Skinny Love

Emily is always unnoticed by Harry, she's invited over to his flat but he just uses her physically. She decidedes to take him day by day and except the fact that she is just a novelty to him. Emily is thrown around by Harry's other mistress that controls him and Harry can't find his own way out of his own hole.
Harry then realizes Emily has loved him all along and knows that she's been there since the beginning.


12. Posi+ive

  It's been a full week since I've last had the nerve to put up with sex. I just don't have the attention or the strength to do it. Which is killing Harry, I apologized about it but he forgave me for that. I told him about the dream I had wanting us to get engaged so now the topic of everything we talk about it if we were to marry. I haven't downed a good meal in the past week as well, I feel sick at the moment. I feel as if my stomach is coming up my throat. I run to the bathroom from the bedroom and vomit. I pulled my hair up with the stray hair tie on the floor behind the sink. I feel like Im emptying my insides, being drained. I almost can't take this anymore, resting my back on the bathtub and letting my head fall back until I discard another round of vomit. 
This was the hardest thing yet, I can't take this. My head spun as if I were in a merry go 'round going thousands of miles per hour. I then came to realization that last Friday, seven days ago Harry and I had sex. My period is two days late and I don't know well, I wasn't paying g attention to if Harry wore protection or not. A weight was on my shoulders, pushing me down. Give me a break, I'm nineteen years old. I can't be...I can't be pregnant. 
  Harry knocked on the door to coke in, he hobbled in only in his Calvin Klein boxers. He knelt to me, taking me in his arms. "Are you alright?" He asks sweetly taking my cheeks and whipping the tears away. I turned to him, "Please don't stop loving me...if this happens." I take his hands of my cheeks and play with his fingers. "Why would I do that?" He kisses my head. "We need to get pregnancy tests." I cry harder into him. A sense of shock shades his face, he takes me in his arms holding me tighter, I felt his tears on my arm as they fell if his cheeks. "Did you wear protection?" I was cut off, he gives me a shake of the head. "I don't recall" he shrugs. Harry is taking this way better than I ever thought he would. Maybe because he's years ahead of me and he can handle this. Here comes the weight again, "Why don't I go get a few tests and you stay here. Okay?" He kisses my head and hands me a blanket as a comfort for when I get sick again. Harry slides jeans and a t shirt on and grabs his Burberry coat "I'll be back in a few minutes. It's not that far away. I love you baby." Harry says with a bit of nervousness. I nod and lean over the toilet waiting for the next round curled in the blanket on the cold floor watching the snow fall from the the large window in the bedroom. I inhale for the first time this morning breathing in the cold, the fresh cologne and cinnamon from Harry, the laundry and the scent of what used to be. 
About ten minutes later Harry raced into the room with a bag of tests. He knelt down to me and opened one handing me it. "I'll love you no matter what the test says." 
He let me to the job and take a few tests, I took three. I had to wait three minutes. Those three minutes I spent wrapped up in the blanket with Harry watching the tests as if they were going to move. He held me bravely, my phone buzzed seems like three hours later. I look at Harry, he agrees to check them before I enter. He motioned for me to come into the bathroom. 
"You might want to see this." He takes my hand and pulls me to the tests. The tests said positive, all three. "How many are you going to take before you know?" He kindly asked. "There's enough." I felt my heart flutter. The blanket dropped and my hands went straight to my stomach, I pulled up my shirt halfway up and felt. "How can a baby be pushed out of this?" I ask as a new and upcoming mother. "Your body has to prepare." He takes my hands. "Emily, think about it. You, me, and baby Styles. A family. But to make your dreams real, how about I get on one knee." He paused and went down on one knee. "Pull out a box" he pulls a black sued box out of his pocket. "And ask you to marry me." He pauses and takes in a large breathe. "I was planning to do this yesterday, but something told me wait until today. Listen, this isn't because we are having a baby. Yesterday I had no idea that you were pregnant. Emily, will you take the extraordinary honor in marrying me?" He asked. He asked. HE ASKED. I couldn't help but hold out a smile, I nodded and said yes. I'm crying, so hard. Everything is falling into place. This wasn't a dream anymore. This was how everything was supposed to happen. Maybe the dream was a sign, a beautiful sign.  
 We shared a beautiful kiss, he didn't care what I looked like, or if I had make up on or not. Or what my weight was. He is the love of my life, and I hope our child is as powerful and as beautiful as he is. I cannot wait util I can call our child his son or daughter. My fear is gone, everything is perfect. Harry takes my back and places one hand on my stomach, it's not even bulging yet but he feels a connection. I close my eyes and reopen them. This is defiantly no dream. He is real, this is real. "Harry, I love you." I say tiredly. "I love you more" he smiles and kisses me. "Why don't you get some rest and I'll make some phone calls." He kisses my head again. I nod and crawl into the bed. 
While resting, I can hear him calling on his phone in the other room. Joy is in his voice as he speaks to his mother Anne who I can hear happily cry into the phone. He then called his father and Gemma, they seemed happy as well. Then he has the nerve to call my family. He's so brave. He was serious at this point knowing what is best for him and I. My parents wanted to speak to me but Harry said I was almost asleep which I was. My parents agreed and accepted the pregnancy and the engagement. My sister was screaming through the phone so loud it sound like she was actually in fact in the room. After that I fell fast asleep and didn't wake until I was woken by sickness in the afternoon. 
Harry was there through it all today, and he's vowing to it forever. And so am I. 
I woke in the middle of the night, I guess I have worse night. I curled into Harry and dismissed anything that could've made me wake up. 
Harry took me in his arms half awake and I was fine with it. I rests on his pillow and fall back asleep. 
The first day of being officially pregnant doesn't feel any different from any other day. I like it that I can look on my left ring finger and there is a beautiful ring resting on it. I cherish it every time I look at it, throughout the day I find myself with my hands on my stomach making sure everything is holding together. It's weird knowing I'll have to get bigger clothes and will be hormonal soon. I pray to God that I am not like the ones in the movies, or anything bad. I want to make this easy for Harry, and for me. Harry stayed home from practice today to make sure I have needs, I insist that he goes but he declines. "Here try this." He holds a lollipop in front of me. "What is this?" I ask sitting up. "A ginger lollipop." He sits next to me. "Thank you." I smile and taste it. "Wow, this is amazing." I keep tasting it over and over again. Now this is all I want to eat. For Harry, me eating anything would be fine for him as long as I'm eating something food related. "Want another one?" He asks getting another and and handing it to me. "Why not?" I smile and take another one in. 
"Anything for you love." He kisses my cheek and turns on a football game as I fascinate myself by eating ginger lollipops. 


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