What do I do?" I cry, she rushes to me, hugging me almost crying herself. "You can talk to me, I'm here. I'll help you. I know Harry is a man so he's not really understanding of the feminine side. I'm here, call me anytime and I'll be over with Eleanor as soon as possible." 
I nod and trust her, "Thank you" I say softly as my voice cracks. "No problem." She helps me out of the bathroom and lets me go to The bedroom. I sit on the foot of the bed and hold my bump. She leans on the doorway. "When will I know if your Darcy or Edward?" I ask the baby, Danielle laughs a bit at my question. "Are those the names?" She asks walking in and sitting beside me. "Yeah, Harry picked the girl name, and I picked the boy, Edward is Harry's middle name so I want the family name to go on. Darcy Anne for Anne." I explain. "That's perfect" she smiles. 
Sooner than later, Liam standing in the doorway. "Ready babe?" He asks Danielle. "Yes, I'm coming." She stands, "Call me sometime Emily, feel better soon." She hugs me and then takes Liam hand and leaves. 

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